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GIFTS (In English)

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Nature of the Beast (Level Four) - The Kumoti can reduce an individual to their most base (or basic) interest or driving emotion. An angry person grows enraged and attacks the nearest target; a sorrowful person becomes inconsolably sad.
System: The character rolls her Gnosis (difficulty of the victims Willpower). The effect lasts for one scene.

No Walls (Level Four) - Nothing confines the Rokea in Sea, but on Unsea, the humans have erected so many barriers that it drives the Brightwaters to madness. This Gift, taught by a spirit-servant of Kun, allows them to bypass such blockades in the most direct way possible. The character simply batters his way through whatever stands before him, no matter what the material.
System: The player rolls Strength + Athletics (difficulty 7). The character smashes through any man-made barrier in a number of turns equal to (8 -the successes on the roll). This Gift does not function on barriers that do not directly impede the Rokeas movement; the Rokea could not batter his way through a ships hull, as he could more easily swim around the ship.

Open Wounds (Level Four) The Garou may cause the next wound he inflicts to bleed profusely, weakening the target further. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty 7). If the Shadow Lord's next attack does any damage, the target will bleed continuously, losing one health level per turn for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. This hemorrhaging is considered lethal damage.

Oversea's Cycle (Level Four) - The Brightwaters are bom in the time of Oversea's greatest pain. As such, they enjoy a strange connection to him, and can use this connection in several ways. When the moon is full or the sun is shining, die may draw upon his anger. When the Wound is covered die sun is clouded over or the new moon rises die Brightwater may heal his own pain. This Gift is taught by a spirit-servant of Oversea.
System: When the sun or the full or gibbous moon shines, the player may roll Willpower (difficulty 6). The Rokea regains a point of Rage for each success, with no danger of frenzy. If the Wound is not visible, the Rokea may regain lost health levels or Willpower points in the same way.

Oversea's Wrath (Level Four) - The Dimwater can call down violent storms upon his foes, capsizing small vessels and churning the waters. This Gift is taught by a spirit-servant of Oversea.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Rituals. This difficulty varies based on existing weather conditions; summoning a storm on clear, still day obviously carries a much higher difficulty than doing so when the skies are already dark. Using the Gift: Know Oversea's Mind ahead of time obviously allows the Rokea to plan for the best time to call a storm. Successful use of this Gift summons a thunderstorm and chums the waters into huge waves. One success will topple small crafts, three successes will capsize mid-sized fishing vessels, and five or more successes are needed to sink ocean liners or oil rigs (Rokea don't usually target oil rigs, anyway the oil has to go somewhere, after all).

Paradox of Time (Level Four) To most followers of Hinduism, time is not the linear stream Westerners believe it is. Rather, all times are one time, viewed from a perspective that shifts. In other words, it only appears to move because we believe it does. A skilled Bagheera can employ this seeming paradox to utterly confuse an enemy or enlighten a pilgrim. By showing him the relative nature of time, the panther can offer him a glimpse of his folly or baffle him for minutes on end.
System: While the cat talks to his target in low, hypnotic tones, the player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas against the targets current Willpower rating. For each success, the subjects perceptions skew slightly, disorienting him for two turns. Until the Gift wears off, he subtracts three dice from all Dice Pools due to terminal confusion. Mages who understand the Time Sphere are totally immune to this Gifts effects.

Patient Hunter (Level Four) - The Rokea can sink into any solid matter, be it wall, floor or open ground, and watch what happens around her. At any time, she may spring forward and attack. This Gift is taught by an angel shark-spirit.
System: The player rolls Stamina + Stealth (difficulty 8). Success indicates the Rokea merges with a wall or floor, which must be thick enough to cover her (i.e., she can't merge with a normal wooden door). She may remain inside the structure as long as she wishes, subject to normal natural requirements (food, for example). While thus concealed, she cannot be detected by casual searches and most supernatural powers (Storyteller's discretion). If she chooses to use this Gift as an ambush, any opponents she attacks receive a -3 to their initiative ratings for the first turn.

Persecution (Level four) - As the SG gift, Preternatural Awareness.



Placation (Level Four) Shamans from many diverse cultures are said to know secrets for placating angry ghosts and ancestors this Gift is one of them. A Theurge with this Gift always knows exactly what kind of sacrifice is necessary to make atonement for an offence against the spirit world, and is skilled in the secret methods of offering it. A spirit from the realm of Erebus teaches this Gift.
System: With a Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 7), the Theurge learns what she must offer to placate an offended spirit. Usually, as long as both offender and Theurge are sincere, a few points of Gnosis spent is sufficient to restore harmony; if the offender is dead or absent, or the offense is truly great, the spirit courts may require the Theurge take on a geas as chiminage, offer a fetish or undertake a quest. In legendary cases, Theurges have even been known to surrender their lives to restore the Garou Nations ties to a wronged Incarna to totem spirit.

Preserve (Level Four) - This Gift lets the Ananasi create a special coating that keeps obj ects in a form of stasis  until the character needs them again. The object appears to have a soft, silky cocoon around it, preventing it from being damaged by outside forces. Fire, physical force, even the ravages of time are kept out by this delicate weave. Only the Ananasi who wove the cocoon can open it without special occult knowledge.
System: The character must expend one blood point and roll Wits + Rituals (difficulty 8) to create this weave. The Ananasi can cover a single object of up to his Gnosis rating in square feet. The coating keeps the enclosed object in stasis, keeping meat and other items fresh, and even maintaining living things in a comalike slumber. The effect lasts until the cocoon is broken; the exact means of cracking the cocoon are up to the Storyteller, but only supernatural power has a chance of success.

Probe Thoughts (Level Four)

Prophecy (Level Four) This Gift offers the Theurge true insight into the future. Such visions are sporadic and sometimes enigmatic, but unless a specific effort is made to change what is ahead, they are always accurate. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: This Gift is as much a story element as a power; the player should check with his Storyteller before buying it for a character. Regardless of whether it is possessed by a player character or not, visions come only at the Storytellers whim and contain whatever information he desires. The Storyteller should obviously avoid depicting player characters futures in such visions, to avoid turning them into a set piece.

Quell Mob Rage (Level Four)

Quicksand (Level Four) The Garou turns the ground into a sticky morass that catches foes and prevents them from escaping or even walking. An earth elemental teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Each success changes the ground into a quicksand-like bog for a 10-foot radius. Anyone trying to move through it (except the Garou) moves at half walking speed, and he may not execute combat maneuvers that require overland movement. Additionally, all other combat maneuvers take a +1 difficulty penalty.



Ratkin Lullaby (Level Four) - Few Wyrm creatures can be as foul or disobedient as Ratkin rugrats. Sometimes hyperactive ratlings would much rather climb the walls than submit to sleep. After years of helping little ones get ready for beddy-bye, metis learn skills useful for later in life. Through a combination of spiritual calmness, a raspy singing voice, and weird-ass Ratkin lyrics, a metis can make his enemies drowsy, or even force them into unconsciousness.
System: Spend a point of Gnosis and roll Manipulation + Expression; the difficulty is either the victims Rage + 3 (if hes a shapechanger) or a 6 (if not). Success brings a shapechanger or vampire out of a frenzy, or calms down a human whos reacting violently to the Delirium. The victim makes a simple Willpower roll; the difficulty is 3 plus the number of successes you scored (maximum of 9). If the roll succeeds, he feels sleepy, gaining a +1 difficulty to all die rolls for the rest of the scene. If it fails, the victims difficulties are at +3 (to a maximum of 9). On a botch, the victim falls asleep.

Realitys Path (Level Four) Perception is subjective, but the Philodox cannot afford that luxury. This Gift allows the user to sense whether what the subject believes to be true is actually false. A Jaggling of Falcon teaches the Gift.
System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). A single success determines if what the subject is telling an unintended untruth. Three successes will discover if the subject was deliberately misled. Five successes or more will reveal the truth of the lie at its simplest level (it might tell who perpetrated a crime, but not why or who the perp was working for). Note that this Gift only works when a subject speaks what he truly believes; packmates cant go on fishing expeditions by throwing out names to determine who really committed a deed, for example. Realitys Path deals with knowable facts (She never intended to return, despite his boast, your brother didnt kill the Bane single-handed), not greater spiritual truths.

Recapitulate (Level Four) - The Mokol6 can attack enemies with their own evolutionary heritage, forcing them to retreat back down the tree of life toward the primordial ooze of Gaia. The foe is transformed into a lower form of life by force ofwill. A Designer-spirit named Haeckel teaches this Gift, and will demand a favor in return.
System: The MokolC shouts the enemys name and certain Words out of time. He then rolls Mnesis + Intimidation, difficulty 7. For each success, the enemy devolves through one stage of existence: one success makes him a primitive ratlike mammal, two make him a reptile, and so on. The effects last one scene.

Redeem the Waste/Heal the Wounded Land (Level Four/Level Five Bastet) Part of a metis role is the salvation of despoiled wilderness. To do so, hell often sniff around, paw at the earth, rub his scent around and urinate in various places, essentially claiming the place as his own. While this isnt a true Rite of Claiming, it resembles it in many ways. By dedicating himself to this land, he can summon forth a healing power to save it from toxins and other desecrations.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Survival (difficulty 7) and spends a Gnosis point. Each success makes one square half-mile of damaged, cursed or barren land fertile again; uprooted trees wont re-plant themselves, but new trees and plants will rapidly grow. This healing is permanent until someone takes the time to despoil the land again.



Rejuvenate (Level Four)

Relentless Hunt (Level Four) -Once a Rokea chooses a course of action, few forces beneath Oversea can change her mind. With this Gift, the Rokeamay apply her determination to her chosen course of action, adding sheer persistence to her strength and skill. A shark-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: When the Rokea learns this Gift, she chooses a goal or action. This goal must be easily stated (Protect the Chill Water Bites Grotto or Destroy Hallahan Fishing). No form of mental or emotion control can force the Rokea to abandon or act in a manner counter to her goal. The player receives one automatic success on any roll that furthers the characters goal. If the goal is ever accomplished, the player may choose another. If the character wishes to change the goal before accomplishing the original one, the player must spend a permanent point of Gnosis.  The goal must be specific - Survive or Fight enemies is not acceptable.

Roll Over (Level Four) The Philodox can call on her power to radiate a commanding presence that compels others to submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, which causes humans to fall to their knees and wolves to roll on their backs. Either a lion- or a wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player must score at least three successes more than her opponent on a resisted Willpower contest. If the Gift takes effect, the victim can take no action other than submission unless he is in direct danger.

Scent of Beyond (Level Four) The werewolf can bring all his senses to bear on one spot with which he is familiar (even an Umbral site), no matter how far away that spot is. The Philodox senses the site from a point of view as if he were standing in the middle of the area being scanned. A bird-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 8). If the spot is in the Umbra, the difficulty is 8 or the Gauntlet rating (whichever is higher).

Salmon's Return (Level Four) - The Rokea blessed with this Gift is never lost. She can always trace her route, in the ocean or on land, and darkness, weather, or deliberate tampering with her trail are insufficient to throw her off course. This Gift is taught by a salmon-spirit.
System: Once learned, this Gift is always active. The Rokea can always retrace her steps on land, and can always find her way back to a familiar place in water. Gifts such as Trackless Waste must score more successes than the Rokea's Willpower to be effective, and even then they only work for a matter of minutes. The Rokea will always recognize a place she has seen before, even if it has changed dramatically. Needless to say, the Rokea's sense of direction is also perfect (i.e., she can always find true north).



Sea's Breath (Level Four) - In water, Rokea can glide smoothly around opponents, using their internal oil reserves to float, weighing only a small fraction of what they would on land. By using this Gift, the Darkwater can float, hover, or glide through air j ust as she would in the water. She cannot gain a great deal of altitude with this Gift, but can float over tripwires or other traps, lie in wait for enemies, or execute graceful combat maneuvers normally impossible when gravity is a concern. A spirit-servant of Sea teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The Gift stays in effect for one scene. The character can float, hover, and "swim" through the air, but cannot get more than 10 to 15 feet off of the ground. Another curious effect of this Gift is that the character may assume any form while the Gift's effects last, even those forms normally limited to breathing water.

Set the Mind Adrift (Level Four) - Occasionally, a Rokea chooses to incapacitate an enemy (or a frenzied ally) without harming him. This Gift allows the Rokea to force a target into a vivid hallucination, in which he is drifting in the ocean with nothing around for miles. The Rokea may also use this Gift as a terror or interrogation technique by making subtle changes in the vision. This Gift is taught by a spiritservant of Oversea.
System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Success places the target into the hallucination. The target simply sits down or swims in circles, all the while believing that he is lost in the ocean. If the player makes a successful Manipulation + Expression roll (difficulty 6), the Rokea can add other details to the vision threatening storm clouds, shark's fins in the water, etc. The target can hear the Rokea's voice, and so can answer any questions directed at him. If the target has reason to believe the hallucination false, he may roll Willpower (difficulty 7) to resist. He must accumulate at least as many successes on this roll as the Rokea's player did on the Manipulation + Intimidation roll to break free. This Gift lasts for one scene otherwise.

Scream of Gaia (Level Four) The Garou emits a horrible, ragged scream imbued with Rage and the pain of Gaia. The force of the scream batters foes and knocks them off their feet. Storm-spirits, which the Get call Sturms, teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. Everyone within a 50-foot radius is blasted to the ground to suffer one health level of bashing damage per success as a shockwave rips through the area.

Serpent-Driving (Level Four) - The touch of Unicorns horn sets evil spirits and poisonous beasts to flight. This Gift enables the Child of Gaia to mimic Unicorns power, driving foul creatures out of water, underbrush, and so on. It is a more powerful ability of Unicorns horn, and Unicorn himself teaches this Gift.
System: The Garou touches his hand or forehead to the water, into the alleyway, or into whatever area he suspects of harboring enemies. He then rolls Gnosis, with the difficulty being 4 for ordinary animals such as snakes, 6 for lesser Wyrm creatures (such as fomori), 8 for Wyrm-servitors of strong power (such as Black Spiral Dancers) and 10 for powerful creatures of the Wyrm. For each success, one such creature is forced to abandon its hiding place or nest by the most direct route possible. If the Wyrm-creatures were using any supernatural means of concealment (such as Gifts or Disciplines), they may make a Willpower test, difficulty of the Garous Gnosis, to maintain these powers. They must still physically leave the area, however. Note that this Gift may cause the creatures to attack and is thus best used with care. Serpent-Driving may be used only once per game session.



Shadows by the Fire Light (Level Four) - - As the Galliard Gift, save that Mokole often tell stories as sunshafts bum dazzlingly through the trees into the wallows darkness. When this Gift is combined with Mnesis, the result is a unique art called inwitting, in which the teller sends her audience into the memory-dreams of the Dragon Folk. This enables a storyteller to set tales in the past as far back as the Mokol6 who is telling the story can remember. A Shadow-spirit teaches this Gift.

Shadow-Fan-Flowers (Level Four) - One creature within the Kitsunes line of sight sees a vision and believes. The illusion is perfectly detailed with color, light, and motion. Chimerlings and other illusion spirits teach the Gift.
System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Empathy versus the targets Willpower. The viewer may free himself by finding a flaw in the vision and convincing himself it isnt real. This is so difficult that normal humans may have no chance at all (Storytellers discretion). All others may escape with a Willpower roll at difficulty 9 once they have a good reason to attempt disbelief.

Shadowplay (Level Four) As the Theurge Gift of the same name (found in the Players Guide). Unlike the werewolf Gift, the Bubasti does not have to mimic the shadows movements; once free, it can go about its business as if it were a perfect duplicate of the Bastet. Also unlike the Garou Gift, some light must be present to cast the shadow in the first place.

Shadows by the Firelight (Level Four) By invoking the power of shadows and dreams, the Galliard may create interactive stories in which others take part willingly or not. Shadows dance around the participants as they act out their roles (as directed by the Galliard). This Gift is used commonly at moots, allowing many Garou to take part in the same legend recounted by the Galliard. However, this Gift can also be used on the unwilling, forcing them to participate in a story of the Garou's choosing. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: When using this Gift on the unwilling, the player must spend a variable amount of Gnosis and score three successes on a Manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty of the target's Willpower). If successful, the player may tell a story and force the victim to perform exactly as the story's character does. This effect lasts one turn per Gnosis point spent.

Shock Wave (Level four) - The Darkwater emits a powerful blast of force much like a depth charge.  This Gift is useful both on land and in water, although force carries much farther underwater. This Gift is taught by strange spirits of force in water called Breakers.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Rage (difficulty 6 in water, 7 on land). Success creates a concussion that travels out from the Rokea in a cone. Any living thing caught in the blast suffers lethal damage equal to the successes on the Rage roll. On land, targets must also roll Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 8) or be knocked down. In water, the Gifts range is the Rokeas Stamina x 2 in yards; on land, this range is halved.



Small Cousin (Level Four) Some Ceilican over-steeped in human culture call this Gift Blofelds Cat after James Bonds nemesis (who, they insist, was the white cat, not the man). This Gift allows a Bastet to physically become a house cat. While this form can be limiting, its very unobtrusive. Best of all, it doesnt hamper cat magic in any way, and screens out routine mystic senses. Unless the victim subjects his housecat to a rigorous magical appraisal, the Bastet is free to enter and observe whatever he likes.
System: The Ceilicans player spends a Gnosis point and rolls her Gnosis against difficulty 8; for each success, the Ceilican can retain her feline form for one hour. During this time, her Physical Attributes become those of a domestic cat, although her Social and Mental Attributes remain the same. She cannot speak, but can use any Gift that her feline form will allow. Although a person who makes a successful Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 8) might realize that theres something weird about the cat, her true nature remains hidden unless someone penetrates her disguise magically (with Disciplines or True Magick, for instance). Attempts to do so add 3 to their difficulty. It should be noted that few vampires or wizards bother to check every passing cat with magical sight unless they have some compelling reason to be so paranoid (over and above their usual paranoia).

Song of Winter (Level Four)

Sorcerous Bite (Level Four) - The Eji can transmute his teeth to any substance he desires. Silver and jade are the most common, but as the teeth are supernaturally strong and rigid no matter what is chosen, wood, fire, ice and even water are possible. This Gift is also taught by elementals.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge. Silver teeth will not harm the Kitsune so long as they stay where they're supposed to be if he is forced to bite himself, he's affected as much as any enemy would be.

Speed Beyond Thought (Level Four) The Garou can run at 10 times his normal land speed. The effects last for up to eight hours, during which the Garou can nothing but concentrate on running. When the Gift's effects end, the Garou must eat immediately or face frenzy from hunger. A cheetah- or air-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift.

Speak in Tongues (Level Four) -The Ratkin with this Gift can choose to speak and Uderstand any One human language under the sun.
System: The player spends one Willpower; the know)- edge lasts for one scene.

Spirit Claws/Spirit-Touch (Level Four/Level Three) Another Den-Realm Gift, this one allows a werecat to attack from the Penumbra, or to rip through the Gauntlet at an Umbral opponent, without stepping sideways. Naturally, he must be able to see his opponent before he can hit him.
System: By rolling Gnosis against the local Gauntlet, the Bastet can slash through with a normal hand-to-hand attack (+1 difficulty) without exposing himself to danger. Each attack requires a new roll against the Gauntlet. This Gift can only be used within the cats own Den-Realm. For Metis Bastet it is easier to learn and it works anywhere.



Spirit Drain (Level Four) The Garou may drain power from a spirit to feed his own resolve. A spirit servant of the Uktena totem teaches this Gift.
  System: The player makes a resisted Gnosis roll against the spirit. If the player succeeds, the spirit loses one Essence point per success for the rest of the scene. For every two points drained, the Garou gains a temporary Willpower point, but she loses any points exceeding her maximum at the end of the scene.

Spirit Healing (Level Four)

Spirit Shape (Level Four)

Spirit Shield (Level Four) - Similar to the Garou homid Gift: Spirit Ward, this Gift distinguishes between friendly or neutral and hostile spirits, simply causing the former to bypass the Gurahl while actively intimidating hostile spirits. Bear-spirits may ignore the aura if they wish.
System: The Gurahl rolls Manipulation + Rituals. Each success on this roll causes spirits who attack the Gurahl to lose one die from their dice pools.

Spirit Ward (Level Four) A werewolf with this Gift may protect himself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. To use this Gift, the werewolf draws an invisible pictogram in the air that scares and unnerves any nearby spirits (except pack totems or caern spirits). The symbol travels with the werewolf as long as it lasts. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Rituals (difficulty 7). Spirits within 100 feet of the character (again, except the pack totem or local caern spirits) must subtract one from their dice pools for each success. This Gift lasts for one scene.

Spitfire (Level Four) With a wicked hiss, the werecat spits a stream of fire at his opponent. Crude, but effective!
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Athletics to hit a victim (difficulty 7). Each success  inflicts one aggravated Health Level of flame damage, which may ignite flammable items.

Still Blood (Level Four) - The Ananasi's ichor can induce paralysis simply by touching exposed flesh. The afflicted victim becomes weak even to the point of motionlessness.
System: Characters that have been splashed by the ichor must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 6). For every success below the Ananasi's permanent Gnosis, the affected character loses one point of Strength. Lost Strength returns at a rate of one point per hour. Like the Level Three Gift: Touch of Blood, the ichor must be fresh from an open wound on the Ananasi, and must touch exposed flesh.

Still Breeze Blowing (Level Four) Like the Lupus Gift: Elemental Gift, this magic allows a Qualmi to conjure a spirit to shift the elements to her advantage. Dwelling in the North as they do, most members of this tribe favor air and ice elementals over fire or earth.

Stoking Fury's Furnace/Blood Running Hot (Level Four) No auspice is as closely tied to their Rage as the Ahroun, who is the master of directing his fury. This Gift taught by a wolverine-spirit allows him to channel his Rage even more effectively.
  System: The Garou regains one Rage point in any turn that he takes damage, and he does not have to check for frenzy from that specific stimulus (other stimuli induce frenzy checks as normal). In addition, the Garou can spend one Rage point and only one per turn without losing any temporary Rage. However, if he spends multiple Rage in any turn, they are marked off as usual.

Storm Surge (Level Four)



Strength of the Dominator (Level Four) The Garou draws on a target's anger to feed his own. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Wits + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). For a number of turns equal to the successes scored, the target will lose a point of Rage per turn, while the Shadow Lord gains that Rage. The character can use this Gift only once per target per scene.

Strength of the Earth (Level Four)

Strike the Air/Quick Currents (Level Four) The Garou becomes the ultimate example of passive resistance. She becomes unable to attack an opponent, but she is also unable to be hit, allowing her opponent to exhaust himself in the attempt. A mongoosespirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Dodge (difficulty of the opponent's Willpower). For the duration of the scene, the opponent cannot strike the Garou, no matter how many successes he achieves on the roll. This Gift is canceled immediately if the werewolf attacks his opponent or if anyone else attacks on the Garou's behalf. This Gift will work on multiple opponents, but the player must spend a point of Willpower and make a new roll for each opponent.

Sun Enfleshed (Level Four) - This powerful Gift allows a Mokol6 to embody Suns holy fire. As the Mokol6 prays to Sun, she appears to burst into silent, solar flames, lighting up the area as brightly as noon and burning her opponents with a touch. This Gift is taught by a Sun-spirit.
System: The player spends three Gnosis to call on Suns radiance. Any vampires within line of sight react as if they were looking on the sun, and the Mokol6s claws, teeth and tail inflict one extra health level of damage. Finally, the Mokoks touch inflicts damage as if it were gold.

Suspend (Level Four)

Sweet Swarm of Vengeance (Level Four) - The Gurahl summons a swarm of angry bees to harry or attack an enemy, directing them a\ she chooses.
System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken. One success summons 100 bees; additional successes add more, up to an entire swarm with five successes. The bees can srmply harry an opponent or cause serious injury (or even dtwh from severe allergic reaction).

Swim Undersea's Bloodstream (Level Four) - The Rokea can enter Undersea's bloodstream the series of mystical tunnels that connects Grottoes at any Grotto and emerge at another nearly anywhere else in the world. The Rokea must obtain permission from the spirits of both Grottoes, or else she will be shunted off to a totally random and possibly dangerous place somewhere in between the two Grottoes. This Gift is taught by any Grotto-spirit.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 4 + the Grotto's level). The player must make this roll twice; once when the Rokea enters Undersea's bloodstream and once when she reaches her destination. The Rokea can normally only travel to Grottoes she has visited before, but the Grottoes can be anywhere in the world.

Swimming the Spirit River (Level Four) - The Nagah can enter the spirit world in the same manner as Garou; she no longer requires an Ananta to do so.



The Bountiful Dominion (Level Four) A ruler must be prepared to provide for his subjects. By laying this Gift upon the land, a Simba can make the local crops grow quickly, the soil turn fertile and the waters run clear. This Gift comes from the hand of Manu TChaa, who ended a famine with his wisdom and passed the secret to his descendants.
System: As the Level Four Metis Gift: Redeem the Waste, except that the magic doubles crop growth and health, purifies water immediately, and costs one Gnosis per success.

The Hungry Earth (Level Four) The Mother is not at peace. Some Pumonca know how to rouse her enough to show her displeasure. When this Gift is employed, the ground shakes, opens or gives way, covering tracks, sealing passages or burying the cats opponents alive.
System: Depending on the cats environment, this Gift takes many different forms,: among hills or mountains, it causes an avalanche; in the swamps, it begets quicksand; in deserts and plains, it causes the ground to open up beneath a target. To invoke these disasters, the cats player rolls Manipulation + Survival, with the difficulty being the areas Gauntlet +2 (maximum 10) and spends a Rage point. The exact effects are up to the Storyteller, but often affect a 100-foot radius for each success rolled. If the attack causes damage, assume that the victim takes two or three normal Health Levels for each success. Some attacks, like falling rocks, are more deadly, but may allow the target a Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 6-8) to get clear.

The Scarabs Flight (Level Four) By calling together the elements of her soul, a Bubasti can send them out of her body for a while. The body itself enters a deathlike trance until the Scarab returns; although it doesnt decompose, all other signs (magical and otherwise) declare that the cat has died. The flying Scarab resembles an ordinary insect unless inspected with magical senses, in which case it glows brightly.
System: Manifesting a soul into the beetle shape requires a Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 8) and a one-Gnosis expenditure. From there, it takes wing from some orifice or crawls away unnoticed (Perception + Alertness, difficulty 9 to spot). The body remains intact for one day per success, during which time the Scarab can reenter and resurrect the cat. After the time limit passes, the body instantly decays, even if it has been preserved somehow.

Throat Snake (Level Four)



Touch of Rage (Level Four) Using this Gift, an Ahroun can channel a portion of her Rage to another, be the beneficiary Garou, human or animal. In the former case, the effect is fairly mundane, lending an ally strength in combat; in the latter, it grants an awesome and destructive quality to beings that do not normally possess such.
On a social level, this Gift can be a potent source of inspiration (and instigation) as well while Rage is an intensely visceral and difficult-to-control quality, it also bestows the ability to feel righteous anger at corruption and injustice a faculty many humans have lost in the quiet apathy of the World of Darkness. A fury-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Ahroun spends one Willpower, or two if bestowing Rage on a mortal. He then expends a number of temporary Rage points, and the target gains them and may spend them normally. Once any points above the targets normal maximum Rage (zero for humans) are spent, they are gone for good barring a second use of this Gift. This Gift cannot grant Rage to mages, ghosts or other kinds of supernatural beings that do not already possess Rage. Spirits already have a Rage Trait, but can receive the temporary points to use to gain extra actions in combat as Garou do.

Tunnel Echoes (Level Four) - There are some tunnels that even Runners fear to tread. In these places, scouts often communicate across long distances by scraping on walls, rattling bones, chittering to set up echoes, and so on. High-ranking rats dont just spread messages this way; they also listen closely to get a rough idea of the tunnels ahead, just in case they need to bolt through them. Whisper in a ventilation shaft of a big corporate building, or rattle some bones at an open sewer lid, and theres a chance you may sense a passageway you never realized was there.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Performance. While performing this Gift, your senses will be hyperattenuated for the duration of the scene, especially to the sounds of echoes and rustling down the system of tunnels youre using. If anyone makes a loud noise while youre in this state, youll take one health level of non-aggravated damage. Once you take this risk, however, you can communicate to anyone in that tunnel system. Each point of Willpower you spend allows you to relay one sentence (up to ten words in length). Any Ratkin in the tunnel might receive this message. Unfortunately, the harmonics get distorted over distance; another Tunnel Runner using this Gift wont receive the words you sent, but instead, detect a sensory image that relays the same information. This image can be intercepted by other Tunnel Runners who spend a point of Gnosis and make a successful Blood Memory roll (difficulty 8); other shapechangers, humans, or supernatural creatures just hear unearthly subterranean noises. Even if you dont spend Willpower, you can also roll temporary Gnosis to get a sense of a section of the tunnel system. With three successes, you might also get a vision of someone stalking down there. With five successes, you may uncover a secret tunnel, an entrance to a room you need to access, or an object that has been lost or abandoned. When other shapechangers go crawling in the sewers, they learn to fear the strange echoes ricocheting around them; they foretell the approach of a skilled Tunnel Runner!

Treppelganger (Level Four) - There's safety in numbers, or so you've been told.  The Doppelganger Gift helps a Ratkin imitate another person.  The Treppelganger Gift splits you into a gang of little Ratkin.  They must all stay within the same immediate area, but they can also coordinate their actions based upon your thoughts. 
System: Roll Intelligence + Performance; for each success you obtain, this Gift remains active for one turn. Each turn, you can split one little nine-inch Crinos off the side of your body. You mayformup tothree little giingsters, and you must spend a point of Gnosis for each one. This continues until they are all complete or you stop forming them. When the last little one is formed, you shrink down to the same size. All members of the giing act on the same initiative. A gkgstet may only make one attack each turn. They cannot use any of your Gifts, and they cannot join in the Gift: Pack Attack; theyre all extensions of you. These tiny ratlings can scurry through a number of yards equal to their Dexterity each turn. They can make amazing vertical leaps, jumping onto tables, chairs, shelves and drawers when necessary. At the end of the combat, all of the little critters reform into one biecrinos rat aeain. Althouh they look like little Crinos wererats, they're actually weaker.  In Treppelganger form, each one has Strength +1, Dexterity +2 and Stamina -1.  These little rugrats are cute though; they get Charisma +2 and Apperarance +2.  When you shrink down you have the same traits.

Uncaught Since the Primal Morn (Level Four) - This Gift grants Unicorns perfect speed to the Garou, allowing her to outrun virtually any pursuer. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and makes an opposed Stamina + Athletics roll against the fastest of any pursuers; the Garou is unfailingly faster than her pursuers for one scene for each success.

Understanding the Tapestry (Level Four) - Tenere use this Gift to see connections between apparently unrelated objects, solve puzzles and to gain a broader perspective on a knotty problem.
System: The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Each success reveals more connections between the targeted objects or more clues to the puzzle or problem under consideration.



Unicorns Grace/Serenity  (Level Four) - The Garou blessed by Unicorn are calm even in the midst of chaos. This Gift, taught by an avatar of Unicorn, allows the Garou to keep a tight lid on her anger.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point; for the rest of the scene, her Garou cannot frenzy, and her ability to spend Rage is limited by her Empathy rather than Dexterity. Further, her Rage is considered three points lower for purposes of determining whether surrounding humans are affected by the Curse (Werewolf, p. 191). This Gift does not work if the Garou is in Crinos form.

Ursa's Coat (Level Four)

View the Seed (Level Four) -This Gift comes from the belief that all things are but adream of the idea or object that birthed them. It allows the user to see the seed of anything, from the parents of a child to the mastermind of a plot. Note that some things result from the growth of several seeds. A Mokol6 looking at America, for instance, could see any number of things (John Locke in his study, Native Americans planting maize, Africans bought with Boston rum.. .). The Gumagan are most likely to learn this Gift, which is taught by Finch.
System: The Mokol6 rolls Perception + Mnesis, difficulty 7. If the thing to be seen is outside the Mnesis of the Mokoks line, the difficulty is 8. In the case of truly alien causes and effects, the difficulty could be 9 (Vhujunka plotting to sail into the Deep Umbra, etc.).

Vision Cloud (Level Four) Among the old folk, the jaguars were respected for their insight. Many Olmacs and Maya came to them for visions, and the tribe responded by evoking this ageless Gift. By calling to the spirits of the air and the plants, a modern jaguar can still conjure the Vision Cloud, a swirling fog which wraps itself through the clearing or cave, bringing mystic insights to those who seek them and to those who do not. System: By rolling Manipulation + Enigmas and spending a Gnosis point, the Bastet is allowed to call up the Cloud from nothingness. This misty kaleidoscope fills an area up to 50 feet square and affects everyone without breathing gear or magical protection including the Bastet himself. The hallucinations which ensue are left to the Storytellers discretion, but should foreshadow possible future events, reveal lost lore, or offer clues that clever characters can decipher (see Storytelling in Werewolf, pages 59-61 for ideas).

Vulture's Feast (Level Four) - One of the great advantages of being a carrion eater is that your dinner plate is rarely empty.  There's roadkill everywhere just waiting for you to dig in.  What happens, however, if you want something a little fresher?  After all, who knows how long that hunk of ex-squirrel has been hanging out in the passing lane? 
Vultures Feast allows a Corax to rot flesh with a touch, regardless of whether the target meat is dead or alive. Obviously, this is not a Gift to be used lightly, but there are times when even the most peaceable Corax has no recourse but to turn someones face into a mass of decaying SuPPUration- A Vulture-sPirit teaches this Gift.
System: The exercise ofvultures Feast requires the expenditure of a Willpower point and two Gnosis. The Corn must then make a successful Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 5) in order to touch his victim, then he must succeed on a contested Stamina roll. If he wins, the flesh hes currently touching becomes withered, dead and rotted; the victim takesone Health Level of aggravated damage for each success the Corax has left. Only Cora in Homid can make use of this Gift. Corax who become too fond of using Vultures Feast are often easily turned to the Wyrm, so anyone who gets a reputation for using Vultures Feast frequently will find himself watched carefully by his fellow wereravens.



Walk the Matre's Mind (Level Four) - Similar to the Gift Dream the Matres Mind, thisGift lets the MokolC actually enter the astral realm, the Deep Umbra in physical form. Alternately, if she is already astral, she can remove her cord relatively safely. The use of this Gift is rare, as fewer MokolC are versed in it, but it allows the Mokole to enter the embodiment of Gaias memory without leaving a helpless body behind and without a silver cord. Some MokolC postulate that the silver cord becomes invisible, but isstill there. ThisGift is taught only by various spirits familiar with the Deep Umbra.
System: No roll is needed; the effects are automatic A Mokok who has used the Gift: Dream the Matres Mind and passes into the High Umbra may use Walk the Matres Mind to remove her silver cord and continue. If she does this, she must make sure to return before her body suffers too greatly: her Stamina is the number of scenes that she will be able to voyage (at the Storytellers discretion).

Walking Between Worlds/Enter Seas Soul (Level Four) Some tales claim that Coyote taught Bastet to step sideways; others insist the trick was stolen from Garou. In any case, this Gift allows a werecat to walk into the Umbra as Garou do. This is another gift that easier for the Swara to learn than the others.  That this talent is so common among the Swara is a closely-guarded secret. Ordinarily, Rokea cannot step sideways without using the Rite of Passing the Net (see below). Darkwaters, however, long ago discovered how to part the thin aquatic Gauntlet on their own. Any spirit-servant of Sea may teach this Gift.
System: See Werewolf, pages 170, 175-176. The talent becomes natural once a werecat learns this Gift.Once learned, this Gift is permanent. The Rokea may step sideways just as werewolves do. This Gift does not provide protection from the increased pressure and cold of the undersea Umbra, however, although the Gift: Blood of the Deeps does

Wasp Talons (Level Four) The Fury with this talent can fire her claws from her hand like darts. She is incapable of using claw attacks with that hand until her claws regenerate, however. A wasp-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Rage point and rolls Dexterity + Brawl to hit. The difficulty is figured as though the character was using a firearm; the medium range is 20 yards. Damage is figured normally for a claw-strike. The Garou's claws take one full turn to regenerate.

Waves Passage (Level Four) - By focusing on a object, the Rokea can cause it to age as though left underwater for years. Wood becomes brittle, paper yellows and falls apart, metal tarnishes and rusts, etc. A spirit-servant of Sea teaches this Gift.
System: This Gift takes one full turn to invoke. The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Each success ages the object one year underwater. One is usually enough to erode wood to the point that it crumbles, while metal might require three or more. The Rokea may use this Gift as an extended action, wearing away at the object until it breaks.

Web Blanket (Level Four) - Ananasi using this Gift create a covering of webs over a target. These webs are thick and sticky, actually springing from the body of the target itself, and covering the target in an airtight blanket of webbing that prevents breathing and obscures all senses. It is a very unpleasant way to die.
System: The werespider spends one Gnosis and one blood point and rolls Dexterity + Medicine (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Success means the target spontaneously begins generating the thick webs that completely cover the target's body. Attempts to tear the webbing away are resisted by an effective Strength of 9. Burning the webs is a possible solution, but the target covered by the webs takes the same damage as the webs themselves.

Web Sheet (Level Four) - The Tenere can create a large web extremely quickly.
System: The Ananasi spends two blood points, allowing her to cover a football field-sized area with a sticky web with an effective Strength of 9. This web does not affect other Ananasi.



Whats the Password? (Level Four) By communing with the odd spirits inside computers, a werecat can call up the passwords to files, accounts or encryptions. Although few nature-bound Bastet know this trick, many of their city cousins have at least heard of it. Most of those who do know it charge hefty favors for the teaching. System: The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas, spends a Gnosis point, and hopes the Net-Spiders will be generous. These encounters should be played out computer spirits can be pretty weird, and may want a bribe. The difficulty depends on the targets value. A successful Computer or Hacking roll can reduce this difficulty by 1 for every two successes (same difficulties; see The Werewolf Players Guide, pages 194-199).

Information Difficulty
Checking accounts 5
Corporate records 6
Important documents, designer viruses 7
Secure accounts 8
Corporate secrets 9
Government secrets 10

Whelp Body/Drying Bite (Level Four) With this Gift a Garou may deliver a devastating curse upon a foe's body, causing it to weaken or palsy. Many consider the use of this power on a foe to be a declaration of unending war. Either a pain-spirit or a spirit of disease teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis, and the target resists with his own Gnosis roll. The Garou's difficulty is the opponent's Willpower, while her victim's difficulty is the Ragabash's Gnosis. (Victims without Gnosis roll Stamina without any adjustments for supernatural powers or the like.) Each success scored by the Ragabash allows him to remove one point from any of the victim's Physical Attributes. The effect is permanent, although the victim may restore these Attributes via experience. This Gift may be used only once ever against a given opponent.

Whirlpool (Level Four) - In any body of water larger than a swimming pool, the creature can create a whirlpool for one scene.
System: The player spends one Gnosis, and roll Gnosis  (difficulty 7) If the whirlpool is created under a target, it needs a minnimum number of successes to "suck down" as detailed below.  A living target can make a Dextirity +athletics roll(opposed by the strength of the Nagah's Gnosis)to escape, usually by swimming out of the area.

Successes Diameter Can Pull down
1 5 Feet A human 
3 10 Feet A Crinos Garou
5 20 Feet A row boat
6+ 50+ Feet A small boat



Whispered Dreams (Level Four) - You can speak an illusion into existence. This apparition can affect all of your victims senses, can move anywhere within your line-of- right, and can exist as long as you concentrate on it. The Gift begins when you whisper a few words about the dweomer you are trying to create. The illusion lasts for one scene. System: Spend two Willpower points and roll Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 8). Anyone wimessing the illusion can attempt to see through it by rolling Perception + Alertness; the difficulty is equal to (5 + the number of successes you obtained, up to amaximumofdifficulty9)O. nce one person pointsout this flaw, the illusion is ruined for everyone, and it vanishes.

Wither Limb (Level Four) With a snarl and an angry gaze, the werewolf forces a target's arm or leg to twist, desiccate and wither, making it useless. Creatures with regenerative abilities will restore the limb to full function after one scene; otherwise, the effects are permanent. Snake-spirits, spider-spirits and other venomous spirits teach this Gift. Some werewolves even invoke spirits of disease to learn this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty of the victim's Stamina + 4). The victim adds two to the difficulties of all Dexterity rolls. If his leg is affected, he can move at only half of his normal speed.



Five Level Five)

Aegis (Level Five) This Gift grants a Garou a mystical aegis protecting her from attacks. This is not a literal shield; rather, strikes simply fail to hit vital areas, bullets deflect off a belt buckle and circumstance otherwise conspires to prevent blows from landing solidly on the warrior while this ability is in effect. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a point of Willpower, and the difficulty of all attack rolls made against her for the duration of the scene are increased by two. Any attack roll that scores only one success (after dodge, if applicable) against the Garou is considered to be a graze, and inflicts only bashing damage.

All Hell (Level Five) - By summoning a swarm of Wyldling spirits and Rat-spirits, you can invoke sheer pandemonium. Theyll crawl the walls, manipulating mundane objects randomly, and causing sheer chaos. Any non-Ratkin in the room is hit with the Delirium.
System: Spend one Gnosis; everyone present rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). Anyone who fails this roll gets hit by the Delirium, just as if they were human. Humans are automatically affected, but move one step up the Delirium chart for each two successes they get.

Army of the Ancestors (Level Five) - This rare Gift allows a Mokol6 to materialize her Archid-form characteristics in an entirely different way. The Mokol6 can call on the ancestors who gave him the shape he wears, bringing them out of the mists of the Memory to challenge his opponents. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
System: The Mokol6 calls on his ancestor while indicating his bodily gifts that came from them. He then makes a Gnosis roll, difficulty 8. For each success, one ancestor appears. For example, a Mokol6 with wings could call Pteranodon, while one with Huge Size could summon Apatosaurus. The ancestors are as intelligent as the one who summons them, and usually cooperate (unless the summoner wants them to do something stupid or ridiculous). The  ancestors stay for one scene, then depart back to the depths of Mnesis. Depending on the scene into which they were summoned, they may not wish ever to return.

Assassins Well (Level Five) -

Assimilation (Level Five) A werewolf with this Gift blends smoothly into any culture, no matter how strange or unfamiliar he might normally find it. He could slip among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or he could shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing that he does not belong. The Gift, doesn't hide racial differences, but it does allow the user to mimic the behaviors and mannerisms of a native. It also grants the ability to speak and understand the culture's language, although this knowledge vanishes as the Gift ends. Ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy. If successful, the character interacts with members of another culture as if he were one of them. The difficulty depends on how alien the culture is. The difficulty would be 5 for another Garou sept, but it could be as high as 9 when trying to assimilate into a Black Spiral Hive in a foreign country. The character will not suffer Social-roll penalties when interacting with members of the culture, although he will not receive any special benefits. The Gift lasts for one scene plus one day per Willpower point spent when activating it.



Aversion Therapy (Level Five)

Bear's Bounty (Level Five)

Black Friday (Level Five) This dreaded Gift, the bane of the Information Age, allows a Bastet to crash a  computer network in seconds. By communing with Net Spiders (see Whats the Password?) and promising a few favors, a lucky werecat can wreak system havoc without even touching a keyboard. Its rarely done because of its tendency to backfire (wiping out ones own computer files!), but causes untold headaches for the programmers of Pentex.
System: The player rolls his Manipulation + Enigmas to convince the Spiders to do his dirty work. Obviously, he has to have some way of reaching them first, such as a Gift, a short visit to the Penumbra, or a message typed into the doomed system. Once the deal is set in motion, the Spiders eat the systems data; a skillful data retriever can undo the damage, but itll take days or weeks to fix. The Gifts difficulty depends on the size and complexity of the system in question. Protected networks add one to the amount of successes needed; magickal systems include  Trinary computers or Technomagickal networks (see Mage: The Ascension).A botch causes the Spiders to wreck your own data instead. Note that this kind of tampering immediately sets off alarms on guarded systems; a would-be saboteur would be wise to amscray ontopray!

Network Difficulty Successes Needed
Small Office 6 one-two
Large office 6 three-four
Small Corporate 7 four-five
Large Corporate 8 Four-five
International/Government 9 five-10
Secret Government/Magickal 10 five-15



Breath of the Dragon Lords (Level Five) - The  wereserpent exhales huge gouts of scalding gases; these can wound opponents, but cant cause materials to combust.
System: The player rolls Dexterity + Firearms; if the roll succeeds, use the damage rules for firearms. The breath does a base amount of damage equal to the users Gnosis. The damage is aggravated, and has a range of 20 feet.

Burning Blood (Level Five) - The Ananasi turns her blood to acid, inflicting burning damage upon her victim or any object affected by acid.
System: The Ananasi may activate this Gift at will once it is learned. The acidic blood creates a dice pool of aggravated damage equal to the werespiders permanent

Call Down the Stars (Level Five) Sometimes the best answer to a riddle is force. This Gift recalls the days of Strange Owl Woman, when the white men dragged iron monsters across the open lands. By confusing the spirits inside machinery with a staggering riddle, the lynx causes fires, power generators and other sources of combustion to explode. This tends to fix most problems for good.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas (difficulty 7) and spends a Willpower point to drive the riddle home. If she succeeds, the power source be it gas, coal, wood, electricity, kerosene, whatever ignites. The exact effects are left to the Storyteller; small fires may flare for one or two Health Levels per success, while car gas tanks or steam train furnaces might blow for four Health Levels per success. Some combustion must be involved a canister of gasoline will not explode on its own. No Qualmi has dared to find out what would happen if the spirits of nuclear power plants were confused; the results might poison the entire land.

Call of the Cave Bear (Level Five) - Similar to the lupus Gift: Song of the Great Beast, this Gift summons a prehistoric cave bear from the spirit world to aid her.
System: The player ,pends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urgc. The animal has the maximum statistics for a Gurahl in Bjomen form (Str 9, Dex 3, Sta 9) and remains for one scene.

Call the Hunt (Level Five) The werewolf may use this Gift only once per month, and only if there is an overwhelming need for it (such as discovering that a truly great evil infests an area). This Gift calls the Huntsman of Celtic mythology to harry and slay the evil. The Huntsman himself teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou must chant and concentrate for one full hour. The player then spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 8). The Huntsman appears with a single hound, plus one hound for each extra Rage or Gnosis point the player wishes to expend. If the roll is botched, the evil is not worthy of the Huntsman's attention. If the summoner does not join the hunt, the Huntsman instead leads the hunt against the Garou.

Call to Allies (Level Five) - Asia is crisscrossed with supernatural allegiances and rivalries, old scores and old debts. Parts of this web on like "sides" can call on each other in times of danger or crisis. This Gift is the Kitsune's ultimate distress call. Her Batsu, Clan, and sentai will certainly hear and feel it, but it will also affect unknown allies and friendly neutrals in the area. (It's even possible for a Fox to Call to Allies and bring down a horde of Kuei-jin vampires upon the enemy, strange as that would seem to her Garou cousins). Local spirits, shen and tunedin mortals sense the Fox's distress or pain and hear her voice, growl, scream (or death rattle) for an instant. The  imperiled Fox's location is clear to them, and the beacon of her fear and Rage will become brighter the closer the rescuer approaches. What each entity receiving the call does is entirely up to them spirits that are tied to a location may do what they can from where they are, neutrals who wish to remain so will, and hengeyokai who choose to ignore can. However, because the shen you rescue today may save you tomorrow, most who do hear will act. The situation must be very grave indeed for the Kitsune to make such a request; falsealarms anger spirits andshenalike. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit. jj|
System: Call to Allies costs nothing and the -Kitsune need not roll; the player declares the Call and the Fox suffers the consequences.

Calm the Flock (Level Five) - As the Glass Walker Gift.

Carapace (Level Five) - The Ananasi acquires an armored carapace over her exoskeleton that provides additional protection and can regenerate damage.
System: The character spends one Gnosis point to gain +4 Stamina for the purpose of soaking damage. The Gift lasts for one scene.



C'et's Shell (Level Five) - Some particularly daring Darkwaters have made deals with C'et's minions. What they give up is unknown, but what they receive is immunity from one type of technology. Perhaps no net can hold the Rokea, or no gun can wound her. A powerful spirit servant of C'et teaches this Gift.
System: When the character learns this Gift, the player spends one permanent point of Gnosis and chooses the form of technology to which the character becomes immune. The Storyteller should determine exactly what falls under the province of this Gift and what doesn't. However, two limitations apply. First of all, even if the technology chosen produces a natural form of damage, the character is immune only to the damage that weapon produces. For example, if the player chooses flame-throwers, natural fire still harms the Rokea. Second, though they have tried, Darkwaters have not been able to use this Gift to survive Small Wounds.

Chaos Mechanics (Level Five) Werewolves pulse with the Wyld's energy, of course, but all creatures with form and nature have something of the Weaver in them, or so the Glass Walkers argue. Upon learning this Gift, the Glass Walker reconciles these two sides of his being, and he can summon primal energy and mystical form at the same time.
  System: A Garou with this Gift may use Rage and Gnosis in the same turn with no penalty. Doing so allows the Garou to use Rage actions to activate fetishes and use Gifts requiring Gnosis (provided that said Gift does not take a full turn to enact). What's more important is that it allows the Garou to take Rage actions in the same turn that he steps sideways, provided that the player rolls enough successes to get to or from the Umbra instantly. This Gift's effects are permanent.

Chariot of Lions (Level Five) This less-than-subtle Gift lets a Ceilican conjure a chariot drawn by huge cats. Like the craft of the goddess Freyja, this chariot is made of coarse-cut wood and covered with Nordic designs. The two huge cats that pull it run as fast as the average car, and can, in a pinch, carry the Ceilican and one passenger into the air for a few moments. Only the Mistress of Catkind teaches this Gift; learning it without her blessings is a grave insult.
System: The player rolls Gnosis against difficulty 8 and spends three Gnosis points. The chariot appears from thin air and lasts for one scene, or for an hour long enough to make a quick getaway, but not long enough to use as regular transportation. By spending a Willpower point, the Bastets player may urge the chariot into the air for two turns; each additional turn costs another Willpower point.

Charismatic Presence (Level Five)

Cheese It! (Level Five) - With this Gift, the Tunnel Runner can help his entire pack bolt from danger, although using it tends to be risky.
System: First, the Tunnel Runner calls out a brief phrase to signify the use of this Gift (e.g., Everyone out!) Every wererat who wants to take advantage of this opportunity spends one point of Rage; the Tunnel Runner spends three. (The Tunnel Runner can only help a number of wererats equal to the total of her permanent Rage and permanent Gnosis.) All of the players representing the fleeing rats then play a quick hand of Rock, Paper, Scissors. (On the count of three, everyone throws down the hand signal for rock, paper or scissors.) The Storyteller plays, too. Everyone who made the same choice as the Storyteller is lucky; their Ratkin bolt to a place of hiding within line of sight, even nearby rooftops. Any Ratkin who chose the most popular choice can bolt to the nearest hiding place, even if they didnt make the same choice as the Storyteller. Every other rat stays right where they are; the Gift does not work for them. If the Tunnel Runner doesnt make the same choice as the Storyteller, he can try this Gift again next round.



Child of Storms (Level Five)

Command the Multitude (Level Five) Like the Level One Gift: Submit, except that it affects everyone in a 200-foot radius and requires a Gnosis point. To make things easy, the Storyteller may simply have the player roll three successes with Willpower (difficulty 9) to dominate a strong-willed crowd. Lesser foes, like normal humans or animals, reduce the difficulty to 6.

Common Foe (Level Five) - The Dimwaters believe that all creatures should know and stay tn their places, but Qyrl routinely upsets the natural order. Therefore, the eldest of the auspice can rally any being not corrupted by Qyrl to fight against her, regardless of their usual inclinations towards the other parties on the battlefield. A spirit-servant of Kun teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 6). The character emits a Sending or, if on land, needs to attract the attention of those nearby with a shout or growl. If the roll succeeds, any supernatural beings in the area (including Garou or other Fera, mages, and imbued hunters) cannot attack one another if a common threat is present. Common threat typically means a servant of Qyrl; willing servants of Qyrl (in any of her incarnations) are not affected by this Gift. Any affected party who attempts to attack someone other than the common threat suffers wound penalties as though Crippled (supernatural means of mitigating this pain do not function). Common Foe lasts for one scene or until the common threat is vanquished.

Coyote's Mask (Level Five) - In onw Kwakiutl Indian legend, Coyote dons masks of different animals and then allows the animal to die for him, thus saving his life.  The most powerful Nuwisha may accomplish a similar feat, using their Gift  as a shield against death.  Only Coyote Teaches this Gift.
System: In order to learn this Gift, the Nuwisha must first leam a Gift that changes his shape,including Sheeps Clothing, Tricksters Skin, or the Ragabash Gift: Thousand Forms. If the character wishes to invoke this Gift, he must spend a full turn in concentration after first using the chosen shape-changing Gift. The player then spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). If successful, the Nuwisha may die once while wearing something or someone elses form. If the Nuwisha drops below Incapacitated from lethal or aggravated damage while wearing Coyotes Mask, the Nuwisha immediately appears in breed form not more than 10 feet away, and all that is left of the corpse is a small scrap of coyote fur.Nuwisha is considered to be at full health.

Curse of Lycaon (Level Five) In the ultimate twist, this Gift allows a Red Talon to transform a human being into a wolf. This Gift also works on Garou, forcing them into Lupus form. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Only one success is necessary. Werewolves are forced into Lupus form for the duration of the scene. When used on humans, the effect of the Gift is permanent. The person remains a normal wolf in body and mind for the rest of his life.



Death Ray (Level Five) - You can discharge energy through your fingertips. Granted, youll need to hook yourself up to a car battery or wall outlet for a few hours a day, but if youve ever  had a Garou trying to choke you to death, you know its worth it.
System: You must spend at least an hour meditating while attached to a supply of electricity. Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 6); for each success, you gain a temporary dot in a new trait called Elecmicity. If YOU spend another point of Gnosis, you can charge this Trait up further; the maximum rating is 10. For the rest of the day, your body will have a constant static electric charge until you discharge it. To attack with the Death Ray Gift, roll the dice in your Electricity pool. Attacking with a touch is difficulty 6; attacking at range (up to fifty feet) is difficulty 8. If you hit, you inflict one health level of aggravated damage per success; this damage is soaked at difficulty 8. The Electricity trait goes down one dot each time you use the Death Ray. Optionally, you can bum off points of Electricity instead of Gnosis to power Gifts like Battery and Summon Electricity.

Deny the Hungry (Level Five) With a gesture or spray, a spiteful werecat can destroy crops and fertile land, spoil food or toxify drinking water. Legend lays this Gift at the feet of the Bubasti, who were said to punish disrespectful communities with famine and drought. Some Simba use it for the same reasons. Sadly, its easier to destroy than to create; undoing this damage requires a different Gift altogether.
System: The player spends a permanent Rage point and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Each success withers one mile of crops, spoils a waterhole or lake, or renders one ton of food or drink unusable. Only the Redeem the Waste Gift, a Rite of Cleansing, or powerful Life and Prime magicks (see Mage) can undo the destruction. Cropland will remain infertile for a year, water will be poisoned for the same time. Spoiled food is  rotten forever, and those who eat it anyway will grow ill. These effects, and the casting of the Gift, clearly come from the Unmaker, and may be detected by appropriate Gifts.

Destroyer's Blessing (Level Five)

Dragon Ally (Level Five) - Kitsune warriors can find help in the least expected places. With this Gift, an Eji can call forth a mighty fighter from the elements surround- ing him. There must be a substantial amount of the raw material available strong winds, not merely air; a fairsized pool or stream, not puddles. The creature takes the shape of a dragon, and is formed entirely from its parent force. Not surprisingly, Elementals teach this Gift.
System: The player spends 1 Rage point and makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 8 ) . For every success on the Gnosis roll, the "dragon" has five feet of length, five Health Levels, two soak dice, and does two dice of aggravated damage. It may attack with one bite and one body slam per turn. ( For example, Wu Bingshu calls forth a dragon from a bonfire and rolls three successes. The blazing creature is fifteen feet long and has fifteen Health levels; its bite inflicts six dice of damage, its tail lashes out for another six, and it has six effective soak dice against all attacks. The Kuei-jinare in trouble tonight.) Dragon allies are friendly toward their creator; this may be because if the Kitsune stops concentrating on their Ally's existence, it disappears. (The Eji may take only the simplest actions in addition to maintaining the Dragon.) The creature will vanish regardless at the end of scene or if it loses all its Health Levels; each time the dragon loses a Health Level, it also loses a foot of length, until gone entirely.

Dream Semblance (Level Five) -This Gift may be exercised once in a Mokol6s lifetime. It allows the Mokol6 to become a True Dragon for the duration of one scene. Once the confrontation is over, the dream will depart. This Gift is taught by Dragon.
System: The Mokol6 prays to Dragon and makes a Wits + Mnesis roll with a difficulty of 7. The statistics of a True Dragon are up to the storyteller, but such a creature is extremely powerful. Its power is usually focused on the routing of Dragons foes. The Gift cannot be invoked a second time, and often Mokol6 who invoke it even once die after Dragons foes are routed



Earthspeaking (Level Five) By sifting dirt and calling on the spirits within the ground, a puma receives visions of things that have happened in the area. These insights can help her follow trails, witness past events, or learn where things came from or went. Bird-spirits often pass this Gift along, but some worm and elemental chaya do their part too, especially if the Bastets questions serve the spirits ends.
System: The Pumonca concentrates while chanting a single question and a plea. While she does, the player rolls Perception + Enigmas to see into the past. Success reveals the answer. The more distant the event, the higher the difficulty, unless it left impressions so vivid that they never fade (like the Trail of Tears), which might reduce the difficulty by one or two. Events that occurred more than a year ago require a Gnosis point to see. The vision comes from the perspective of the ground nearby, which might make details hard to read (imagine a worms-eye view of a murder); some dreams pass emotional impressions, too, leaving moods that can last for hours.

Time Elapsed /Difficulty
A week 4
A month 5
Six months 6
A year 7
10 years 8
50 years 9
100 years + 10

Elegy (Level Five) - By speaking the last rites over a dying Ratkin, you can guarantee his spirit will survive to serve Rats cause. At the moment of death, he will be reborn as a Rat-spirit. Overhis dyingbody, you must recite thegreatest accomplishments of his life. All of his Gifts will be gone, but his memories and spirit will remain. Of course, he can be bound or manipulated like any other ephemera, but some wererats are willing to make this ultimate sacrifice in service to the Rat Goddess.
System: If a wererats health levels go below lncapaci, tated, and any of his wounds are aggravated, you may immediately perform this Gift. He gets his shot at Final Rage first - rolling Stamina at difficulty 8 and healing one health level per success - so you can only proceed if he fails that roll. Decide how much Gnosis you want to invest into the Elegy. The dying Ratkin youre trying to help then rolls Gnosis; the difficulty is equal to 10 - his Rank. Each point ofGnosis you spend before the roll adds one success; if the dying rat gets at least five successes, his flesh withers away. Hes reborn as a Rat Jaggling and scampers off into the Umbra.

Elemental Gift (Level Five) The werewolf calls upon the primal force of Gaia Herself, thereby commanding the spirits of the elements to rise up, undulate forward and even engulf foes. This Gift summons an elemental spirit, not merely the raw matter of the elements, but primal spirits possessing power enough to challenge even something as powerful as a Nexus Crawler. The elementals grant this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 7). If successful, he calls an elemental who grants him the ability to control a large volume of air, earth, water or fire (in any of their forms) that is approximately 20' by 20' per success. The effect lasts for one scene or until the elemental leaves or is destroyed.

Engulf the Prey (Level Five)



Epidemic Contagion (Level Five) - The Plague Lords forte, Epidemic Gifts, are even nastier when in the hands of the highest-ranking Lords. By use of this Gift, a wererat can make any Epidemic Gift highly contagious.
System: If the victim of an Epidemic Gift comes within touching distance of another person (one yard or so), theres a chance that the ailment will spread to that poor soul as well. The victim needs to make a Willpower roll, difficulty 7. If the victimfails, he is also afflicted with the illness.. . andcan in turn pass it on to someone else. Heres the best part: The Plague Lord can decide whether Ratkin can succumb to this epidemic as well. Do you want wererats to be infected by this plague? If the answer is yes, the difficulty of a wererats Willpower roll to resist infection is 5. If the answer is no, Plague Lords can unleash infectious Gifts into a herd of shapechangers with impunity. Either way, the I Plague Lord is always unaffected by his own plagues.

Evading the Watchers (Level Five)

Fabric of the Mind (Level Five) The highest-ranked Galliards can bring the products of their imagination to very solid life, crafting creatures from the spiritual essence of dreams. Chimerlings teach this Gift.
  System: The player makes an extended roll of Intelligence + Performance (difficulty 8). She can create any form of life she can imagine, assigning it one dot of Traits for each success gained on the roll. The werewolf can take as long as she wants to form the creature, accumulating successes from turn to turn, but once she stops, the dream being takes form and requires the expenditure of Gnosis to keep it manifested. The cost is one Gnosis per scene if the dream being remains relatively inactive (such as doing minor chores or watching a location), or one point per turn if the being engages in combat or similarly strenuous activity. The werewolf must be careful, because if she botches at any point, the dream being escapes her control. It will remain in the physical world for as long as it sees fit.

Fearless Unveiling (Level Five) - Similar to the Garou homid Gift: Part the Veil, this Gift enables the Gurahl to appear in Crinos form before a human without invoking the Delirium, thus enabling the werebear to render assistance without harming the individual. The Garou usually performs the Rite of the Ban on the human afterwards. System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Empathy. The effect lasts for one scene or until the human departs.

Feed the Gods (Level Five) By reaching out with his hand, a powerful jaguar can rip the heart out of an enemy from a distance, pull it to his palm, and consume it in a burst of fire. This Gift kills the target if it succeeds. Only strong magic can rebuild the ashes of the heart or grow another one in its place.
System: The Balams player rolls Gnosis against difficulty 7, and spends two points of Gnosis as well. The cats successes must double the targets Stamina rating; any armor, magical defenses, or dots in Fortitude, Glamour, the Spirit Sphere, Avatar or innate countermagick subtract one success for every dot of protection. Hence, this Gift isnt a very effective method of sacrificing supernatural beings. Against unarmored humans, however, its devastating. The victim keels over and dies, as his heart flares into flame. It takes two turns to burn the heart into ash; by then, the victim is irrevocably dead unless someone has the power to rebuild his heart from powder and return the soul to its body. This Gift is totally useless against those already dead (but not undead vampires can still be destroyed this way).



Fenris' Bite/Kuns Maw (Level Five) The Garou's already vicious bite increases in power terribly, to the point that the Garou can mangle or even sever limbs with a single bite. An avatar of Fenris teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Rage point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent's Stamina + 3). The Garou's next bite attack, if it hits, will mangle and disable one of the target's limbs, inflicting three automatic, unsoakable, aggravated health levels of damage in addition to any damage already rolled. The limb is rendered useless until the target can regenerate the damage, or permanently in the case of humans and other creatures who do not regenerate. If the player achieves five or more successes on the Strength + Medicine roll, the limb is severed.

Feral Lobotomy (Level Five) With but a thought, the Garou can devolve an opponent's mind to that of an animal, effectively destroying his intelligence. A spirit servant of the Griffin totem teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Wits + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Willpower + 3, maximum 10), and spends a variable number of Gnosis. If successful, the Garou can destroy a target's Intelligence Attribute permanently. Two Gnosis points must be spent for each point of Intelligence destroyed, and the Garou cannot destroy more points than he rolls successes. Additionally, the target begins acting more animalistic with each point removed.

Fetish Doll (Level Five) Sympathetic magic is the oldest form of sorcery, and it is still effective. Although many cultures find this sort of magic repellent, the Uktena believe that the ends well justify the means. The Garou can harm his victim from afar using a specially created doll. He must have a piece of his victim or an object belonging to him, and he must then construct the doll. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The doll takes one week to construct and enchant. The player rolls Perception + Crafts (difficulty 8) to construct the doll. When the doll is complete, the player may roll Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the victim's Willpower). Each success inflicts one level of aggravated damage on the victim, which he may soak if he capable of doing so. The doll is only capable of transferring 10 levels of damage. After 10 successes, the doll is too mutilated to be of further use. A botched roll destroys the doll without inflicting any damage.

Force Balance (Level Five)

Forms of Cernunnos (Level Five) Celtic legends abound with heroes transforming into animals, whether to escape, to hunt, or to spy. Cernunnos the Horned God was the master of animals; with this Gift the Garou is able to master the form of any animal. A Wyld spirit or a faerie spirit teaches this Gift.
System: As per the Ragabash Gift: The Thousand Forms, with the limitation that mythical beasts are not possible forms, but with the addition that another willing person can be changed at the cost of two Gnosis and +1 difficulty. Said person cannot change back without the assistance of someone who knows this Gift.



Fossilize (Level Five) - This Gift allows the Mokole to consign an enemy to memory - by fossilizing him for the edification of further generations. Paleontologists, needless to say, would probably be baffled by the results. A Death spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Mokol6 points a bone at an enemy; the player rolls Gnosis, resisted by the enemys Willpower. For each success, one health level of unsoakable aggravated damage cripples the target. If the target dies from the effects, he becomes a petrified fossil instantly.

Furtive Gathering (Level Five) - In Ratkin infestations,  high-ranking wererats become masters of conspiracies and politics. Through this Gift, a Ratkin calls upon the spirits to surround a secretive meeting of rats and wererats. This must be done in privacy, but once undertaken, no one can communicate with the conspirators.. . or even know they are there. oddly enough, this Gift is taught by a Stormcrow-spirit, since Grandfather Thunder sympathizes with the Ratkin races need for revenge.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Occult; the difficulty is the level of the local Gauntlet. The Ratkin are sealed off from all interruptions; anyone who wanders into the area cannot sense any aspect of the furtive gathering. The wererats, one and all, are invisible to all senses.

Future Warning (Level Five) By sensing the whims of Fate-in-Motion, a Bastet may sense some impending disaster. While not exactly precognition, the Gift grants vague insight into coming perils.
System: A good Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6) roll wins the character a sort of danger sense for one hour per success. This manifests as bad feelings whenever something nastys waiting nearby; it wont tell her about the five dakats waiting around the corner, but shell certainly feel like she ought to stop before she turns that corner. Conspiracies, natural disasters, ambushes and festering rivalries can all be sensed ahead of time, though the outcome of combat cannot.

Gaias Breath (Level Five) - With this Gift, a Gurahl may return a departed spirit to a dead werecreature, restoring it to life. No evidence exists that Gurahl have ever used this on a non-Gurahl or on a werebear who has been dead for more than a few hours.
System: The player spends two points point of permanent  Gnosis and two points of permanent Willpower and rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty of 6 + the number of hours since death up to a maximum of 10). One success restores life to the target but leaves her incapacitated unless healed magically. Additional successes add lost health levels on a one-for-one basis. Missing body parts are not restored unless separate Gifts are used. Failure means the spirit does not return. A botch indicates that a malicious spirit or Bane has possessed the body. This Gift may be used once and only once on a single creature.

Gaia's Vengeance/Revolt of the Land (Level Five) The Garou calls to the spirits of the surrounding forest to attack intruders. The terrain responds as best it can: Rocks roll and smash, vines trip, and water sucks victims under. An avatar of Gaia herself teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and one Rage point then rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The exact effects depend on the terrain and are left to the Storyteller.



Gate of the Moon (Level Five) This Gift creates a specialized moon bridge that takes the Strider to her destination instantly. At least a sliver of the moon must be visible at her area of departure. A Lune teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point for every 100 miles the Garou needs to travel. She then rolls Intelligence + Alertness (difficulty varies on how far the journey is and how well the Garou knows the way). Success transports the character to her destination, but she will be disoriented for one turn unless the player scored three successes. A botch takes the character miles in the wrong direction possibly straight up.

Geas/Imperial Obligation (Level Five) This Gift places its target under a geas, a sacred oath to obey the Philodox's bidding. The geas cannot make the targets act contrary to their basic instincts (such as self-preservation). Therefore, she could send a group on a quest, but she could not make its members attack and try to kill each other unless they were psychotics or werewolves without pack bonds. An Incarna avatar teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty of the target's Willpower). In the case of a group, the difficulty is the highest Willpower among its members. The geas' compulsion lasts until the task is completed or until the target is dropped to the Incapacitated health level in pursuit of the quest. No victim can labor under more than one geas at a time; the first one laid always takes precedence.

Gift of Eyes (Level Five) 0 The Corax duty of drinking the eyes of the slain can inflict a montage of supremely horrific images upon those who tend to their duties. In many cases, those images are the Corm burden, to suffer with in silence. Thats not always the case, however. With Gift of Eyes, a Corm can pass along a vision from an eye hes drunk to any non-Corm he chooses. The image is transferred in all its glory and gore, just as the Corax himself first saw it. Unprepared viewers may faint or scream; prepared ones may find clues or details they need in this glimpse of a dead mans last seconds. Raven or one of his spirits teaches this Gift.
System: The expenditure of a pair of Gnosis points and a contested Willpower roll against the intended victim are whats needed to effect a Gift of Eyes. The Corm can transfer any memory hes devoured with no distortion or dilution of the image. Moments of Eclipse (Level Five) -There are times when a Corax must make a near-supreme sacrifice, voluntarily severing his connection to the Sun. The reasons for doing so are few, but always drastic. Perhaps the Corax has been chained with gold, and needs a few minutes in which to work an escape (or else hell die a horrible, agonizing death), or maybe he needs to prove his worth to a gang of vampires hes trying to infiltrate. Regardless, this is not an action that any Corax should ever take lightly, and Helios himself notices if a wereraven abuses this Gift. After all, hes the one who teaches it.
System: Given by Helios reluctantly (and some say, at the last minute) to his new acquisitions, this Gift allows a Corax to sever his connection to the Sun temporarily - 10 minutes for every success on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) after the expenditure of 2 points of Gnosis. If the roll is a success, the Corm is suddenly cut off from Helios. This has both positive and negative effects. On the plus side, the Corax is no longer vulnerable to the pernicious effects of gold for the duration of the Gifts effects. On the other hand, for so long as the Corax is cut off from Helios, she cannot use Rage.

Gift of the Spriggan (Level Five) The Fianna may grow to up to three times her usual size or shrink to the size of a small puppy. A faerie or a Chimerling teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The effects last for one hour per success or until the Garou cancels the Gift. If the Garou grows larger, she gains three Strength dice for every 100% increase in size. If she grows smaller, she retains her normal Traits, but she may sneak around unnoticed or masquerade as someone's pet.

Gorgon's Gaze (Level Five) - As the Black Fury Gift.



Halo of the Sun/Suryas Radiance/Blood of Darkness (Level Five) The Garou is surrounded by a nimbus of blazing sunlight. Some Wyrm-creatures may flee before this terrifying sight, but any who stay and fight discover that the Garou strikes with added power. Helios, the Celestine of the sun, teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point, and the effects of the Gift last for one scene. The Garou is surrounded in blinding sunlight, and anyone looking directly at the werewolf is blinded (add three to difficulties to attack the Garou). The Garou adds two dice of damage to all hand attacks, and hand damage is considered aggravated in all forms. Any vampires within 20 feet take damage as though exposed to true, direct sunlight.

Havgan's Healing (Level Five) Named after the foe Pwyll dueled with in the Otherworld, this powerful Gift lets wounds alternately harm and heal the Garou, giving the Fianna a critical edge in a sustained battle. A death-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: To activate this Gift, the Fianna must spend two Gnosis points and concentrate for one turn. For the duration of the scene, any health levels that are not soaked alternately harm or heal the Garou. The first blow to strike the Garou injures him as normal; with the second blow, any damage that is not soaked (and the player must roll soak as normal) instead is treated as healing. Bashing wounds heal bashing damage, lethal wounds can heal bashing or lethal damage, and aggravated wounds heal all forms of damage. The third blow injures, the fourth heals, and soon. Wounds suffered from silver can never heal, however; they inflict damage as normal, and "use up" that blowfor instance, a Fianna wounded by silver by the fourth blow after activating this Gift takes unsoakable aggravated damage as normal, and the fifth blow will injure, not heal. (However, any aggravated damage taken on the sixth blow and every other attack after that could heal the silver damage.) Any wounds left unhealed by the end of the scene must be healed as usual.

Head Games/Heartstrings (Level Five) This Gift embodies the Galliard's ability to manipulate emotion in its purest form. The Galliard can change a target's emotions as she pleases, from hate to love and back again. Coyote-spirits teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Success allows the Garou to steer the emotions of any one individual. The more successes the player rolls, the more quickly the emotions manifest and the stronger they feel. Some emotions won't last without good cause. A Galliard could make someone fall in love with him, but the love won't last. (It may well even turn into justified resentment.) If the Galliard's actions would reinforce the emotion treating a "new friend" well or threatening a terrified foe there's a better chance that the emotions will become the real thing. The Storyteller should give the Galliard's player extra dice for roleplaying this Gift especially well.

Healing the Soul (Level Five) Through a weeklong ordeal of fasting, trance states and spirit communion, the Theurge is able to set the elements of the Triat into perfect balance within one individuals soul. Obviously, the subject to be healed must be willing, and the two individuals must remain in solitude (save for contact with spirits) for the duration. This Gift can cure insanity, ease emotional wounds, heal the effects of trauma and remove desensitization. If the spiritual injury was caused by ill conduct on the subjects part, however, this Gift can only benefit them once: even the greatest empath has little sympathy for those who willingly slide back into self-degradation after being helped out the first time. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift.
System: The effects are largely character and storybased. This Gift alone cannot cure full-blown Harano, but it can certainly ameliorate the causes, preventing it before it takes hold completely.

If the Storyteller has already embraced the complications of mechanical crossover in her Werewolf chronicle, she may elect to allow this Gift to restore one or two levels of Humanity, or subtract one or two levels of permanent Angst, once in a given vampire or wraiths life. Of course, very few Garou elders would ever consider wasting Gaias blessings on a Leech, even a penitent one.

Heart of Ice/Magistrates Icy Judgment (Level Five) The Garou can call down the curse of the Wendigo on an enemy. The Garou must whisper the name of the target to the winds; thereafter, the victim's innards begin turning to ice. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Each success inflicts one level of aggravated, unsoakable damage. This damage accrues slowly, inflicting one health level per turn until all possible damage has been done.



Horde of Valhalla (Level Five) The Garou who uses this Gift must be in good standing with his tribe's totem, and he must have a great need for aid, for he is asking help of Fenris himself. This Gift taught by an avatar of Fenris summons great wolves to come to the Garou's aid.
  System: The player spends as much Rage and/ or Gnosis as he wishes and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken. If successful, a number of spirit wolves appear from the Umbra to do battle with the Garou foes. The number of wolves is equal to the number of points spent by the player. The wolves are functionally identical to the wolves of the Great Hunt. They remain for the entire scene.

Humiliate (Level Five)

Hunger of the Trench (Level Five) - In the black depths, the Sea's presence is far from the nurturing soul that teems with life, the way it seems closer to the surface. The deep ocean hungers, and the Darkwaters have learned to feed it with the soul and will of others. This Gift is taught by a spirit-servant of Sea.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Intimidation (difficulty 6). This roll is opposed by the victim's Willpower (difficulty 9). If the victim scores more successes, there is no effect. If the Rokea wins, however, the victim loses one temporary Willpower point for each success in excess of the victim's roll. If the player scores more successes than the victim's permanent Willpower, the victim loses a permanent point of Willpower. If the player botches, however, the victim is unharmed and a permanent point of the Rokea's Willpower is lost to feed the Trench.

Hydra Warrior (Level Five)

Hyperattenuation (Level Five) - The Arcadian Ratkin can exaggerate any one sense to ridiculous proportions. The effects last for one scene, and only work if accompanied by outrageous bragging. For instance, the Moon Mouse might hear footsteps through the ground seven leagues away; smell a single peppermint leaf resting on a cup of treacle on the lowest level of a sewer system; see well enough from the top of a building to shoot the apple off a tree outside the city; or feel a mans deepest psychological problems through the bumps on his forehead. Inconceivable! This Gift is chaotic, often throwing in sensory data you never anticipated. Its taught by a Wyldling spirit.
System: Roll Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 9), without spending any Willpower. For each success, you can increase your Perception by one point for as long as you spend an equal amount of Gnosis; this lasts for one scene. The Storyteller takes any Perception roll you make and hyperattenuates it to Herculean proportions. Again, your heightened senses are chaotic: You might try to identify the scent of a Glass Walkers cigars, but you may also catch a whiff of the store across town that he bought it from..



Image of the Great Mother (Level Five) - This Gift allows the Ananasi to directly channel the power of Ananasa into their form for a limited time. For a short period, the character's size doubles, mutating into a huge creature that is similar to the Lilian aspect with four spider-like legs, and four human-like arms. The head grows eight red glowing eyes, and has two huge fangs in place of the mouth, dripping a virulent poison. The entire body is covered in a thick, chitinous armor. After the Myrmidon assumes this form, he is reduced to Crawlerling form for one week.
System: The Ananasi must spend two Gnosis points and roll Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 9). If successful, he gains the following abilities: Strength +5, Stamina +6, Perception +2, and Appearance -5. Each of the arms ends in razor-sharp talons, making fine manipulation impossible, but in battle doing Strength +2 aggravated damage. Any that view the character in this formincluding Ananasi and other Changing Breeds must immediately roll Willpower, difficulty 7, or suffer the effects of the Delirium. Ananasa does not like to be called upon in this way, and will always ask the Ananasi to perform a special task at some point in the near future. The effects of this Gift last one scene, unless the Myrmidon shapeshifts again before the scene's end.

Image of the Sky Bear (Level Five)

Invoke the Spirits of the Storm/Anger of the Wani (Level Four) -  (Level Five) The Garou can summon nearly any weather effect she desires, be it a tornado, fog, blizzard or thunderstorms. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift. For the Mokole Upon using this Gift, the Mokole falls into a trance until Sun rises once more. He offers his dreams to the Dragon Kings as thanks for this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty varies based on how close the desired effect is to the actual weather patterns of the area). The storm covers 10 miles per success. If the Garou summons a thunderstorm, she may spend Gnosis to call lightning down on her enemies (Dexterity + Occult to hit, 10 dice of aggravated damage).

Jointsnake's Mojo (Level Five) - -This Gift enables the MokolC to rejoin severed body parts without even touching them. A severed arm will twitch and quickly wriggle back to the stump, rejoining the gators body as neatly as you could ask. This Gift is taught by Jointsnake.
System: To rejoin a body part, the player need only spend one Gnosis. The severed parts must be reasonably whole (i.e., not eaten or crushed) and they must be nearby for the Gift to work. This doesnt heal any health levels of damage, but a Mokole with thisGift can spend a Gnosis to avoid recieving any battle scars

Judgment of Pestilence (Level Five) In many ancestral lands, epidemics ravage both human and animal populations. The Mistress of Catkind bequeaths this Gift to her feline children in an effort to channel the disease. Communities who respect the cats Kinfolk and the land find pestilence banished from their homes; those who exploit nature or hunt the great cats receive the disease in return. Natures balance must be maintained. This is yet another gift that is easier for the Swara, it is a level 4 Gift for them.
System: This Gift doesnt create a plague; instead, it moves it from one place to another. To do this, a cat spends two Gnosis points and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge to absorb the sickness without harming herself. From there, she carries it to a place she dislikes, then releases it by breathing into the night air. Once in motion, the disease runs its course in the new location. Every survivor in the original community mysteriously recovers. A werecat who botches her roll quickly dies, overwhelmed by the toxins in her blood.

Jump to the Moon (Level Five) The greatest of Bastet can return to Seline for short visits. By forming a Moon Bridge from her Den-Realm to the moon, the werecat departs to the court of Luna. While there, she can breathe and move about normally; so long as shes careful, itll be a glorious stay.
System: Opening the Bridge requires 10 successes with a Wits + Enigmas roll (difficulty 8). Obviously, this demands an extended roll, a bit of time (each roll takes one hour), and some great moonlit ritual. Seline must be invoked and her servants called. The Gift can only be attempted once per night; if dawn comes before 10 successes are accumulated, the ritual has been wasted. If the Bastet succeeds, the Bridge lasts for one night. Lunes come  down to guide the werecat and her guests to Selines body. The trip, it is said, is faster than thought reaching or returning to the moon takes only minutes. If the Bridge closes before the character returns, she must open another one from the moon.

Jungle Snake's Hoodoo (Level Five)



Kiss of Helios (Level Five) The Ahroun can invoke the sun's power to become completely immune to the damaging effects of fire. Additionally, the Ahroun may ignite any portion of his body and keep it burning for extended periods. Most commonly the Garou will light his mane during rituals, but he can also ignite his claws or mouth without ill effect. A fire elemental or a sun-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the Ahroun cannot be harmed by any natural forms of fire, up to and including molten lava. Artificial fires (napalm, gas fires, etc.) do one-quarter damage, and they are treated as bashing damage. The Garou does two additional dice of aggravated damage if he attacks with blazing fists, claws or fangs. The effects last for one scene.

Kundalini (Level Five)

Legends Insight (Level Five) While any Garou with a spiritual connection to her ancestor-spirits may borrow an ancestors wisdom from time to time, the Galliards have, unsurprisingly, perfected the process. The character may call upon her illustrious predecessors for skill or knowledge and become, for a moment, the best she can possibly be. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: Only characters with the Ancestors Background may learn this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Ancestors (difficulty 7). For each success, the player may boost an Ability to five dots, or an Ability already at that level to six dots. Normally, modern Abilities such as Computers, Drive, and even Firearms are disallowed, but this is left to the Storytellers discretion. The player should specify what ancestor she is calling upon and what Abilities that ancestor is likely to grant her; these choices should remain consistent through subsequent uses of this Gift (that is, the same ancestor probably shouldnt be granting Brawl, Melee, and Athletics one session and then Occult, Enigmas and Rituals the next).

Leviathan (Level Five) - While the Gift: Great Summons allows any elder wereshark to call up aid from the unseen depths, the Dimwaters dislike the disruption in Seas harmony that such beasts cause. This Gift allows them to take matters into their own jaws, becoming such a beast rather than summoning one. A spirit-servant of Kun teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends two Willpower points and two Rage points. The character changes into a monstrous shark, nearly 80 feet long. This grants +S to all physical Attributes after Fighting Jaws modifiers (so a Rokea with Strength 3 in Homid form would have a Strength 12 as a Leviathan). Also, the Rokea gains at least one Rage point per turn. This gift lasts until the end of the scene. 

Luna's Avenger (Level Five) The Garou's entire body, regardless of her current form, is changed to living silver. She becomes a nearly unstoppable warrior. A Lune teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou must concentrate for one full turn to activate this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. This Gift lasts for one scene, during which the Garou is immune to the effects of silver. Any attack she makes does aggravated, unsoakable damage to Garou. Furthermore, she gains two extra points of Stamina and one additional health level while the Gift lasts.


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