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GIFTS (In English)

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Madness (Level Five) The metis struggles his whole life to find a place, a purpose and a sense of stability in his horrifying existence. With this Gift, he can force others to face their inner demons, inducing insanity and madness. The nature of the derangement varies among individuals, but it will always be severe, making it impossible for the victim to function normally. Lunes, along with spirits of trickery and madness teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty of the victim's Willpower). The insanity lasts a number of days equal to the successes rolled on the attempt. During this time, the metis can increase or decrease the effects of the madness, granting the victim lucidity and then driving him into psychosis. Even after the Gift has ended, the repercussions from the bout with madness often haunt the target for the rest of his life.

Mahanaga (Level Five)

Malleable Spirit (Level Five) The Garou can change a spirit's form or purpose. A Chimerling teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou's player must best the spirit in a resisted Gnosis roll. The difficulty is based on what the Garou tries to accomplish, while the spirit's difficulty is the Garou's Gnosis.

Change Difficulty
Characteristics (Willpower, Rage, Gnosis;
one point changed per success) 6
Disposition (Friendly, Neutral, Hostile) 8
Type (Naturae, Elemental, Bane, etc.) 10

Marionette (Level Five) - The Kitsune can make her target do anything she wants by mimicking the desired action. Snake-spirits teach this Gift.
System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). The victim may resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 7); if he fails, the Kitsune controls him for one turn per success.

Mass Confusion (Level Five) - This powerful Gift changes the perception of the individuals in the Kumoti's immediate area. The Ananasi is able to confuse the participants, causing them lose track of where they are, who surrounds them, and which direction they were facing. Friends can appear to be foes, physical objects can appear meters away from their actual locations, and none of the senses can be trusted.
System: The Ananasi must expend two Gnosis points. For the duration of the scene, any individuals in the area whether they be Damhan, Ovid, vampire, or other must then make a Wits roll (difficulty 8) to take an action against any selected target. If they make their roll, the action occurs as intended. If they miss their roll, the Storyteller must randomly determine another target in the same area excluding the Kumoti using the Gift to which the action is redirected. This Gift fouls attacks, speeches, Gift use, even dodges all actions that focus on a specific target. The Ananasi that uses this Gift is immune to its effects, but cannot take any other actions for the duration of the Gift; if he takes any action, the effects of the Gift are canceled

Mindless Fight (Level Five) - A brutal frenzy is often an asset in a fight, but the eldest of the Rokea have honed their frenzies until they reap all of the benefits and few of the drawbacks. The Rokea can channel her Rage into not only speed, but endurance and power as well. This Gift is taught by a shark-spirit.
System: Once the Rokea learns this Gift, her use of Rage becomes diversified. First of all, the limits on how much Rage may be spent in a turn are lifted. The player may spend as much of the character's Rage for extra actions as she wishes. Second, in any turn in which Rage is spent, the character ignores wound penalties. Finally, the player receives two extra dice to soak in any turn in which she spends Rage.

Moon Sense (Level Five) By meditating upon a pool of moonlit water, a Bastet may see anything that transpires beneath Selines glow. Although its difficult to see distant or hidden locations, a rigorous search can see anywhere on Earth.
System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas and spends a Gnosis point. The Bastet must be staring into outside water. Any place touched by moonlight (even near windows, indoors, and within the Penumbra) may be sensed with all six senses, as if the Bastet were standing in the moonlight itself. The waters surface must be calm; raging waves will reveal nothing. The searchs difficulty depends upon the distance scanned and the Bastets familiarity with it. If she observes for more than a minute (or requires more than three rolls), another Gnosis point must be spent. A person with mystical senses might realize hes being spied upon with a successful Perception + Occult or Enigmas roll (difficulty 6). He would, if he discovered this, see a giant moonlit cat slowly fading  away. Naturally, discovery  terminates the Gift.



Subject Difficulty Successes Needed
Near & familiar 6 Two
Distant & familiar 7 Three
Unfamiliar 8 Three
Seen pictures 8 Five
Never been 9 Five
Distant & alien 10 Five

Moments of Eclipse (Level Five)

Natural State (Level Five)

Oath of the Great Bear (Level Five) - Similar to the Philodox Gift: Geas, this Gift grants the Gurahl the ability to cause an individual or group oath to be binding. The oath cannot force the oathsworn to act in ways detrimental to himself but can compel anything else within the targets capabilities.
System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty of the targets Willpower). To affect a group, the Gurahl must roll against the difficulty of the person in the group with the highest Willpower. Targets who break the oath lose a point of Willpower per day until that Trait reaches zero followed by some other Trait or Attribute. This process continues until the target dies, returns to the oaths terms or successfully requests the Gurahl to release her from the oath.

Obedience (Level Five) With the power of this Gift, the Shadow Lord becomes the ultimate alpha, compelling all others to follow her orders. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). All in the vicinity must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) and match or exceed the Garou's successes to avoid the effects of the Gift. If the werewolf wins by one success, the targets follow any orders they don't mind following. Getting three successes means that the targets will treat the Garou as their alpha and fight for him. Getting five successes means that the targets will follow him into the Abyss or perform other virtually suicidal actions.

Ocean's Peace (Level Five) - The Rokea's place is the Sea. They are at home there, and if not at peace, then at least secure in the knowledge that they belong there. An elder Rokea carries this self-assurance with her wherever she swims, Sea or Unsea. This Gift is taught by a spirit-servant of Sea.
System: The Rokea with this Gift always adds 30 to her initiative rolls. In addition, if the player succeeds on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7), the Rokea may exert her confidence more forcefully for the remainder of the scene. In game terms, the player may spend a Willpower point to add a success to any roll, but as long as one other success is scored, she does not lose the point. The Willpower point is actually lost only if none of the dice show successes after any ones have subtracted other successes).

Overseas Gift (Level Five) -The Rokea can walk on land or swim the sea, but they cannot visit Oversea, and this expansive territory calls to the curious Darkwaters. This Gift allows them to assume a form capable of flying. The weresharks body becomes light and a thin membrane stretches from her wrists to her ankles, granting her wings much like a butterflys. A spirit-servant of Oversea teaches this Gift.
System: This Gift may only be used in Gladius form. The player spends two points of Gnosis. Once in this form, the Rokea can fly (maxiinum speed is 30 mph) but can swim much faster (up to 70 niph for short bursts). The Rokeas Attributes do not change, nor does her natural weaponry, which allows for some impressive attacks while airborne. While this Gift is active, normal humans ignore the flying sharkman unless it attacks them, and even supernatural beings must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) to see her unless using some special power (such as the Gift :Scent of True Form).  This Gift lasts until the Rokea wishes it to end. 

Pack Attack (Level Five) - High-ranking Warriors are the mast tacticians of the Ratkin race They don't just lead swarms of rats into battle; they can coordinate entire Rat Packs in ingenious assults.  By drawling upon the "hive mind" deep within a Ratkin's psyche, a Warlord can make it easier for his pack to overwhelm enemies with ruthless efficiency.
System:  First the Warrior lets out a keening cry and rolls Manipulation + Leadership.  For each success, a random member of her pack must automatically join in the Pact Attack on the next turn; they cannot abort this action and cannot split their dice pools.  Additional Ratkin in the pack may join in voluntarily.  Then, during the next declaration phase, the Warrior declares first, stating the target of the Pack Attack.  The Warrior also acts first, as if he had the Gift Spirit of the Fray.  For every two Ratkin in the Pack Attack, decrease the difficulty of all attacks against the tartget  by 1 (to a minimum of 4).  The Warrior can continue the Pack Attack by spending one Rage at the begining of each subsequent turn.

Pain of the Wound (Level Five) - The Wound streams with fiery blood, and the Brightwaters are born in the light of that blood. Elder Brightwaters can harness that destructive power and turn it on their enemies, calling up mystical flame that bums even in the coldest depths of the ocean. A spirit-servanr of Oversea (more specifically, a servitor of Helios) teaclies this Gift.
System: The playc:? spends two Rage points and rolls Strength + Rituals (difficulty of the targets Stamina). Success means that target bursts into flames, suffering three health levels of aggravated damage per turn until dead or until the Rokea discontinues the Gift (very powerful magic might also be able to interrupt the Gift; Storytellers discretion). The target may spend sa permanent point of Willpower to avoid the damage for one turn. The flame burns anywhere, regardless of lack of oxypen or other such conditions.

Pall (Level Five) - The Rokea calls forth a mass of inky blackness, that traps anyone caught within it. The Rokea knows all that occurs within the shroud, in the Realm or the Umbra, and can choose to be anywhere she wishes within the pall. While Qyrlings are rumored to teach this Gift (and can indeed do so), most Darkwaters leam it from the spirits of deep-sea fish.
System: The player spends two Gnosis points and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The blackness seeps from the Rokea's eyes and mouth and fills a spherical area 25' in diameter. Anyone caught within the sphere must make a Willpower roll (difficulty of the Rokea's Gnosis) and achieve more successes than the player did on the Gnosis roll in order to escape. While the sphere is up, the Rokea can transport herself to any point within it instantly, on either side of the Gauntlet. She can hear and see everything within the sphere, even if silent communication methods like the Gifts: Silent Sending or Mindspeak are used. Likewise, she understands anything said in the sphere, regardless of language. The sphere lasts for one turn per success on the Gnosis roll, although the player may choose to spend additional Gnosis points to keep the sphere active longer (1 turn/Gnosis spent).

Part the Curtain (Level Five) Like the Level Four Common Gift: Walking Between Worlds, this spell allows a leopard to cross into the Near Umbra. This variation, however, lets her bring others across as well. The Mistress of Catkind is said to have brought this Gift to several Bagheera elders during the British occupation of India. Working with allies from the Swara and Khan, these old cats turned several staid English manors into shrieking chaos.
System: All systems resemble the aforementioned Gift, except that the Bagheera can take one additional ally through for every point of Gnosis she possesses



Part the Veil (Level Five) With this Gift, a werewolf may immunize any human from the Delirium for a scene. In this way, the human can interact with Garou without deleterious effects. However, the human will forget much of what he knows if the Delirium is induced in him at a later date. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Empathy. One success is all that's required.

Paws of the Newborn Cub (Level Five) With a glare and snarl, the Silver Fang strips her foe of any supernatural power. Many servants of the Wyrm have tried to employ their putrescent magic against the Fangs, only to realize that they face a mighty foe with only mundane methods of defense. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Each success removes all special abilities (shapeshifting, Gifts, any sort of supernatural or magical powers) for one turn.

Perfect Passage (Level Five) The ultimate stealth Gift; a werecat who knows this trick can travel over or through any material obstacle without leaving traces. Its said this Gift allowed the Bubasti to rob the tombs of the Pharaohs long before any human could circumvent the traps and blocks.
System: Using this Gift costs one Gnosis point per scene (or per hour if its a long trip), and requires a Wits + Stealth roll (difficulty 5) each time the character encounters a new obstacle. Perfect Passage does not render the cat invisible, but it dampens all sounds and scents, eliminates footprints, opens and closes doors, springs locks, and shuts down security systems long enough for the cat to pass. When necessary, the character may even walk through solid barriers as if they were smoke. Botching any roll during this journey has terrible results the Bastet may be trapped inside a wall, spotted by a security camera, scented by a guard dog, or worse. Some magical perceptions (Prime magicks, Auspex) might betray signs of a Passage, but will not reveal one in progress unless the seeker makes a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty is Bastets Stealth + 5). The Gift applies only to a single Bastet and anything she carries in her hands or jaws.



Perfect Poison (Level Five) - Thewereratsspittlecanbe converted into an odorless, colorless, fast-acting and nearly undetectable poison. She may even decide to lick her blade to coat it with the foul compound. When exposed to air, the toxin can last for up to three hours. This Gift can be taught by a Snake-spirit, although its easier to learn from a Spiderqirit. Snake-spirits may try to betray, exploit or eat the Ratkin who study under them.
System: The wererat must spend one Gnosis to poison her saliva. If she can introduce the poison to the victims bloodstream or make him ingest it, the toxin instantly takes effect. A victim takes two levels of aggravated damage each turn once infected; she may soak only with Stamina, soaking a health level with each success. Although Resist Toxin works against the saliva, Mothers Touch does not. If the victim can continue to resist damage for 10 turns and live, the poison is exuded from the body (choose the orifice or sweat gland of your choice). Any shapechanger with Rage can spend Rage to resist - gaining an automatic success for each point burned - but the changer must immediately check for frenzy as a result.

Plague Bite (Level Five) -

Long before the Plague Lords returned to Earth, Ratkin elders developed one of the most virulent diseases the world has ever seen. With one joyous bite, a wererat blessed with this disease can infect a victims central nervous system. The symptoms of the disease are hideous. The victim cannot stop shaking, his mucous membranes ooze, and he drools continuously. Unless the victim is immediately taken to a hospital, he will undoubtedly perish. Even with treatment, his chances of survival are slim. As part of Rats blessing, if other wererats eat the flesh of a plague victim, they too become carriers of the disease, ready to spread it again with a successful bite attack! As one would expect, Ratkin and their Kinfolk are immune to the Plague Bite, and dont invoke it unless the punishment fits the crime.
System: Spend one Gnosis, and your high-ranking Ratkin can transmit contagion through his incisors. A successful bite spreads  the disease. Once bitten, the victim will take a health level of aggravated damage each hour. Since he will not stop shaking, all difficulties for his rolls are at a +3 penalty. The plague can be cured by the Gift: Resist Toxin and similar Gifts; otherwise, the victim takes aggravated damage each hour until he is Incapacitated. When this happens, hes allowed a final Stamina roll - difficulty 8 (the +3 modifier does not apply to this roll). Ifhe fails, he dies. If he succeeds, heremains ill for another day or so, but the plague will not be fatal. If the victim is a shape changer, supematural healig will eventually break down the disease, but in the meantime, the shakes will still be a pain in the ass.. . and everywhere else. Of course, some Garou harbor a grudge over this sort of thing. Using this sacred knowledge too frequently will remind them of how much they hate your kind, and theyll resume killing every Ratkin on sight. This leads to the use of other insidious Gifts.

Poisoned Legacy (Level Five) This most terrible Gift allows the Theurge to lay a great and malicious curse upon a victim of her choice. Such a stigma is irreversible, and will remain with the victim for all her life. The victim must be present, and the Theurge must verbally state her malediction. A spirit of hatred, or an animal spirit of a highly venomous animal, teaches this Gift.
System: The Theurge spends a point of Gnosis and a point of Willpower, then rolls Manipulation + Occult against a difficulty of the targets Willpower as she pronounces the curse. With one to five successes, the Theurge can inflict the Cursed Flaw on her target at a level equal to the successes rolled; the Storyteller chooses an appropriately poetic manifestation. With six or more successes, the Theurge can instead choose to inflict the Dark Fate Flaw.

Portents (Level Five) - Taught by a Wind-spirit, this Gift is a sneak peek at the most important events of the near future. Theres no greater secret than what is to happen, and as a result Corax will sell their own kidneys for a look at the future.
System: The player must spend two Gnosis points and roll Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 8). In addition, he can nominate an area of interest (say, the future of a local charity house or Magadons CEO) or just try for a general event. If he succeeds, the Corax can see a future event with clarity. Though the future is mutable, the Corm sees the most likely event. Any visions that follow are purely the Storytellers discretion.

Possesion (Level Five) - The Kitsune may abandon her physical form to take over that of another. It is the most famous, and most infamous power the Nine-Tails wield. Humans across Asia rightly fear it. This Gift is taught by lesser Incarna of Luna or one of Fox's brood, if at all.
System: The Fox must be in contact with the victim, the victim's hair or nail cuttings, or a personal token of extreme importance to the victim (wedding ring, favorite toy, etc.). She burns a Gnosis point to assume a completely spirit form, then a Willpower point to overcome the host, then the player rolls Manipulation + Occult (difficulty of the target's Willpower). S/ien can resist at this point (and once a day from then on) with Stamina + Occult (difficulty of the Kitsune's Willpower). Humans with the assistance of priests, sages, witch doctors, hedge mages, shen, friends keeping vigil can resist the intruder once a week with straight Stamina (difficulty of the Kitsune's Willpower). The Gift: Exorcism can be used to counter Possession. If successfully exorcised, the Kitsune returns to her physical form.

Prophetic Vision (Level Five)



Rage of the Mother Bear (Level Five)

Razor Webs (Level Five) - The Ananasi causes strong, thin razor-sharp webs to coat a target or individual. Anyone touching the target suffers damage. System: The werespider can spin enough webs with one blood point to cover a Garou in Crinos form. More blood points increase the amount of webbing. If the web covers a doorway or  inanimate object, it lasts until it receives six health levels of unsoaked damage. Anyone simply touching the web takes one unsoakable level of damage (more if the individual hits the web with any force). If the Ananasi covers a living being with the webbing, any motion by the victim causes the victims Strength in unsoakable damage. Anyone caught in the web rolls their strength to damage the web and takes as much damage as they cause in unsoakable damage to themselves. If they survive, they may continue attempting to break the web by rolling their Strength until they achieve a total of six levels of damage. All damage 1s aggravated.

Reach the Umbra (Level Five) The Garou may step into and out of the Umbra at will, without need of a reflective surface or even any effort at all. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou may step sideways instantly, at any time, with no fear of being "caught." No roll is necessary. In addition, all rolls made to enter or leave Umbral Realms receive a -2 difficulty bonus. She may not, however, spend Rage in the same turn that she steps sideways.

Restore Sanity (Level Five)

Rising Sun (Level Five) It is said that the lion carries the sun in his heart; the saying may contain more truth than poetry. Some powerful Simba can cause the land around them to blaze with sunlight, even at night. According to tribal caliah, Taa Mlimba used this magic to drive the vampires from his lands ages ago. Although its not as effective against the undead as true sunlight, this Gift is certainly potent.
System: Conjuring sunlight requires two Gnosis points and a Charisma + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 7). Once this is done, the surrounding rock and earth begin to glow. Each turn, the light grows brighter, until the rocks blaze like the sun; after six turns, it fades away. This light, blinding as it is, doesnt hurt most living things, and leaves the rocks stone cold; against vampires and other things that fear the sun, however, the Gift inflicts one additional cumulative aggravated Health Level for every turn after the first (one during the second turn, two during the third, etc.). Thus, at its height, the light causes five Health Levels of damage. While this damage may be soaked with Fortitude, most Kindred will remember such an encounter.



Riot (Level Five) This Gift summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the inhabitants of a city into violent rioting. The Gift plays on the hatred and fear of the down-and-outs of the city: the homeless, the poor and even stray animals. The Gnawer can direct the riot to a degree, but such things tend to escalate, and the Garou has no power to stop the riot from doing so. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If successful, the spirits direct their hosts against a target of the Garou's choice. The different hosts, however, will not necessarily work together they may even begin to fight each other as the mob mentality takes over. The number of successes determines the area affected.

Successes Extent
One Building
Two Block
Three Neighborhood
Four District (the South Side, etc.)
Five Entire City

River of Blood (Level Five) The soil of Africa has been bathed in the blood of its inhabitants for millions of years. A Swara can call that spilled blood together through the soil and give it form, creating a pool, a river, a mass of tentacles, or a variety of other things. This bond to blood seems to be limited to African soil; if a Swara has ever used this Gift outside his native land, no tales of the event survive.
System: It costs a Rage point to pull a large amount of blood together. A successful Manipulation + Primal-Urge roll is also required. The rolls difficulty depends on location; a place thats seen a lot of bloodshed (a watering hole, the site of a massacre, etc.) is only 7, while a remote mountain peak would be 10. It takes several turns for the blood to coalesce into solid form; once it does, the cheetah can work it into any of the following shapes: a wall, a column, a shower, a geyser, a pool, a river, a rope, a bridge, or a mass of arms which wrap the target in a liquid embrace. All forms have Strength or Health Levels based on the cats successes. For each success, the blood attains two dots of Strength or two Health Levels. Although it remains liquid, the River of Blood can be as solid as thick sand or as fluid as water. This Gift lasts for one scene, then the blood drains back into the earth. The Swara who performs the Gift will be sad for hours afterward;  the blood of immeasurable death has passed through his hands.



Scuttle (Level Five) - The mightiest of the Brightwaters can sink any vessel afloat, simply by biting a chunk from the hull. The few Rokea who do know this Gift use it sparingly, as it exhausts the user. Even so, not all of the ships sunk in the world's naval battles were sunk by enemy fire. This Gift is taught by a spirit-servant of Kun herself.
System: The player spends one permanent Rage point and rolls Strength + Brawl. The difficulty varies on the size and durability of the craft. A wooden sailboat would be difficulty 5, while a cruise liner or battleship would be difficulty 9. A single success is enough to cause the ship to begin taking on water, and the vessel will sink unless she can reach port in a few scant hours. After using this Gift, the Brightwater automatically shifts to breed form and is too weak to do anything but swim very slowly for one hour.

Seal of Inari (Level Five) - Doshi, suspicious by nature, learned early to take nothing and no one at face value. Using this Gift, a Sorcerer can secretly brand any shen or mortal he encounters as a warning to others, as a request for protection, as a death mark with sigils only Kitsune can see. The ghostly red or black symbols appear to hover just above the skin over makeup, clothing, body armor or other coverings and are distinct at any distance (even if rather small) if the bearer's head is visible. Spirits such as Chimerlings and Epiphlings may share this Gift if they feel like it; Doshi rarely teach it to each other.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 8. For each success, the Sorcerer may inscribe one character of his choice on the subj ect. Other Kitsune see the Seal without effort, and will usually act in accordance with the warning or request.

Sea's Winds (Level Five) - The Rokea surrounds herself with a blazing nimbus of light and battering winds (or violent waters, if used in the ocean). No one may approach her unbidden, and any that do risk being tossed aside or in the case of Qyrl's minions burnt by the light.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 7 ) . For the remainder of the scene, anyone wishing to approach the Rokea unbidden must accumulate 15 successes on an extended Strength + Athletics roll (difficulty 8). Anyone attempting this must also attempt to soak 3 levels of bashing damage per turn; against Qyrl-tainted intruders, this damage becomes aggravated as the light burns their flesh. If the intruder manages to reach the Rokea, they have only one action to attack or reason with the Rokea before they are swept away again.

Shadow Pack/Shadow Brethren (Level Five) The Garou summons up shadowy duplicates of himself to stand by him in battle. These shadow-wolves resemble the Shadow Lord and have some of the same capabilities. A night-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8) and spends a variable number of Gnosis points. For each point spent, the Garou summons a shadow-duplicate. These duplicates have the same Attributes and Abilities as the Garou, but they may not use Gnosis or Willpower. Each has only one health level (i.e., any attack that is not soaked destroys it). The duplicates fade at the end of the scene.



Shattering (Level Five) - The Ananasi employing this Gift unweaves the affects of a specific Gift or magical enchantment on a target. The end result depends on the exact nature of what the previous Gift was meant to do, but this could effectively destroy a fetish or reseal an opened caern.
System: The Viskr rolls Intelligence + Occult, and spends three Gnosis. The difficulty is equal to the level of the original Gift/rite/effect originally used, +4. (Countering a Level Five Gift would thus be at difficulty 9.) If successful, Jthe item or person affected by the power or enchantment is freed from its effects. Note that this is not always beneficial; this Gift also works against Gifts such as Resist Toxin.

Shed the Years (Level Five)

Shivas Might (Level Five) In one of the most impressive feats of godlike destruction this side of a nuke, a Bagheera may change into a form reminescent of Shiva the Destroyer or Kali the Dark Mother (depending on the cats gender). In a burst of holy light, the Bastet becomes a 12-foot-tall, six-armed Crinos-form werepanther wielding flaming weapons. Until the ground is littered with bodies, this engine of feline wrath hacks everything around it foe and otherwise into bloody giblets. Obviously, this is a last resort, but a very effective one.
System: The player invoking this godlike manifestation spends two Rage points and two Gnosis points, then immediately rolls for frenzy (difficulty 3). If he wins five successes or more, the Bagheera springs into Crinos form, grows three feet taller, and sprouts four more arms, each bearing a flaming weapon. This destroyer form, the Juddho, goes into a sudden killing frenzy which lasts for one turn for every point of Rage in the Bastets permanent rating. If he fails, nothing happens; a botch brings on a fox frenzy instead. The stats for Juddho form are:
Strength: +6
Dexterity: +3
Stamina: +6
Appearance: 0
Weapons: Strength +4 (aggravated)

No one is safe from Shivas Might anyone in sight will be attacked. The Bagheera is totally incapable of any form of rational communication or combat strategy. Until the Juddho form disappears, he knows only how to kill. In his mind, he wanders through the hells of the Asura, slashing and biting everything he meets. When the Gift finally fades, the panther drops to 0 Rage, assumes his breed form, and falls asleep for at least four hours.

Sleep of the Dragon (Level Five) -This Gift allows the Mokol6 to enter a state of estivation. She sleeps for a time limited by duration (for instance, three moons) or condition (when the lake fills with water). In either case, she sets the waking condition herself. The Mokol6 does not age as she sleeps, though she may dream. Usually the Mokol6 buries herself in mud as she sleeps. The sleeping Mokol6 is awakened by being moved or touched, but not by ordinary noises. A Dragon-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Mokol6 may enter the sleep as an act of will. If she sleeps for longer than the duration of one story, then she regains all her spent Gnosis.

Snake Bites Itself (Level Five)

Song of Takshaka (Level Five)



Song of the Great Beast/Great Summons  (Level Five) To use this Gift, the werewolf must travel to the deep wilderness. When she reaches her destination, she howls the Song of the Great Beast into the sky, summoning one of the Great Beasts to her aid. These beasts are the terrible and ancient creatures that walked the Earth in ages past. Examples include the Willawau (giant owl), theYeti, the Sabertooth Tiger, the great Megalodon sharks that swam the seas eons ago and the mighty Mammoth, who arrives in herds. Who knows what else a Garou might call? Rumors say that dinosaurs survive in the deep Congo.... The surviving Great Beasts possess abilities in the physical world that rival those of mighty spirits in the Umbra. Even the wisest of Garou are not certain of their natures. Once the ancient one arrives, the werewolf may make a request, although she should do so with great caution. If the Great Beast agrees to aid the werewolf, it will do so in its own way, but enemies of the lupus should beware. Few spirits know this Gift. It's said that those that do dwell in the Realm of Pangaea. Obviously, the Rokean version of the Gift calls up aquatic Beasts. Favorites include prehistoric sharks and marine dinosaurs.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8) to sing the Song of the Great Beast. More successes improve the Great Beast's disposition. Traits are left to the Storyteller's discretion, but they should be appropriately impressive.

Soothe/Summon Storm (Level Five) Mighty werecats can call upon the weather spirits to whip up or  disperse a storm. The bigger the tempest, the harder it is to call up or put down. Doing so usually requires a long rite in which the cat yowls and capers at the sky. Undoing what you have summoned requires another, harder effort. This Gift is said to be a birthright from Nala herself.
System: Beginning this process requires two Gnosis points and a Manipulation + Survival roll. Once its in action, stopping it requires another Gnosis point and a roll at 2 difficulty higher. Once a weather pattern has begun, it will run its own course. This may take hours. Storms in unlikely locations (a sudden rainstorm in the desert, for instance) require five or more additional successes. Botching during a storm-call can be unpredictable and disastrous. The Bastet is not immune to the forces she calls upon.

Souls Guilt (Level Five) This powerful but very temperamental Gift allows the weight of guilt which rests on the heart to emerge to the surface. The effect varies but usually appears as shadowing across the subjects features; the shadows deepen as the guilt grows (other effects include howls of demons, the sound of winter winds or even ominous background music). Note that, while useful, it has some severe limitations, for it registers only what troubles the individual. To a saintly old lady, a white lie may give her nightmares and deeply shade her soul, while a vigilante may sleep the sleep of the just and go undetected by this Gift. Souls Guilt is taught by one of Falcons brood, or any spirit associated with Justice.
System: The Garou must look at (or in some cases, listen to or smell) the target and concentrate for one full turn. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty of 7); number of successes indicate the clarity of the Garous impression.



Spider on the Mirror (Level Five) - The Tenere can create mindless duplicates of herself to act as drones, possessing her physical abilities. The drones act on the Ananasis command, following orders to the letter and ceasing activity when their task is done - until the next order is given.
System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8) to create one physical copy ofthe c haracterper success. In addition, she must spend one blood point per duplicate. After four turns, one duplicate disappear.., followed by the others at a rate of one per turn until only the original werespider remains.

Spirit Wall (Level Five) One of the greatest tricks a Bubasti learns is the art of calling together minor spirits from around the area and forming them into a wailing Umbral wall. Such magics do not endear a cat to the spirits in general, but by the time she achieves this Rank, a Bubasti should have enough sense to use such power wisely and enough power to protect herself when she uses it at all.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas. The difficulty can range from 6 to 10, depending on how many minor spirits are nearby. This takes two turns. To shape the assembled chaya into a wall, she spends two Gnosis points and rolls a contested roll between her Willpower and the spirits (assume a Dice Pool of three dice for every success the Bubasti scores on the earlier roll). If she succeeds, the resulting wall blocks spirits, imposes a Gauntlet of 10  and lasts for one turn per success on the Willpower roll. If she fails, the spirits remain unbound, unformed and angrier than hell.

Steal Shape (Level Five) - - This Gift is rare: only two lineages possessing it are known to have survived the Wars of Rage. It enables a Mokok to study the shape of another being for a span of time, and then to take that shape as her new breed form. In this way, the Mokol6 have survived millennia of evolution on Gaias Face. This Gift is taught by a Lungfish-spirit.
System: The MokolC must study the new shape for at least a year. At the end of that time, she may spend a point of permanent Gnosis and assume the new shape. The shape must be close enough to the old one that her soul will inhabit it. The Storyteller is free to rule on what will and will not work. Normally the MokolC will then pass this shape on to her offspring, and they will replace one of her forms with the new. Only a few Mokol6 have managed to make this work, but it is how a new vama comes to be able to incarnate shapeshifter souls, and is allegedly responsible for the rise of both the Corax and Nagah. Some loremasters say that all the Changing Breeds originated this way. However, this is unlikely.

Stop Continental Drift (Level Five) - This Gift invokes the spirits of the continents as they float across Gaias Face and through the millennia. The Crowning can act as though continental drift did not exist, traveling as the Kings did. This Gift is taught by a spirit of the land (such as Mountain or Stone).
System: The Crowning sets out on a journey and rolls Stamina + Rituals, difficulty 7. The Crowning and her clutchmates speak and sing in the Dragons Tongue as they travel. The number of successes needed depends on how far they want to go. However, the journey will be conducted as ifthecontinents werestill joined; a tripfromSouth America to Africa could be a short walk of a few days.

Storm Difficulty Successes Needed
Drizzle 6 One
Rain shower 6 Three
Thunderstorm 7 Five
Severe thunderstorm 8 10
Severe windstorm 9 15
Tornado/waterspout 9 20
Small hurricane 10 20

Strength of Will/Call to Battle (Level Five) The Ahroun with this Gift could lead his pack to the gates of Hell itself if that were what it took. A wolf-spirit or an Incarna avatar teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou's player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). Each success grants all the Garou's allies within 100 feet an extra point of Willpower. These extra points last for the rest of the scene, and they can be spent as usual. This Gift can even raise an ally's Willpower above its maximum or even above 10. This Gift may be used only once per scene.



Summon Net-Spider (Level Five) The Garou can summon a Net-Spider, a Weaver spirit that gives its summoner near-absolute control over any computer system. The Spider can disrupt, erase or destroy whatever system it is sent into (the exact effects are left to the Storyteller, but are typically destructive). An avatar of Cockroach teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Computer (difficulty 8). If successful, the Net-Spider appears and heeds the Garou's commands. This Gift allows the Garou to halve all computer-related difficulties along with the aforementioned destructive capacity of the spirit.

Summon Paradox-spirit (Level Five) - This powerful Gift not only brings a Paradox-spirit into the area, it also suggests a target for the Paradox-spirit to punish. This Gift only works against targets that are suffering from Paradox as it is, such as mages and those the Viskr has already marked via the rite: Summon Paradox.
System: The Viskr rolls Wits + Occult, difficulty 8 and spends 1 Gnosis Point. The number of successes indicates the speed with which the spirit responds. Paradox-spirits are generally not offended by the use of this Gift, unless the target is clearly no threat to the orderly progression of the universe. The punishments meted out by Paradox-spirits range from merely annoying to instantly fatal, depending upon the severity of the offense. Occasionally the Paradox-spirit may abduct its target to a pocket Umbral realm to be punished for an indeterminate space of time (or until he escapes or is rescued). What the Paradox-spirit actually does when it arrives is up to the Storyteller to decide. More on the nature of Paradox-spirits can be found in Book of the Weaver and Mage: The Ascension.

Survivor (Level Five) This Gift confers temporary immunity to many environmental factors. The Garou has no need of food, water or sleep, and she does not suffer from temperature extremes. She is also immune to natural diseases and poisons. Wyrm toxins will still affect her, but at half their normal potency.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The effects last for one day per success. By spending a second Gnosis point, the Bone Gnawer can gain three extra points of Stamina, and he suffers no wound penalties, but the Gift will expire prematurely after 10 rounds of full combat. The Garou must sleep for at least eight hours when the Gift wears off, and he awakens ravenously hungry.

Take the True Form (Level Five) - As the Level Four Philodox Gift.((None by that name as of yet))



Theft of Stars (Level Five) -  In some Native American legends, Raven was responsible for placing the sun, moon and stars into the sky. However, what Raven giveth, Raven can take away - or at least borrow with the help of the Corax. This Gift has a truly terrifying effect, rendering the target completely unable to see any light derived from a natural light source (the sun, moon or stars). Victims of this power are reduced to stumbling around in a bizarre twilight, if not absolute darkness. Helios Avatar teaches this Gift, but only to Corax whom the Sun trusts in its use.
System: A point of Willpower and a point of Rage are needed to activate Theft of Stars, as is a contested Willpower roll with the victim. If the Corax wins the roll, her victim is immediately plunged into darkness, as no natural light registers with his eyes. Artificial light (lamps, fire, etc.) registers just fine, but whos got their lights on in the middle of the day? The effects of Theft of Stars last a single hour, but thats usually more than enough.

The Living Wood (Level Five) The Garou calls upon the spirits of the forest to come to her aid. The trees around the Child of Gaia animate, and they can restrain or fight foes. A Glade Child teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Survival (difficulty 8). Each success animates one tree. The trees move with the Dexterity of the Child of Gaia, and they can have Strength ratings from 4 to 15, depending on their size. Other Traits are up to the Storyteller's discretion.

The Madness of Crowds (Level Five) As tales from the witch-craze demonstrate, some Ceilican indulge their darker appetites after sundown. The more sadistic of these games involve bystanders whipped into a frenzy by this nasty secret, then set loose. By capering around a room or clearing, the Ceilican can stir up the wild side of everyone nearby, causing an orgy or riot unless her subjects are unusually stubborn or controlled. The same Gift can tame an angry mob, although its generally easier to start trouble than to end it.
System: The fae cats player rolls Manipulation + Empathy to turn the mood of a crowd her way. By adding a Willpower point to the mix, she seizes control of their collective will. The difficulty of the task depends on the size of the mob, and on how inclined it is to follow her suggestion. A packed nightclub is more likely to be led into an orgy than a Baptist congregation (though the results of the latter might be more disturbing). All targets must be within 700 feet when the cat begins to use the Gift. Circumstances and surroundings may add or subtract from the overall difficulty; calming a disturbance raises that difficulty by 2. A person caught up in the Gift can attempt to resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). The Madness lasts for one scene, and leaves the werecats control once in motion.

Size of Group Difficulty
Small group (2-20 people) 6
Medium group (20-50 people) 7
Crowd (50-100 people) 8
Mob (100-300 people) 9
Riot (300-500 people) 10

There Is No Body (Level Five) - The balaram is capable of freeing himself from the limitations of flesh, becoming effectively incorporeal while remaining in the physical world. For the duration of the Gift, the Nagah is immune to any physical contact that he  does not desire; fire, silver, walls, nothing wve magic designed to affe immaterial is proof against him.
System: The player spends three Gnosis points and rolls Perception+Enigma's, Difficulty 7.  The Nagah may remain immaterial for two turns per success.



Thieving Talons of the Magpie/Thieving Touch of Spiders (Level Five) The Garou can steal the powers of others and use them herself. These powers can be Garou Gifts, spirit Charms, vampiric Disciplines, True Magic or any other such power. Naturally, a magpie-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player must gain three successes on a Wits + Stealth roll (difficulty of the target's Willpower). If successful, the Ragabash can use the specified power (and the victim cannot) for each successive turn she is willing to spend a Gnosis point. The werewolf's Gnosis is substituted for any Traits exclusive to the victim that might be necessary to work the power, such as a vampire's blood pool or a mage's Arete. The Ragabash must know something about his target's powers, and he must target a power in the terms by which he would understand it.

Thousand Forms/All Beasts Under the Sun (Level Five) Most trickster archetypes are shapeshifters, and the Ragabash is no different. The Garou with this Gift may change herself into any animal between the sizes of a small bird and a bison. The Garou gains all the special powers (flight, gills, poison, sensory abilities, etc.) of the animal she mimics. She may not take the form of Wyrm-beasts (not that she would wish to!), but she may take the form of mythical beasts with some extra effort. The Fury that chooses to risk taking the form of a mythical beast typically honors Pegasus by assuming her form.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Animal Ken. The difficulty varies, rising higher the farther removed from the Garou's natural form the desired animal is. For example, an ape or panther (mammals of roughly equal mass) might be difficulty 5, while an alligator (a reptile of slightly larger size) would be difficulty 7, and a frog (a much smaller amphibian) would be difficulty 9. Mimicking mythical animals is always difficulty 10.

Thousand Hands (Level Five) - Although Ananasi cannot usually use all their arms to the same effect, this Gift allows Myrmidons to multitask with great efficiency. The Myrmidon may wield multiple weapons or make multiple attacks with each one landing at full effect.
System: The Myrmidon need only spend a Gnosis point; for the remainder of the scene, he gains fifteen dice to his dice pools only for the purpose of splitting actions. Thus, if the Ananasi had an attack pool of eight dice, he could not attack with more than eight dice in his pool but he could make three attacks: two with eight dice in each attack pool and one with seven dice.



Thousand-Thunder Strike (Level Five) By slamming his paws together and invoking Rahjah or one of his manifestations (Shiva, Pan Gu, etc.), an angry tiger causes a shockwave that can level buildings or disrupt unclean spirits. The King of Cats, in his more regal guises, teaches this Gift to worthy Khan.
System: The player spends two points of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success inflicts three points of Power damage against Asura or other Banes, whichever side of the Gauntlet they might inhabit. This wave also shakes structures in a 200-foot radius. The severity of the damage depends on the Khans successes: One breaks windows, two crack plaster, three snap wood, four shatter concrete and five bend metal. The wave lasts only a moment, but can be felt for a mile or more.

Thunderbirds Cry (Level Five) As the Level Five Metis Gift: Wrath of Nala, except that the storm may last for up to an hour if the players roll exceeds five successes.

Totem Gift (Level Five) Due to the metis' strong ties with Garou society, she can plead directly with her tribal totem, gaining some of its power. The effects of this Gift depend on the nature of the tribal totem power. Rat (totem of the Bone Gnawers) might send swarms of rats to attack the Garou's enemies, and Grandfather Thunder (totem of the Shadow Lords) might smite the Garou's enemies with a blast of thunder and lightning. The potential of this Gift depends only on the favor of the totem, and it may cross over into the miraculous. Only the tribal totem teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 7). The greater the number of successes, the more dramatic the effects. One success might cause a minor distraction, whereas 10 successes is the dramatic equivalent of summoning a localized twister to destroy the metis' foes.

Touch of the Unweaver (Level Five) -The Hatar
System: The character must touch the victim, spend two points of Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the targets Gnosis).  If the target has nop gnosis difficulty is the target's Willpower -2.  Successes completely stops the healing process and gives the target a +5 difficulty (Maximum 10) to resist disease.  The Gift's effect last one day per sucess or until nullified.



Trust of Gaia (Level Five) - The Child of Gaia with this Gift can instantly earn the trust of any who hear her speak, even over electronic devices like telephones or loudspeakers. Affected listeners feel that the speaker is a good and trustworthy person, although it does not coerce them in any other way. Those affected will not willingly attack the Garou, although they can be mind-controlled to do so (and will hate doing so). Banes, Black Spiral Dancers and other creatures of powerful Wyrm-taint feel intense dislike instead of trust.
The trust evoked by this Gift doesnt supersede common sense; if the Child of Gaia drives a speeding car through a crowd of affected listeners, theyll still scatter for cover, although theyll feel certain she had a good reason to be in such a hurry. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift, and demands that the recipient swear never to abuse its power.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy; the difficulty is 6 to affect humans, 8 to affect humans corrupted by the Wyrm or other shapeshifters, or 10 to affect supernaturals corrupted by the Wyrm (such as vampires). Creatures born directly of the Wyrm such as fomori or Banes, or ritually enslaved to the Wyrm, such as Black Spiral Dancers, are immune. All listeners must make successful Willpower rolls (difficulty of the Garous Gnosis) to resist. For the duration of the scene, all affected listeners treat the Garou as if she were a trusted friend. After the Gifts effects end, those affected by the Gift do not remember being supernaturally swayed.

Turn the Moon (Level Five) This Gift essentially makes a werewolf walk a mile in someone elses shoes. For a short period of time, the New Moon can change the auspice of another werewolf to whatever she deems appropriate. Any spirit of Luna can teach this Gift.
System: The Ragabash spends a Willpower point, and the player rolls Manipulation + Primal Urge. For each success, the target must spend a day in his new auspice. The Ragabash can end the effects of the Gift earlier, if she so chooses. The target loses access to specific auspice Gifts, gains or loses enough temporary Rage points to bring him to the base minimum for the appropriate auspice, and suddenly finds his thinking influenced by the duties of the new auspice. For example, if the Ragabash changes an Ahroun into a Philodox, hell start trying to lead by example, feel an urge to settle disputes and try to bring things around him into balance (an opportunity for some fun and creative roleplaying). The New Moons of rank use this Gift to teach a lesson to those taking the duties of their auspice too much to heart, and it can be quite effective at showing them a different perspective.

Ugly Truth (Level Five) - Like the homid Garou Gift: Part the Veil. The Ratkin must bite or claw a human victim to transmit this Gift. Moreover, his experience is embellished by visions similar to those granted by the Birthing Plague - usually torturous reminders of the dangers of human overpopulation. If the wererat wants to finish off the experience by punishing the guilty human, he can make the disease extremely toxic. At the end of the scene, the victim will then be ravaged by the last lingering effects of the infection.
System: The roll to bite or claw is made normally; the player then rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty 6) and spends one Gnosis. The wererat has the optionof inflicting damage with this Gift; he does not need to declare this until the end of the scene. If the human is worthy of punishment, he takes aggravated damage; the number of health levels he loses is equal to the number of successes on the initial Charisma + Empathy roll.



Umbral Barrier (Level Five) - The Ananasi spins her web into the Great Web, strengthening the Gauntlet in the designated area and making it far more difficult for any non- Ananasi to pass into or out of the Umbra in that location. The webs generated by this Gift are intangible and invisible from the Gaia Realm, and merely look like another piece of the Great Web from the Umbra.
System: The character must spend the appropriate number of blood points for the web she wants to build; in addition, an expenditure of two Gnosis and a Wits + Occult roll (difficulty 8) is required. Each success increases the Gauntlet rating between the Gaia Realm and the Low, Middle and High Umbras by one. These barriers are often used as protection from invasion, and also as revenge against those who've slighted the werespider. This Gift's effects are permanent, although from the Penumbra the added webbing can be torn away from the Gauntlet an involved and difficult task

Umbral Target (Level Five, Umbral Danse) - The  Nuwisha using this Gift literally throws a target into the Umbra and into any location in the Umbra that she desires. A Garou suffering from a strong Wyrm-taint could be thrown into the Atrocity Realm, or into the silver waters of Erebus. A Technocracy mage could end up in a Wyld Realm, or even tossed through the gates of Malfeas. This Gift is commonly used as a severe form of punishment, or to assist someone or something in need of special help. Several Kithain have been dropped at the Arcadia Gateway to prevent them from falling completely away from their Dreaming aspects. This Gift is taught by Coyote himself.
System: If the target of this Gift is already in the Umbra, the player need only make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 5. If the target is in the Gaia Realm, the Nuwisha must first grab the target, and the player expends one Gnosis to force the opponent into the Umbra. The effects of this Gift are instantaneous.

Undying Serpent (Level Five)

Violation (Level Five) - As the Ragabash Gift.

Wall of Granite (Level Five) Philodox have a stronger relationship with the elementals of the earth than do other werewolves, for just as the earth upholds those upon it, the Philodox uphold their people's ways. While in contact with earth or rock, the Philodox can invoke a wall to protect himself. This wall will move with the Garou, defending him from all angles. Earth elementals teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point. The wall's dimensions are three yards high, two yards long and one yard thick. It has a soak pool of 10 dice, and 15 health levels must be inflicted to penetrate it at any point. The wall lasts for one scene or until released into the earth by the Garou.



War of Vengeance (Level Five) - Garou stalking through the deep wilderness use the Gift: Song of the Great Beast to call up the spirits of legendary creatures that stalked the Earth millenniaago. ArodensRatkinwith theGift: WarofVengeance can do the same thing.. . but he can also call up the shades of ancient creatures slain long ago by werewolves and magi.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Primal- Urge (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines the spirits anger. It will remain summoned for one scene, during which it can betray long-forgotten secrets or even attack if a werewolf or mage is present. Ifstats are required, take a number ofpoints equal to the wererats successes times ten, and divide it among the spirits four Traits (Rage, Gnosis, Willpower and Power); no Trait save Power can be raised above 10. The spirit does not have Charms, cannot reform, and will not go into Slumber if destroyed.

Waters Vision (Level Five) Water sees everything. By learning to see as the water does, a Qualmi can look through barriers to see what lies beyond them. Walls, vaults, the Gauntlet nothing stops a Qualmi who wants to see around them.
System: Seeing through barriers requires a Perception + Primal- Urge roll against the Gauntlet rating. For each success, the lynx can see 100 feet without obstruction. Every object, from stone walls to living bodies to the Gauntlet, appears translucent and immaterial. Unfortunately, its often hard to pick one thing out from among the series of see-through patterns; it often requires a Perception + Alertness roll to notice details. This vision stops at ground level, although the cat can see into basements or cellars if her sight extends far enough. This power lasts one turn per success.

Weakest Link (Level Five) With this Gift, a New Moon can delve into the hearts and minds of a given pack. He can sense the fears and concerns of either friends or enemies to best help or harm them. Armed with this knowledge, the Ragabash can guide his own pack in attacking foes or use his own peculiar brand of wisdom to facilitate peace and healing. Any Weaver spirit can teach this Gift.
System: After spending a Willpower point, the player rolls Perception + Enigmas. With each success above one, he can find out crucial information on two packmembers per success. For example, with two successes, he can target two packmembers; with three, he can learn about four packmembers. The Storyteller should word things in a descriptive way; she neednt give specific rank or auspice, for example, but might point out whos leading and whos following. Moreover, this Gift can clue in a Ragabash on specific fears or phobias he can best use to his advantage. At the Storytellers discretion, he might also discern the ranking



Weakest Link (Level Five) With this Gift, a New Moon can delve into the hearts and minds of a given pack. He can sense the fears and concerns of either friends or enemies to best help or harm them. Armed with this knowledge, the Ragabash can guide his own pack in attacking foes or use his own peculiar brand of wisdom to facilitate peace and healing. Any Weaver spirit can teach this Gift.
System: After spending a Willpower point, the player rolls Perception + Enigmas. With each success above one, he can find out crucial information on two packmembers per success. For example, with two successes, he can target two packmembers; with three, he can learn about four packmembers. The Storyteller should word things in a descriptive way; she neednt give specific rank or auspice, for example, but might point out whos leading and whos following. Moreover, this Gift can clue in a Ragabash on specific fears or phobias he can best use to his advantage. At the Storytellers discretion, he might also discern the ranking of pack members, who has the most Rage and Gnosis, and possibly certain Merits or Flaws. Storytellers should be generous, as this is a rare and powerful Gift.

Web of Illusion (Level Five) - This powerful Gift enables the Ananasi to create an artificial reality in a secured jtrea. The appearance, sounds, and smells are all dictated by the character's wilt everyone that enters the area sees, smells, and heap the samfethings for the duration of the illusion. The Ananasi that creates the illusion can either remain to control the confines, or pre-program the area to react in a particular way upon a particular event; there can never be more than one pre-programmed action for any illusion.
System: The character must expend two Gnosis points, the first to create the structure of the illusion, and a second to animate anything inside it. The character must then make a llpulation + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 7), with each ptess adding to the difficulty to detect the illusion. Characters attempting to see through the illusion must make a  Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 5 + the Ananasi's successes, maximum difficulty of 10). Characters automatically see the illusion as it was prepared unless they have valid reason to believe otherwise. The illusion lasts a number of days equal to the Ananasi's permanent Gnosis rating.

Whirlpool's Maw (Level Five) - The Rokea opens her mouth, and anything not firmly fixed to the ground is swept into it. She does not actually consume the materials (or beings) thus captured, but they are never seen again. It is believed that Sea takes them, and they are forever lost in the pelagic depths. A spiritservant of Sea teaches this Gift.
System: This Gift only works in Gladius or   Chasmus forms. The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage (difficulty 7). The Gift functions for one turn per success. During that time, anything that the Rokea could lift is sucked toward and into her gullet. For example, if the Rokea has a Strength rating of 6 in Gladius form, anything (or anyone) weighing up to 800 pounds that isn't securely fastened down flies toward her mouth and is swallowed. Even objects too large to fit into the Rokea's maw disappear into the gaping pit. A living being attempting to resist this suction must grab something sturdy and roll Strength (difficulty 8). This Gift functions only in the water.

Wisdom of the Sun (Level Five) -As the Stargazer Gift: Wisdom of the Seer, save that the Mokol6 must gaze directly on Lord Suns face.



Withering Stare (Level Five) This Gift lets a werecat kill with a glance, a favorite trick of Simba lords and wandering Pumonca. Using this Gift against other Bastet is considered deeply dishonorable, but it happens.
System: The werecat locks eyes with his target; the player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. The difficulty is the victims Willpower, and each success inflicts one aggravated Health Level of damage. Only a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) can soak the Stare, which twists the victim into agonized convulsions either until death or until the werecat grants release.

Words of Doom (Level Five)

Wound Undersea (Level Five) - This very dangerous Gift is used only in times of truly dire need. The Dimwaters boast that theirs is the only auspice responsible enough to hold the knowledge. With this Gift, the wereshark can open a vent in the sea floor, calling lava from it. This boils the water in the immediate area, as well as causing small earthquakes throughout the region. This Gift is taught, albeit very rarely, by an avatar of Unsea herself.
System: The Rokea slashes herself with her own claws and bleeds near the sea floor (in the process enduring at least one health level of aggravated damage). The player spends one Rage point and one Willpower point, and then rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 8). Success opens a crack in the sea floor. The lava will boil up in three turns, which is how long the Rokea has to get to a safe distance. The lava boils the water in the area, inflicting at least three health levels of damage (aggravated) each turn. Any additional effects earthquakes, whirlpools at the surface, and so forth are up to the Storyteller.

Wrath of Nala (Level Five) This Gift whips up a wild storm that devastates the werecats vicinity. This tempest springs up out of nowhere and lasts for five minutes or less, then calms and disperses. Nala herself teaches this Gift in dreams.
System: The Wrath works like the Level Five Common Gift: Soothe/Summon Storm, except that it requires only five successes (difficulty 8). This conjures a severe thunderstorm which lasts only a few minutes and remains beyond the werecats power once its in motion.

Wyld Warp (Level Five) A desperate tactic at best, this Gift summons a number of Wyld-spirits. What they do when they arrive is wholly unpredictable. They may run or fly about in a destructive frenzy, tearing the Fury's foes apart. They may grant the Fury and her packmates temporary increases in might or Rage, or they might decide to destroy all Weaver-tools in the area. They may even heal the Fury and her allies of any wounds they have suffered. The Fury has no way of knowing, but the effect is usually beneficial. A Wyldling teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and one Rage point. She then rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). Successes summons a variable number of Wyldlings, which will alter the situation as the Storyteller sees fit.



(Six Level Six)

Coyote's Howl (Level Six) -

Just as Coyote is the Creator, he is also the Destroyer. In time, he will erase all that exists, for that is his duty. Coyotes Howl allows the Nuwisha to summon a small portion of Coyotes destructive power and unleash that energy on a person or area. When used, Coyotes Howl shakes all of nature and bends it into an engine of annihilation. This power might come as a tornado or as a tidal wave. It might be an earthquake or lightning storm. Whatever the case, there is little that can stand against the power of Coyotes Howl. This Gift is one of the most powerful known to the Nuwisha, and is taught by Coyote to those he finds worthy.
System: The player rolls Intelligence + Occult, difficulty 5, and spends five Gnosis points. The resulting ener- gies released will destroy anything in their path, with rare exceptions at the Storytellers discretion. This Gift is only usable by the most powerful Nuwisha, and will not work if the enemy faced is not a true threat to all that the Nuwisha stand for.

Dance of Shiva (Level Six)

Earthquake (Level Six) An old and desperate secret known only to a handful of living cats, this pact allows a Pumonca to shake the earth Herself, wrecking roads and crumbling buildings. Although the epicenter of the quake is fairly small, the tremors can be felt for miles.
System: As the Gift: The Hungry Earth, except that an Earthquake requires two Gnosis points and two Rage points, affects one mile, and causes damage proportionate to the cats successes (one success can break windows; two would crack plaster; three crumble asphalt, four shatter concrete, and five buckle metal).

Firebringer (Level Six) This powerful Gift allows a Ragabash to pull the ultimate stunt, stealing a supernatural power and turning it into a Gift. Moreover, the Gift can be taught to others, as if the New Moon was a spirit teacher. The difficult part is that the Ragabash has to endure having the power used on her first, but after that, she makes it her own to teach, but alas, not to use herself. A powerful spirit, such as the avatar of a trickster Incarna, teaches this Gift.
System: Survival, smarts and sacrifice are key to acquiring this Gift, though no specific dice rolls are needed. First, the Ragabash must suffer through the effects of the power (such as a vampiric Discipline or a mages rote) being successfully used on her. Then, she can take her experiences, work with the appropriate spirit and turn the power into a Gift she can teach to others. The Ragabash cannot herself use the Gift, and moreover, she now has a vulnerability to its effects. The next time she encounters another supernatural using the power, the enemy is at one difficulty less to use it on the New Moon (the power more easily affects the Ragabash). Any supernatural power can be coopted in this way, including Wyrm-tainted powers. In this way, the werewolves can turn the might of the Wyrm back on itself. Because of the sacrifice involved, the New Moon usually gains considerable Renown for not only stealing the knowledge of the supernatural power, but also teaching it to others. Storytellers should feel free to be creative and innovative in bringing powers from other games (such as Vampire and Mage) into the Werewolf universe. The Storyteller determines the level of any Gift gained in this manner, as appropriate.

The Fleeing Scarab (Level Six) One of the Bubastis most obscure tribal secrets, this Gift allows a cat to remove her soul, incarnate it, and send it out of harms way while her body dies. The soul, which often takes the form of a flying scarab beetle, searches out an appropriate new host body, climbs into its mouth while it sleeps, and lays the old soul into the new host. The Bubasti who knows this forbidden secret (and less than eight such cats exist) is theoretically immortal, though such longevity is purchased in other beings lives.
System: Collecting the soul for transport requires three Gnosis points and a successful Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 8). Failure traps the soul in the body as it dies (although the Gift may be  tried up to three times if the cat has enough time to do so). Once freed, the soul wings forth, searching for a host. It has 24 hours to find one before the soul-essence scatters. Once a host is found, the beetle climbs into his mouth and tries to take the body over. This possession demands an additional Gnosis point and a roll of the Bubastis current Willpower at the time of her death. This rolls difficulty is the hosts current Willpower + 3 (maximum 10). If successful, the Bastet takes over the body, retaining her old memories and the hosts as well. If not, she can make one final try before her soul fades away forever. To retain command of the host, the cat makes weekly Willpower rolls against the hosts original Willpower. Hence, the Bubasti rarely commandeer supernatural creatures or stubborn individuals, at least for long. After a lunar month has passed in one body, the host becomes a Bubasti with five points in the Past Life Background. Although all her previous Gifts are lost in the process, her memories remain intact. Thus, she knows where to learn them again later. A botch at any point in the use of the Gift sends the soul straight into the Oblivion spoken of by the Dead, so this magic is not lightly undertaken.

Great Grandfather's Summons (Level Six)



Invoked Presence (Level Six) By using this awesome Gift, the Theurge can call upon an Incarna or Celestine directly, bringing their focus to bear on the area around him. This does not summon an Avatar; rather, the presence is a mystical permeation of the principle the invoked spirit represents. The Theurge will later need to repay the debt owed to the spirit he invoked before he can use this Gift again; this typically entails a strong geasa, an extended spirit quest or the sacrifice of a valuable fetish. Any Celestines avatar can teach this Gift.
System: The Theurge spends five points of Gnosis and the presence of a Celestine or Incarna is made manifest within a 180 yard radius globe around her for several hours. Essentially, this Gift is like a sustained, area-effect form of Totem Gift, and the effects are thus highly variable dependant upon which greater power the Garou chooses to invoke. The following three effects are constant:
Any actions that directly support the principle of the invoked spirit have a number of dice equal to the Theurges Gnosis added to their dice pool. In the case of combat, only one type of combat roll (attack, damage, dodge, initiative, etc.) will be so enhanced.
Attempting to take any action directly antithetical to the invoked spirit requires three successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), and even then, the action will be rolled at +2 difficulty.
The spirit will send members of its Brood equivalent in power to a full pack of Rank One Garou to the site to aid the Theurge and his allies immediately.

Beyond this, the effects are dependant on the power the Theurge chose to invoke; Unicorn may simply make any act of violence impossible in the area; a Harvest Incarna may cause all the plants in the area to grow to rich and healthy maturity in minutes, while invoking the Weaver might make the Gauntlet utterly impenetrable.

One on One (Level Six) The World of Darkness is a complex place, filled with intrigue, misdirection and all manner of supernatural evasion. Ahroun, however, are simpler beings, and this Gift allows them to extend their direct methods where they might not otherwise reach. The Garou says a brief prayer to Luna and the other innumerable spirits of blood, terror and vengeance in the Garou pantheon. She is then transported instantly to a single foe of her choice, whom she may engage in one-to-one combat to the death under Lunas own aegis. The foe cannot flee (though tactical withdrawal with the specific intent of continuing the fight this scene is acceptable), nor can she receive aid from outsiders. The invoker is bound by same restrictions, of course. Luna herself teaches this Gift, and not through an avatar the petitioner must journey to Lunas court in the Aetherial Realm and convince the capricious goddess that her reasons for needing this power are just.
System: This Gift cuts through all supernatural forms of warding, concealment, contingency spells and similar precautions without any roll. For the remainder of the scene, both affected parties can receive no aid from other sources, and can only use powers that are directly physical in nature. A vampires unearthly strength and speed or a faeries ability to strike at enemies with the spirit of holly would remain potent, but a member of either race would be stripped of his supernatural mind-clouding and unearthly presence. Likewise, a Namebreaker might throw lightning or increase his own strength, but not teleport away or turn incorporeal to avoid the Garous strikes utterly.
This Gift involves the direct interference of the Celestine Luna in mortal affairs, and the Storyteller should remember that a thinking being is determining the Gifts exact effects, not a defined supernatural spell. The Storyteller should make judgment calls on the Gifts effects keeping it within its intended spirit of providing a fair, open and physical fight. A Garou asking to be transported to a vampire in torpor, for example, might find the Leech awake and ready to fight.
The Garou must expend a point of permanent Gnosis to activate this Gift. Once the fight is done, normal rules of reality reassert themselves which might be bad if the Garou has been sent to Malfeas or some other hellish domain.



Release from Bondage (Level Six) There are many ways to mystically bend the will of another. This Gift shatters all such bonds, from the blood domination of a vampire to a mages mind control or a Half Moons geas. Those who know this Gift may use it on any being, including themselves. This Gift is only granted by an Incarna or equally powerful spirit, usually as a reward for some great service.
System: The Garou is automatically immune to any supernatural coercion save from any being more powerful than an Incarna. The Gifted one may break anothers mystic compulsion by touching her, spending a Gnosis point and rolling Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty 11 - the targets Willpower).

Royal Privilege (Level Six) This deeply despised trickery allows an ancient and powerful lion to steal another werecats Gifts, even those which traditionally belong only to that tribe or breed. Black Tooth has gathered a lot of his power through this deadly secret. Those whove met him claim he invokes his privilege by killing other Bastet, then taking their secrets from their spirits as they die. While there may be other Bastet who know the Gift, they dont have many friends.
System: This Gift comes from the Unmaker, and may be restricted to one or two corrupt old lions in the Storytellers domain. Using it is simple, yet difficult: To learn a new Gift, the werecat who knows it must be killed. As the victim dies, the Simba invokes this terrible power, ripping the secrets from the dying flesh. This requires two Gnosis and a Manipulation + Occult roll. The difficulty is the dying cats Rank +5. For each success, the lion may learn one Gift he didnt know before, providing the slain Bastet  knew it instead. To keep these Gifts, the Simba must pay experience points for them; a stolen Gift that remains free can be used once, then forgotten. Only Simba know this trick some Bubasti have tried to acquire it, but have died in the process.

Storyteller (Level Six) Rather than simply telling and retelling the stories of old, or even waiting until the events of the day become the new stories, the Galliard can change the events of the ongoing drama unfolding around her. She may add new characters, alter chains of events, and even change the motivations of the major participants. However, as this Gift can literally have world-altering ramifications, the handful of Garou in history that have known it have been loath to actually use it. Rumor has it that the defeat of the Storm-Eater was due partially to use of this Gift but likewise, rumor also states that the horrific events in Russia during the past century stem from a Child of Gaia Galliard who thought that she knew the way the story would end. No one knows what sort of spirit teaches this Gift; presumably an avatar of Gaia, but since so few Garou even know of the Gifts existence, no one can say for certain.
System: The player spends one permanent Gnosis point and explains, in as much detail as possible, the change she wants to make to the story. The Storyteller, of course, has final say, and once the dramatic alteration is done, the Garou has no further control. Events that she concocts can and do spiral out of control, so utmost care must be taken with the Storyteller Gift.


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