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GIFTS (In English)

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General Gifts:


Banish Sickness


Command Attention


Lick Wounds

Open Seal

Pathfinders Pride

Razor Claws

Sense the Truth

Sense Unmakers Hand

Silent Stalking

Spirits Sight


Call Spirits

Cat Sight

Eerie Eyes

First Slash

Night Terror

Nights Passage

Sense of the Prey

Sense Silver


Summon Water


Touch the Mind


Call the Pride


Cat Fear

Cheshire Prank

Command the Prey


Freyjas Blessing

Gift of Rage

Ignore Pain

Impalas Flight


Righteous Gaze





Spirit Claws


Walking Between Worlds

Wolfs Terror

Jump to the Moon

Perfect Passage

Soothe/Summon Storm

Withering Stare


Cat Claws

Sweet Hunters Smile

Jam Technology

Eavesdroppers Ear

Craft of the Maker

Babels Cure

Whats the Password?

Monkeys Uncle

Black Friday

Deny the Hungry


Create Element

Sense Primal Nature

Blinding Moonbeam Gaze

Whisker Sight


Fist of Cahlash

Moons Gateway

Redeem the Waste

Moon Sense

Wrath of Nala

Kittens Cry

Mark as Mine

Heightened Senses

Killers Leap

Perfect Cover


Whisker Sight

Beast Life

Ghosts at Play

Hand of Will

Judgment of Pestilence

Revolt of the Land

Humbabas Escape


Lawgivers Legacy

Ojas Surge

Cobras Dance

Eye of the Cobra

Travelers Tongues

The Paradox of Time

Potters Clay

Part the Curtain

Shivas Might

Hunters Mists

Storm of Pests

Ancestral Wings

Perfect Cover

Smoking Mirror


Touch of the Tree-Frog

Wandering Forest

Vision Cloud

Jungles Vengeance

Feed the Gods   

Heal the Wounded Land

Alms to the Poor

Scholars Friend

Dream Speak


Spirit Ward

Banish Cahlashs Brood

The Many Tongues of Ptah

The Scarabs Flight


Deny the Hungry

Shadow Brethren

Spirit Wall

The Fleeing Scarab

Mothers Blessing/Curse

Satyrs Wisdom

Banish Burning

Sorcerers Blade

Data Flow


Monkeys Uncle

Small Cousin

Chariot of Lions

The Madness of Crowds

Razor Claws

Rhinos Favor

Skin of Jade

Heart of Fury

Ricepaper Walk

Snarl of the Preditor

Makers Charm

Paws of the Raging Spirit Tiger

Asuras Bane


Call to Battle

Thousand-Thunder Strike

Mockingbirds Mirror

Wanderers Boon


Speak with wind Spirits

Spirit of the Fish


Bayou Shambler


Call Elemental

Element-Folk Favor

The Hungry Earth


Thunderbirds Cry


Breakfast of Stones

Turned Fur

No Hidden Thing

Wind from the West

Drop of Sea

Nighttime Web

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways

Chill of early Frost

Dancing on Air

Still Breeze Blowing

Call Down the Stars

Waters Vision



Armor of Kings

Rallying Challenge


Shadow the Moons Light

The Bountiful Dominion

King of Beasts

Command the Multitude


Rising Sun

Royal Privilege

Diamond Claws

Impalas Flight

Sense the Unnatural

Walking Between Worlds

Weight of a Heart

Clearwater Passage

Dance of the Chaya

Ghost Caress

Judgment of Pestilence

Speed Beyond Thought

All Beasts Under the Sun

River of Blood






Many Eyes
Resist Pain

Resist Toxin

Stolen Moments
Web Haven

Web of Smoke


Hand Fangs
Morphean Bite

Replenishment of the Flesh
Safety Line

Silencing Webs


Tarantula's Kiss


Bug Lord

Catch the Wind


Blood Pump

Part Webs
Slick Webs

Spider's Grace


Tick Body

Trap Door

Venom Bite

Entropic Bite
Hydraulic Strength

Iron Web

Web Blanket


Umbral Barrier


Patience of Ananasa

Beneath Notice

Breath of Ananasa

MotheGifts.htm#Eye of the Cobrars Look

Reshape Object

Understanding the Tapestry

Web Sheet

Spider on the Mirror

Thieving Touch of Spiders

Blood of Pain

Wyrmling Kinship

Blood of Illusion

Call of the Wyrm


Pulse of the Invisible
Touch of Blood

Ill Wind

Still Blood

Burning Blood

Touch of the Unweaver


Mothers Touch


Insight of the Mother

Alter Lilian

Sense Motion


Nature of the Beast


Mass Confusion

Illusion of Size

Open Seal

Might of Ananasa

True Fear

Scorpion Tail

Weak Arm

Blood Hunt

Drying Bite

Image of the Great Mother

Thousand Hands

Curse of the Great Web
Scent of Sweet Honey



Minor Unweaving


Lesser Unweaving


Brethren call
Greater Unweaving

Summon Paradox-spirit

Web of Illusion

Alter Mood


Blinding Spit

Visceral Agony

Aura of Ananasa

Tick Body

Web Snare

Blades of the Mantis

Wither Limb

Razor Webs

Summon Net Spider

Enemy Ways


Open Seal

Ravens Gleaning

Scent of the True Form

Truth of Gaia

Voice of the Mimic

Word Beyond

Carrion's Call

Omens and Signs

Razor Feathers

Skys Beneficence

Sky's Shadow

Swallow's Return

Taking the Forgotten


Dark Truths

Dead Talk

Eyes of the Eagle

Flight of the Swift

Hummingbird Dart

Larder of the Shrike

Mynahs Touch

Sun's Guard

Airt Sense

Helios' Child

Gauntlet Runner

Vulture's Feast

Gift of Eyes

Moments of Eclipse


Theft of Stars

Thieving Talons of the Magpie



Fiddle Fish

Healing Tongue

Ignore Wounds

Nature's Plenty

Sense Pattern Breaker

Sentinel's Warning

Ursa's Cleansing


Survival of the Bear


Dreams of the Buri-Jaan

Ease the Fevered Mind

Survival of the Bear

Masking the Hunted
Gaias Breath
Great Grandfather's Summons


Ursas Light

Climate Control

Dolorus Countance

Shape Matter

Sense Need

Spirit Shield

Ursa's Coat

Charismatic Presence

Fearless Unveiling

Heightened Senses

Voice of Woe


Weather Watch

Pull of the Chosen Land

Shelter of the Earth


Sweet Swarm of Vengeance

Bear's Bounty

Call of the Cave Bear

Open Seal

Walk Like a Man


Sense of the Prey

Safe Passage

Trackless Waste

Favor of Ursa Minor



Natural State

Slash of the Death Bear


Mangis Strong Arms



Silver Claws

Delay the Death Bear's Coming

Strength of the Earth
Engulf the Prey

Rage of the Mother Bear

Beast Speech


Eyes of the Soul

Song of Terra

Mind Sight

Mind to Mind

Probe Thoughts

Shadows by the Fire Light

Aversion Therapy

Prophetic Vision


Spirit Speech


Sense the Unnatural


Name the Spirit

Spirit Healing

Spirit Shape

Image of the Sky Bear

Restore Sanity


Truth of Gaia

Compel Truth

Presence of the Great Bear


Ways of the Tapestry

Bestow Ursa's Blessing

Quell Mob Rage

Oath of the Great Bear

Words of Doom

Chi Sense

Ishin Denshin

Scent of Runing Water

Moon Dance

Sence Magic

Spirit Speach

Ghost Speach

Puppeteers Secret




Smell of Man

Jam Technology

Silver Tongue



Reshape Object



Spirit Ward


Call to Allies


Cricket Leap

Heightened Senses

Scent of Sight

Sense Imbalance

Ten Chi



Name the Spirit

Carrion Clothes

Forest Lord

Song of the Great Beast

Flow of Aura

Scent of the True Form

Sense Wyrm

Call to Duty

Imperial Authority

Past Whispers

Distant Whispers

Eyes of the Cat

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways

Roll Over

Scent of Beyond

Imperial Obligation


Blessing the Blade

Breath of Yu-Chiang

Sense Magic

Sense Wyrm

Spirit Speach

Blood Omen

Command Spirit

Ghost Speech

Name the Spirit

Sight from Beyond


Pulse of the Invisible

Spirit Ward

Swarm of Servants

By the Light of the Moon

Fooling the Tiger

Grasp the Beyond

Spirit Drain

Feral Lobotomy

Malleable Spirit

Seal of Inari

Falling Touch

Razor Claws

Resist Pain

Sense Hostility


Enduring Warrior

Sense of the Prey

Spirit of the Fray

Call of the Dead

Song of Fear

Weak Arm

Elemental Meld

Sorcerous Bite

Dragon Ally

Fire Immunity

Blur of the Milky Eye

Clear the Mind

Mothers Touch

Open Seal



Silver Tongue

Taking the Forgotten

Distant Whispers

Ebisu's Fingers

Shadow Fan Flowers


Whelp Body



Beast Speach



Truth of Gaia

Centipedes Beckoning






Uzume Sings

Kuei Dance

Shadows by the Firelight


Fabric of the Mind

, :
Snake's Skin

Song of Kokopelli

Spirit Speech

Swollen Tongue

Xochipilli's Touch


Dance of Dionysis

New Face

Odious Aroma

Sheeps Clothing

Twisting Tongues

Umbral Map

Dance of Abandon

Gift of Laughter

Gift of Rage

Happy Thoughts


Scent of Vengeance

Shadow Walk

Bridge Walker

Disappearing Act


Locked Door

Umbral Target


Coyote's Mask

Coyote's Howl



Cloak of Shadows


Resist Toxin

Shadow Throw

Smell Poison

Stash Cache

Crawling Chaos

Deep Pockets







Mind of the Tunnels

Perfect Poison

Plague Bite



Eau de Rat



Sticky Fingers

Of Rat and Man

Reshape Object


Body Wrack

Ugly Truth

Cloak of Shadows

Rat Mother's Touch

Sense Wyrm

Spirit of the Spiny Rat


Rat Thing

Sliver Tooth

Ratkin Lullaby

Whelp Body

War of Vengeance

Absolute Balance

Leap of the Kangaroo Rat


Devour the Dead



Sliver Tooth

Command Metis

Mind of the Swarm

Furtive Gathering

Death Mark

Sticky Paws

Truth of Gaia


Mother's Truth



Paralyzing Stare

Open Wounds

Wither Limb



Spirit Speech

Tale Spinning

Name the Spirit

Rapier Wit


Taste of Madness

Whispered Dreams

Hunter in Crowds

Raiding the Umbral Hoard

Resist Toxin

Cloak of Darkest Night

Secrets of the Tunnels

Keening of Swarm Panic
Snake Bites Itself

Plague Lord:
Poison Food


Virulent Curse of Hatred

Blur of the Weeping Eyes

Dredge the Spirit World



Inflict Pain
Epidemic Contagion

Ratkin Engineer:
Control Simple Machine

Open Seal




Control Complex Machine

Summon Electricity

Death Ray

Shadow Seer:
Rat Mother's Touch

Sense Weaver

Sense Wyrm

Name the Spirit

Protect the Swarm

Summon Engling

Touch the Spirits

Command Spirit


Discarded Dreams

Feast of the Dead

Pulse of the Invisible


Tunnel Runner:
Danger Sense

Scent of the True Form

Silent Running



Urban Camouflage



Second Sight

Speak in Tongues

Tunnel Echoes

Cheese It!


Sense Angst

Sense Weaver





Keening of Swarm Panic
All Hell

Warrier/ Blade Runner:
Resist Pain

Slicing Teeth

Sticky Paws

Curse of Hatred

Rat's Teeth

Spirit of the Fray



Persecution Complex

Pack Attack



(157 . . )
Absolute Balance (Level One) -Rats have an amazing sense of balance: they can walk along clotheslines, the moorings ofships, and narrow rooftops with amazing agility. A rodens using Absolute Balance can maintain her footing on any solid surface, including ice, the slick bottom of a riverbank, a greased surface, or a snowdrift. The best part: the rat doesnt leave tracks.
System: Roll Dexterity +Athletics, difficulty 6; extremely treacherous surfaces may raise the difficulty to 7 or 8. If climbing proves necessary, the rate still depends on the Dexterity + Athletics roll, but the Ratkin cannot fall for the duration of the scene. If the feat is something an ordinary rat can normally perform, no roll is necessary; this applies even if the Ratkin is in Homid or Crinos form. The Storyteller, of course, can still proclaim some feats of balance impossible.

Airt Perception (Level One) Using this Gift, a Theurge can roughly identify a spirit by its airt the trail left in the wake of a spirits passing. This works essentially like tracking in the corporeal world, and is no more informative a hunter can tell deer tracks from bison tracks, but cant learn anything meaningful about an unknown creature. Also, powerful and subtle spirits are often able to disguise their airts. Any ancestor-spirit renowned as a great hunter can teach this Gift.
System: Treat this exactly as a Garou identifying and tracking animals (by scent or by looking for tracks, at the Theurges discretion), but apply it to spirits instead. Note that Garou may not be able to go everywhere spirits do to follow the trail remember, spirits can fly.

Alms to the Poor (Level One) Beggars are an all-toocommon feature of the Bubasti homelands. As a kindness (and perhaps as a bribe to the gods), the shadowcats developed this secret, which allows one to conjure up a small bit of food or money to give to a beggar. Naturally, the cat can use the alms for himself, but they taste slightly bitter and leave the palm greasy if used for selfish means.
System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls his Gnosis against difficulty 6. Each success creates a handful of food or cheap copper coins (no bills, silver or gold). Most Bubasti disguise this miracle by reaching into a sack or box before sharing this wealth.   

Alter Mood (Level One) -The Wyrsta may slightly alter the mood of a sinyle individual, making that person elated rather than just liappy or despairing instead of sad.
System: The werespider spends one Gnosis point to affect a target inher area ofvision.The target may resist with a Willpower roll, difficulty 7. The Gift lasts for one scene.

Aura of Confidence (Level One) The Garou projects a demeanor of control and superiority, preventing attempts to find flaws or read auras. This Gift does not prevent supernatural attempts to read the Garou's thoughts, although it may make doing so difficult (Storyteller's discretion). An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift; the effects lasts for one scene.

Balance  (Level One)- as 1st Level Stargazer Gift

Banish Sickness (Level One) Cats have long been renowned for their healing prowess. With a purr and a lick, a skillful Bastet can cure minor diseases and chase venoms away. Although a Bastet never takes ill herself, this Gift is helpful when a loved one is unwell.
System: Curing a simple illness like the flu requires a Manipulation + Medicine roll (difficulty 6). Severe diseases and venoms demand a Gnosis point and a roll against difficulty 7. Chronic illnesses or really lethal poisons demand two Gnosis points and a difficulty of 8 or higher. Vicious diseases that eat a victim alive, like AIDS, cancer, leprosy, etc. may demand three Gnosis, or even remain incurable by magical means.

Beast Speech/Sea's Voice (Level One) The werewolf with this Gift may communicate with any animals from fish to mammals. This Gift does not change their basic reactions; most animals are still afraid of predators such as werewolves. Any spirit of nature can teach this Gift.
  System: The player simply rolls Charisma + Animal Ken, although each separate encounter or type of animal requires a separate roll.

Befriend (Level One) - The Gurahl may alter the emotions of an individual in a more positive way.
System: The Gurahl takes a non-threatening stance as the player spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Empathy, opposed by the targets Willpower. Success reduces the hostile targets feeling tciward the Gurahl to neutral, while additional success move the individuals emotions in more positive directions. Zero successes indicate failure, while a botch adds to the target s hostility.



Bellow (Level One) - The MokolC can shake the swamps with his powerful voice, terrifying all who hear him. A Crocodile-spirit or Alligator-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage  or Willpower. Difficulty is the targets Willpower: if the roll is successful, then the listeners react as per the Delirium Reaction Chart, using the targets Willpower minus the number of successes after the first as a guide.

Bind (Level One) - The Ananasi with this Gift is able to attach two objects together by means of a small invisible bond. The bond between the objects cannot easily be broken.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point and make a Gnosis roll (difficulty 6). Anyone trying to separate the objects must equal or beat the Ananasi's successes on a Strength roll (difficulty 7). The two obj ects that the character wishes to bind must be in contact with each other, and the Ananasi must physically touch them both for the Gift to work.

Blessing the Blade (Level One) -The ~orcerercalls on a local spirit to inhabit a blade for a finite time to enhance it with supernatural power. The Nine-tails can use it instantly (such as in immediate combat) or prepare such a blade ahead of time. Outside of combat, the Gift will only function if the Kitsune activates it with a specific enemy in mind. Special wrappings restrain the spirit until the bearer speaks the enemys name. Only one weapon of this sort may be carried at a time. The Gift is taught by a fire-spirit.
System: The players spends one Gnosis and rolls Wits + Rituals, difficulty 7. The weapon does aggravated damage for one scene only.

Blood of Pain (Level One) - The Hatar turns her blood into a debilitating poison
System: The player rolls Gnosis. Each success causes the targeted object to lose one soak die. This Gift does not affect living creatures, #only inanimate objects.

Blood of the Deeps (Level One) -Darkwater Rokea are known for braving the crushing pressures and frigid waters of the deep ocean in the search for mystic knowledge. Thus, many of them learn this Gift early on. This Gift is taught by any deep-sea fish spirit.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 6). The Rokea takes no damage from pressure or cold for 3 hours per success. Note that this includes travel time, i.e., the Rokea must reach a safe depth before the Gift wears off to avoid taking damage. This Gift protects the Rokea from environmental harm only; direct attacks using pressure (like bear hugs) or cold (like the Wendigo Gift: Chill of the Early Frost) still have their normal effect.

Blur of the Milky Eye/Blur of the Weeping Eyes (Level One) The Garou's form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing him to pass unnoticed among others. Once the Garou has been seen, however, this Gift is negated until the viewer has again been distracted. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 8). Although he doesn't become truly invisible, each success increases the difficulties of all Perception rolls made to detect him by one.

Bones as Coils (Level One)

Breach (Level One) - Some breeds of shark are better at leaping from the water than others, but this Gift helps. The Rokea propels herself towards the surface and leaps a fantastic distance out. Weresharks use this Gift to see for miles across the sea, and sometimes to board ships. A shark- or marlin-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: As the lupus Gift: Hare's Leap. This Gift  does work on land, but Sea-bom Rokea don't always think to try it, as it feels strange to leap in a bipedal form.

Breath of the Wyld (Level One) As the Furies see it, the problem with most humans (and some Garou) is that they have forgotten that the energy of Creation is nourishing, refreshing and ever present. With this Gift, the Black Fury may instill a feeling of vitality and life in a living being. A spirit servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.
  System: The Fury must touch her target's skin, and this Gift must be used outdoors in a natural setting (a city park is natural enough for the Gift to function). The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6 for humans, 5 for Garou). Success grants a rush of energy and clarity of thought. In game terms, this Gift grants one extra die on all Mental rolls for the next scene. It also adds one to the difficulty of any Rage rolls the target makes in that time.

Brief Sensation (Level One)

Call the Breeze (Level One) The Garou calls up a strong (20 mph), cold breeze and directs it at whim. This breeze chills anyone not prepared for it, and it disperses (or redirects) clouds of vapor (including tear gas or airborne toxins) or swarms of insects. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The Garou simply whistles to call the breeze. Anyone caught in it loses one die from Perception rolls as long as the breeze lasts.

Call the Rain (Level One) A power that has been responsible for more than one crocodile cult, this Gift allows the MokolC to summon rain from a clear sky. It is taught by Rainbird or Rain-spirits.
System: The player rolls Expression + Rituals, difficulty 6. One success brings a spatter. Three bring a steady drizzle. Five or more bring rain. If rain is already falling when the Mokok uses this Gift, it becomes a downpour. If a heavy rain is already falling, the result is a catastrophic flood.

Call of the Wyld (Level One) This Gift augments the Galliard's natural task of communication through howls. The Galliard can howl a cry that stirs and invigorates other werewolves, even those far beyond the normal range of hearing. This Gift is most commonly used at the beginning of revels or other events to charge up the sept, or to call for aid in times of peril. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Stamina + Empathy; the number of successes determines how far away the Call can be heard and how stirring it is to those who hear it. This Gift can be used in concert with any of the standard Garou howls. The Storyteller determines the actual effects, but they should be linked to the type of howl made and the intent of the Garou. Some examples are: every two successes gives those at a revel an extra die to their dice pools; Wyrm agents are distracted by the call and their difficulties rise temporarily; all Garou in the area do not hesitate to respond to the Garou's Call for Succor.



Camouflage (Level One) The Wendigo blends in with the surrounding wilderness, which makes him very difficult to see. A deer-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The difficulties to spot the Garou increase by three, provided that he is in the woods. The werewolf invokes the effects at whim.

Cat Claws (Level One) By calling on her heritage, a Bastet in Homid or Sokto form can unsheathe her claws and attack as if she was in beast-form.
System: A simple Stamina + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 7) brings out a cats claws. They remain out as long as she cares to keep them, but look damned peculiar and hurt to use (+1 to all combat or Dexterity difficulties). Once resheathed, they must be called forth again.

Chi Sense (Level One) - The Kitsune may sense Yin and Yang, feeling the flow of Chi. They may make use of the Gift to practice feng shui. The Gift is taught by any spirit of the Middle Kingdom. 
System: The player rolls Perception + Occult, with the difficulty and information received dependent on the local Willdistribution of Chi. Discerning the Yin of a graveyard might be a difficulty 3 task, while noticing the surreptitious sabo- tage of a labs Chi flow could take a roll of 8 or 9.

Chill (Level One) - The Darkwater may summon up a brief moment of the numbing depths and saturate his immediate area with it. This has the effect of not only chilling the water (or air) around him but also of unnerving anyone in the area. A servant of Sea teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 6). The temperature in her immediate area drops significantly (as though under heavy air-conditioning on land, or just past the sunlit zone in water) for one turn per success. Also, if the player scores more successes than a character's Willpower rating, that character suffers a +1 to all non-physical difficulties for the next scene as the mystical chill distracts him.

Cloak of Shadows (Level One) - The Ratkin can hide himself and anyone he's touching in shadows. A nightspirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Stealth; if there's a witness, the difficulty equals its Perception + Awareness dice pool. (If there are multiple witnesses, use the highest value.) The area cloaked depends on the number of successes. Successes Cloaks the Ratkin...

One - and no one else
Two - and one other human-sized person or object
Three - and three other human-sized people, or an object as big as a car
Four - and eight or more human-sized creatures, or an object as big as a van or SUV
Five - and 12 or more human-sized creatures, or an object as big as a tractor-trailer truck

Cold Blood (Level One)

Command Attention (Level One) A werecat can call on his feline presence to draw attention the instant he steps into a room. Everyone in a given space (a room, a clearing, whatever) will immediately stop what theyre doing to notice the Bastets entrance. Their reaction from that point on will depend on what the character does, and upon their feelings about him; an attractive Homid will get a different reaction than an angry Crinos-panther would.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 7) to get everyones attention for one turn. This Gift also reduces the difficulty of his next Social roll by 1 for every success he rolls for the Gift. This bonus only applies once, upon entering the space.

Control Simple Machine (Level One) The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbelt, pulleys to roll and so on. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou's control lasts until the end of the scene.

Create Element (Level One) The metis has the power to create a small amount of one of the four basic elements fire, air, earth or water. In this way, she can replenish the air supply in an airtight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or wood, or even fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. The metis cannot create specialized forms of any element. Precious metals (especially silver), lethal gases and acid are beyond his reach. This Gift creates only natural air, earth, fire and water. Elementals teach this Gift. Most Bastet favor the five Oriental elements (fire, wood, metal, earth and water), but those born in the Western Hemisphere often know them as earth, air, fire and water. An Eastern Bastet may create raw ore and wood, but cannot conjure air. Neither version can create precious metals, refined ores, gasses or poison.
  System: The werewolf s player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis. Each success allows the character to create approximately one cubic foot of the desired element, to a maximum weight of 100 lbss, anywhere he can see within 60 feet. The element remains in existence until used up (breathed in the case of air or burned up in the case of fire without any fuel to keep it going). The flames created with this Gift are genuinely hot, but they are no substitute for a flame-thrower. They inflict one health level of damage per success, to a maximum of three health levels of damage.

Cooking (Level One) The Garou must have small pot (a coffee can will do) and a ladle or spoon to use this Gift. He places whatever he can find into the pot trash, beer cans, old newspapers, etc. adds water (spit counts) and stirs. The result is a pasty, bland-tasting mush that is nevertheless edible and filling.
  System: The player rolls Wits + Survival. The difficulty depends on the items "cooked." Inedible but harmless material is difficulty 6, while actively toxic substances are difficulty 10.

Curse of the Great Web (Level One) - The Viskr using this Gift can make the way into and out of the Umbra more difficult for one target, by adding invisible spirit-fibers that catch onto the Gauntlet and make passage more difficult.
System: The Viskr touches his target and rolls Wits + Occult, difficulty 6. Success increases the effective Gauntlet for that target by one for the duration of the scene



Danger Sense (Level One) - When a ship is sinking, the rats leave first. Tunnel Runners act as scouts for their race, so when danger is near, they may receive a flash of warning about a possible danger.
System: The Storyteller may roll for the characters Wits + Alertness when danger is near; this is normally difficulty 6, but subtle or supernatural danger may raise this to 7 or 8. The warning doesnt have to be specific; it may just be an image affecting one sense. The player can then declare  one quick-thinking or panicky reaction for the character before the threat of danger becomes real.

Darksight (Level One) -For the Mokole using this talent, the ambient light of the Penumbra illuminates the physical world, even when darkness surrounds her. A moonspirit of some sort teaches the Gift. For the Ratkin who has this gift: All Ratkin have a limited degree of night vision; this Gift magnifies and extends this ability. The Gift is taught by a night-spirit.
System: The player spends one Willpower; the effects last for one scene. In complete darkness, the user can see only the outlines of his surroundings. In any other lighting conditions, she sees as though the sun was shining. RATKIN: The player rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 7); each success adds one die to all Perception rolls for the rest of the scene (maximum of three extra dice). With five successes, the Ratkin might even see sound or sense heat signatures. If the roll succeeds at all, the wererat's "night vision" (as described under Traits) still costs 1 Gnosis, lasts for eight hours.

Death Mark (Level One) - This Gift is not invoked lightly. The Skulker invests a touch of Gnosis in a small piece of black cloth; when this is brushed across the forehead of i criminal, the victim is marked with an invisible spiritual sigil Any Knife-Skulker can see this with some effort; various spiric sight disciplines can also detect it. Depending on the severiq of the crime, the Skulker may give the criminal a head start offering him a chance to atone for his crime before the othei Knife-Skulkers catch up with him. If he doesnt, the Death Mark makes the guilty bastard easier to track down..  and cripple or kill, if necessary.
System: The Skulker spends one Gnosis and rolls Intelligence + Enigmas to create the death mark and store it in black cloth. A Skulker can only maintain one Death Mark at a time. If he prefers, he can hand off the ensorcelled shroud to an emissary (usually a Tunnel Runner) who will carry it to the criminal. Anyone can brush the clothover the victims forehead, who is usually restrained. Once this is done, the Skulker can tell the direction and distance of the guilty party (rather like the Rite of the Questing Stone). The victim may attempt to remove the mark with another Gift, Discipline, Arcanos, or the like. However, his number of successes must exceed the Skulkers initial roll, and such cures never last for more than a day.

Death Rattle (Level One)

Diagnose (Level One) -The Gurahl can determine a persons general health by studying that individual carefully.
System: The Gurahl focuses on her target. Her player rolls Perception + Medicine (difficulty 7). One success reveals the targets general health. Each additional success gives more specific information. Zero successes fail to determine anything, while a botch produces a false (and possibly dangerous) diagnosis.

Diagnostics (Level One) At a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. He can then enlist the aid of the machine's spirit in repairing the faulty device. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Perception + Crafts to determine the problem. She then spends one Gnosis point as the Garou mentally convinces the spirit of the device to aid her in fixing it. (Most such spirits are happy to do so they don't want to be junk!) The time to fix the device is halved, and the player may subtract any successes on the Perception + Crafts roll from the successes necessary to fix the device (see Repair).

Dowsing (Level One) By pawing or sniffing at the ground, the Bastet tries to locate nearby water sources (underground streams, pipes, etc.). With luck, shell be able to tell whether or not that water is safe to drink.
System: A roll of Perception + Primal-Urge will determine the waters location, if any exists within 100 feet of the Bastet. The difficulty depends upon the waters distance and quantity; a muddy puddle beneath debris would be 9, while a pure rushing stream on the other side of a wall would be 5.

Eau de Rat (Level One) -  (Level One) - The intoxicating scent of rat is not fully appreciated by allmammals. In fact, most humans find it down right foul, as do the Jagglings and Gafflings of the Weaver.
System: Spend one Rage point and roll Charisma + Primal-Urge, difficulty 7. Humans and Weaver-spirits who are downwind from Eau de Rat lose one die from their dice pools when within 20 feet; lesser Weaver Gafflings are likely to flee. The effects last for a scene.

Empathy of Hatred (Level One) Using this Gift, an Ahroun can tell at a glance how strongly a given individual is ruled by anger both at the moment and over the course of their life. An Epiphling of Rage teaches this Gift.
System: No roll is needed; the effect is automatic. By spending an action focusing on a person, the Ahroun can learn the permanent and temporary Rage that said person possesses. This is most useful for spirits and other shapechangers, of course, although some fomori may possess Rage as well. The Shadow Lord Gift: Aura of Confidence blocks the perception granted by this Gift completely.

Enemy Ways (Level One) -This is a danger sense. Taught by one of Grandfather Thunders Stormcrows, Enemy Ways is more than just a heightened (and reasonably accurate) sense of paranoia. Instead, it provides solid information on what immediate peril a Corax faces.
System: With a successful Perception + Stealth roll the Corax can pick up hints as to the nature of enemies in the area. Usually a Corax who uses this Gift successfully can pick out the number and type of his opponents; with five or more successes sometimes more can be learned.

Eyes of the Dragon Kings (Level One)

Eye of the Raptor (Level One) -The creature can see for miles, as if the distance were a mere twenty yards; this Gift is taught by a bird-spirit, usually one known for its amazing eyesight.
System: The player rolls Perception + Alertness (difficulty 8). The number of successes equals the number of miles the character can see clearly, although it does not grant the ability to see through objects.

Eyes of the War God (Level One) - The name of this auspice comes from a god of war who could never be surprised. The son of Shiva, he had six faces and could watch all of his surroundings. This Gift grants a similar blessing on a Nagah of this auspice.
System: The player rolls Wits + Alertness (difficulty 6 ) , and spends one Gnosis. With at least one success, the Nagah gains full 360-degree vision for the remainder of the scene. In addition, each success bestows an extra die to all Perception-based rolls for noticing enemies.

Fable (Level One) - With this Gift, the Kataribe may use her natural expressive abilities and will. to sway an audience. By telling an appropriate story, singing the right song, etc., she can plant a suggestion into the hearts and minds of listeners. (For example, Sondok sings a ballad of reverence for the earth at a folk festival; the attendees find themselves voting Green in the next referendum.) Bird-spirits (Nightingele in particular) favor Kataribe with this Gift.
System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy. Listeners are influenced by the experience for a number of days equal to the Fox's Manipulation + Performance dice pool. This Gift will not work if the targets are forced to listen, nor when the Kitsune is not actually in the room; recordings and broadcasts of the tale have no effect.

Faerie Light (Level One) The Garou can conjure a small, bobbing sphere of light. The sphere illuminates only a three-foot area, but that is usually enough to provide the necessary light or to lead foes into ambush. A marsh-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 6). The light can appear anywhere within the Garou's line of sight. It can move, bobbing along at 10 feet per turn, if bidden to do so. The light lasts for one turn per success, but the player can spend a point of Gnosis to make it last for the entire scene.

Falcon's Grasp/Iron Coils (Level One) A leader must keep a tight grip on his power, and this Gift allows the Garou to do so literally. The Garou's hands or jaws tighten in a mighty death-grip, making it nearly impossible to escape. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.  For the Nagah who uses the gift, the target is caught in the Nagah's coils, and does not bestow any additional damage.
  System: The player spends one point of Rage. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou's grip with either hands or jaws (or both at a cost of two Rage) is much stronger. In game terms, the Garou's Strength is considered three points higher for purposes of grappling or maneuvers such as the jaw lock (see Special Maneuvers ). The Garou may not use this extra Strength to inflict damage.



Falling Touch (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to send her foe sprawling with but a touch. Any aerial spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou's player rolls Dexterity + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent's Stamina + Athletics). Even one success sends the victim to the ground. Doing so counts as an action; activating this Gift and striking a foe with intent to harm are two separate things.

Fast (Level One) - Sharks can survive for long periods of time by living off their internal store of oil. Rokea can use this ability on land, as well, to survive without food or water, by consuming their own Gnosis. This Gift is taught by a shark-spirit.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The character need not eat or drink for one week after longer than a week, she must reactivate the Gift (which of course costs another point of Gnosis) before the first use of the Gift ends. If she does not, the Gift will not function again until she has eaten.

Fatal Flaw/Slayers Eye (Level One) The Shadow Lord can discern a target's weakness, granting an advantage in combat. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
  System: The Shadow Lord must concentrate for one full turn. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Wits + Subterfuge). Success grants the Garou an extra die of damage during combat with that target. Additional successes grant knowledge of further weaknesses (although no further damage bonus is gained). Five successes reveal all of the target's flaws.

Fiddle Fish (Lev el One)

Find Land/Find Water  (Level One) - By focusing his attention onto the balance of land and water, the Mokolb can locate the nearest fixed land amidst the waters of swamp or sea. This Gift is taught by a Turtle-spirit. For Find Sea the Mokole can find any water within twenty miles,and likewise tell if the water is contaminated if he achieves enough successes. This Gift is taught by a Lizard-spirit.
System: The player makes a Perception + Survival roll,difficulty 6. One success indicates the direction of the land. Three successes indicate the distance; five allow the Mokol6 to tell whether the land is dangerous or contaminated.

Find Sea (Level One) - The Rokea with this Gift can always find the fastest route to the ocean, regardless of how far inland she is. The fastest route might not be the most direct, of course, especially if the Rokea is in a vehicle of some kind. Any bird-spirit can teach this Gift.
System: The player rolls Perception + Primal- Urge (difficulty 6). Success means the character knows how far and in which direction the sea lies.

Firebug (Level One) - By focusing anger and destructive emotions, the Twitcher can ignite flammable materials within ten feet. You cant hurl balls of abysmal flame, but you can torch things without carrying an incriminating lighter or book of matches. This inferno can only engulf wood, paper or cloth; youll need the Pyrotechnics Gift for anything less flammable. In addition, theGiftdoesnot workon items that are being worn or carried. This Gift is taught by a Wyldling spirit.
System: Spend one Rage and roll temporary Rage to ignite a fire. You just need one success. This may seem trivial, but no human investigator will be able to deduce the cause of your act of arson. The Gift is also instantaneous; imagine the efficacy of setting a building on fire right in the middle of an epic fight scene.

Flow of Aura (Level One) - The Kitsune gains a perception for the feel of a place, its general bent and any psychic residue left on an area by strong emotion. Births, deaths, sicknesses, joys and other such emotions may be sensed. The Gift is taught by wood and stone-spirits.
System: The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 7). One success gives a vague notion of past events (a death occurred here). With three successes, there is more detail (a betrayal led to a massacre here), while with five or better, the exact emotional texture and intensity (a century past a lover betrayed his intended bride to a group of foreign mercenaries to save his own life).

Groom (Level One)  -This Gift enables the Tenere -This Gift enables the Tenere to look her best regardless of the situation.
System: Once this gift is learned it is always active

Guided Strike (Level One) - This Gift increases the Nagahs accuracy for his next attack.
System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8) and spends one Willpower. Each success adds one die to the next roll to hit a target; the ability must beusedduring that scene, roll to hit a target; the ability must beusedduring that scene, and the dice pool cannot be raised over 12.

Hare's Leap/Killers Leap/Leap of the Kangaroo Rat (Level One/Level Two Bastet) By invoking this Gift, werewolf may leap incredible distances. Hare-, frog- and cat-spirits usually teach this Gift. The lost Bunyip knew this Gift as Leap of the Kangaroo, however marsupial-spirits seem loath to aid werewolves these days. Today, many werewolves call this Gift "Leap of the Kangaroo" in their fallen cousins' honor.
  System: The player rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7). If successful, she may double her normal jumping distance. (See Jumping.)

Heavens Guidance (Level One) - A Strider with this Gift is never lost while the stars shine in the sky. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the North Star.
System: Once learned, this Gifts effects are always active from twilight to dawn. The werewolf gains an innate sense of direction; he always knows which way is north, and the path he took to reach where he is.

Heightened Senses (Level One) The werewolf with this Gift tunes in to the world around him, increasing his senses vastly. When in Homid or Glabro form, her senses become as sharp as those a wolf, allowing him to hear sounds beyond his normal range, granting him superior night vision and making his sense of smell stronger than that of any dog. In wolf forms, his senses become preternaturally potent, allowing him to perform feats that border on precognition. This Gift has drawbacks as well. If a fire alarm were to go off around a Garou using this Gift, it might render him helpless. Cities can barrage the werewolf with a sensory overload. Wolf-spirits teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends a Gnosis point. The effects last for one scene. In Homid or Glabro forms, the werewolf's Perception difficulties decrease by two, and he may roll Perception + Primal-Urge to perform sensory feats impossible for humans (such as tracking by scent). In Crinos, Hispo and Lupus forms, Perception difficulties decrease by three (which is not cumulative with the ordinary Lupus-form Perception bonuses), and the werewolf gains an extra die to Primal-Urge dice pools.

Humbabas Escape (Level One) One of the tribes first and most valuable tricks, this Gift allows a wereleopard to dislocate her limbs and slide through small openings. Though the Bagheera claim that the wise cat Humbaba invented the trick, the Simba maintain that he originally learned it from Mouse-spirits.
System: The player rolls her Dexterity + Athletics to dislocate her cats limbs. The harder the attempt, the higher the difficulty becomes. Undoing your wrist to get out of handcuffs would be difficulty 6, while dislocating your spine and ribs to get through an air shaft would be 10. While the cat is out of joint, her Stamina rating drops by two. Simple adjustments dont cost any Gnosis, but large-scale body-shifts cost one point.

Hunter in Crowds (Level One)

Hush (Level One) Though Ragabash are teachers, one thing they cant always teach is when to keep ones mouth shut. Maybe a brash Ahroun is about to say something unfortunate to a bigger Ahroun, or perhaps a talkative cub is about to reveal too much about what she knows. In such situations, this Gift acts as a temporary stopgap; it makes the target fumble for words, lose his train of thought or become momentarily distracted. Besides keeping friends from saying stupid things, the Gift can also be used against insulting rivals or the fomori calling in reinforcements. Because of the bond between packmates, it is easier to use this Gift within the pack after all, its for the greater good, right? A mockingbird-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty is the targets Wits + 4; for a packmate reduce the difficulty by one). Every success stalls the target for one turn, preventing the target from communicating verbally (although other forms of communication, such as sign language or writing, are still possible).

Illusion of Size (Level One) - The Ananasi is able to project an aura that deceives those looking at the Myrmidon are deceived into thinking that he is much larger than his actual size. The character does not gain any physical benefit, but any character viewing him might give pause at the small man that now looks like an angry linebacker. System: The player rolls Manipulation (difficulty 6) against the opponent's Willpower (difficulty 7).

Inspiration (Level One) Other werewolves look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat. The Gift of Inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. Either a lion- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point. All comrades (but not the Gift's user) receive one automatic success on any Willpower rolls made during the scene.



Inspire (Level One) - This allows the Ananasi to pass along the spirit of creation to another around them. The Kumoti can cause a particular target to suddenly fill with creativity, finding the right word to make a speech, discovering the insight that had been eluding their artwork, or just finding the courage to state something hidden. This Gift has a negative side as well, as the inspired individual can sometimes act rather foolhardily.
System: The Kumoti must expend one Gnosis point and be within ten feet of her target. This Gift does not make the target susceptible to suggestion; it merely enhances their creativity for a task that they would normally do, but for  one reason or another have never been able to accomplish before. Even the most foolhardy won't be driven to selfdestructive acts unless, of course, they are already on the edge of the building ready to jump.

Ishin Denshin (Level One)  - The Kitsune can communicate telepathically with others of her kind. Both Foxes must possess the Gift and be willing conversationalists. The Kitsune find it very difficult to lie through this Gift (its name means "Mind-to-Heart Communication"), and therefore use it less often than one would expect. Ishin Denshin is taught by Snake-spirits.
System: The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 6) while the Kitsune gazes into the other Fox's eyes. No effort is necessary to sustain contact once established, but any prolonged distraction (such as combat) will break the link. For each success of the initial roll, the connection will survive one round of combat or single scene of confrontation without breaking.

Jam Weapon (Level One) - The Garou may stop any Weaver-born weapons from working within the range of his voice. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Garou shouts a single, strange word and spends a Gnosis point. The player rolls Perception + Expression, difficulty of the Willpower of the nearest armed person. For each success, all manufactured weapons will not function for one combat round. This includes guns, crossbows, flame-throwers, and even tasers or cattle prods (anything with moving parts). It does not include natural weapons (retractable claws dont count as moving parts).

Jump (Level One) - With this Gift the Ananasi can leap amazing distances with ease. Ananasi can cover substantial distances anyway, but with this Gift they can cover full city blocks.
System: The Ananasi must make a Strength + Athletics roll, difficulty 6. Each success doubles the normal jumping distance for the Ananasi. For example, three successes would change a normal vertical leap from 5 feet per success to 40 feet per success. 4 successes would allow vertical leaps that clear 80 feet per success. This Gift works only in Lilian and Pidius forms.

Killing Bite (Level One) - A Rokea can slay most enemies with one bite, but sometimes a more powerful blow is needed to fell determinedopponents. This Gift allows the Rokea to deliver a fearsome bite in any form. A shark*spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Rage point to activate the Gift. The next successful bite attack the character lands inflicts two additional levels (not dice) of damage.

King Fish (Level One) -Almost all coastal and island cultures have developed myths about sharks, referring to them as gods of some kind. Sharks are indeed at the top of their food chain, and this Gift taught by a shark-spirit allows them to command respect.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Success subtracts one from the difficulties of any rolls the player must make in that scene involving Leadership or Intimidation. This Gift does not inspire fear or loyalty so much as respect for a powerful being.

Kittens Cry (Level One) Also called Pathetamew for its pitiful sound, this Gift imbues the werecats voice with a tone so pathetic that anyone who hears it goes out of his way to comfort her. This compulsion extends to attackers, who break off hostilities unless theyre attacked in return. Most Bastet consider this a dirty but useful trick.
System: The Bastets player rolls her Manipulation + Expression; the difficulty depends on the circumstances and the target. If the roll succeeds, the target immediately stops whatever hes doing and offers sympathy for the werecats pain. Some folks, of course, have no pity in their hearts. The Gift inspires hard-souled enemies to torment the Bastet even more than they normally would.

Relationship Difficulty
Lover/relative 4
Friend 5
Passerby 6
Total stranger 7
Rival 8
Enemy 9
Foe in combat 10



Lambent Flame (Level One) The Garou causes her body to ignite with silver light. A Lune teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Willpower point to ignite the light. The glare illuminates a 100-foot area. Any hand-to-hand attacks against the Garou take a +1 difficulty penalty, while missile attacks receive a -1 difficulty bonus.

Lick Wounds (Level One) As the Theurge Gift: Mothers Touch, this power heals normal or aggravated wounds (but unlike the Theurge Gift, can be used to heal oneself). This Gift may be used as many times as the player wants, but each healing lick costs another Gnosis point. Bear in mind that even a cat may be loathe to lick up toxic waste or raw sewage! Some substances, like silver or Wyrm-poison, might damage the healer in proportion to her healing that is, by one Health Level per Health Level healed if its still in or on the wound when she licks it.

Lizard's Favor (Level One)

Majesty (Level One) The first trick a good king learns is how to impress his subjects. By employing the ancient right of command, any Simba may demand respect and expect to get it.
System: Like the Level One Common Gift: Command Attention, except that it lasts a whole scene and involves Manipulation + Intimidation. Other Simba are immune to its effects.

Many Eyes (Level One) - The Ananasi acquires a vision that encompasses 360 degrees. Anyone looking directly at the werespider notices nothing, but if an individual uses peripheral vision, the Ananasi appears to have eyes all around her head.
System: The player spends one blood point. The Gift lasts for one scene.

Mark as Mine (Level One) By spraying a given area or object with urine and musk, a Bastet stakes a claim on it. Any shapeshifter will know that a werecat has marked the place, and any other mystically-inclined being (a mage, a vampire, etc.) will recognize the sign as a Keep Out warning. This usually lasts until someone else removes the Gift with some other magic, or until the Bastet sees fit to destroy the Mark himself (not likely!).
System: This costs a temporary Gnosis point for each object or area treated. Anyone making a successful Perception + Empathy roll will feel distinctly uneasy when coming within 10 feet of the Mark, as if they were trespassing in someone elses house or stealing someone elses valuables. Through sensory magics, an intruder may actually see the Mark, even after the spray dries, and may remove it through appropriate use of magical powers. The Bastet may remove the Gift himself by spraying it a second time. This Gift does work on live creatures, but does not harm them in any way.

Master of Fire (Level One) Once humans tamed fire to keep them warm and to drive off the wild beasts, they were on their way to civilization. Werewolves with this Gift invoke humanity's ancient pact with the spirits of fire. The spirits of flame agree to hold back their hunger when the werewolf touches them. An ancestor-spirit or a fire-spirit grants this Gift.
  System: This Gift allows a werewolf to heal fire damage as if it were bashing. This requires the expediture of a Gnosis point; the effects last for a scene.

Mercy (Level One) Children of Gaia see no use for lethal force when they are not fighting minions of the Wyrm, but even they succumb to frenzy. This Gift, used chiefly by Children of Gaia with high Rage or in duels, allows the Garou to use her natural weaponry and Rage without fear of killing her opponent. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point. For the rest of the scene, all damage that the Garou inflicts with her own body (claws and teeth, but not weapons of any kind) is considered bashing. A creature "killed" by such damage merely falls unconscious, and he may heal the wounds at the usual rate for bashing damage (see Healing}.

Mindspeak (Level One) By invoking the power of waking dreams, the Garou can place any chosen characters into silent communion. A Chimerling teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Willpower point per sentient being chosen and makes a Manipulation + Expression roll (difficulty of the victim's Willpower) if the being is unwilling. All those included in the dream may interact normally through the Mindspeak, although they can inflict no damage through it. Their real bodies can still act, although all dice pools decrease by two. The Mindspeak ends when all the participants want it to, or on the turn the Galliard fails the roll against an unwilling member. The beings affected must be within line of sight.

Mockingbirds Mirror (Level One) According to legend, an early Pumonca known as Three Spiders Climb mastered the art of mimicry and ventriloquism, and passed the secret on to his friends. This secret lets a cougar imitate whomever he wishes birds, animals, humans, even machines and allows him to throw his new voice for some distance. As the name suggests, a Mockingbird- spirit often passes the secret along, usually in return for food. System: The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge to imitate sounds within the normal human vocal range. So long as hes successful, his mimicry is flawless. If he tries to mirror sounds outside the normal range subsonic vibrations, explosions, highfrequency  whines, etc. the cat must spend a Gnosis point and the difficulty is 7. This Gift lasts roughly a scene, and sounds can be thrown up to 100 feet away from where the werecat stands.

Moon Lore (Level One) Using this Gift, the werewolf can learn the phase of the moon that heralded the birth of another. Although it can determine auspice, Moon Lore gives no clue to whether the subject is a werewolf or even if it is supernatural in any way; being born under a waxing gibbous moon means much more to a Garou than it does to a normal human. Any moon-spirit can teach this Gift.
System: A single success on a Perception + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 6) is required to determine the moons phase at the time of the subjects birth; two successes determine whether it was waxing or waning.



Morse (Level One) -There are messages that need to move faster than any Corax can fly, and there are times when neither computer nor phone is a safe method of information transfer. At times like that, a Corax still has a method of getting his message to his nearest fellow wereraven, namely, the use of this Gift. By merely tapping out his message onto any hard surface and using this Gift, a Corax can make sure that someone out there gets his message right now - because there may not be time for a later. This Gift is taught by a Machine-spirit.
System: With this Gift, the Corax can tap out a Morse code message on any surface and, by spending a Gnosis (and succeeding on a Wits + Empathy roll, difficulty 8), have the nearest Corax hear the message clear as day. Of course, the receiving Corax might not know Morse code, but thats the sort of risk youve got to take.

Mothers Blessing/Curse (Level One) Folklore holds that a cat had the ability to either bless or curse a pregnant woman. In the case of the Ceilican, this legend is true. A kind Bastet can offer a boon to the mother, while a spiteful one can harm her in some minor but memorable way.
System: This Gifts effects are more psychological than physical, and get an extra boost from the way the Ceilican acts toward the mother while offering his wishes. Setting things in motion demands a Gnosis point and a roll of Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 7). While touching the mothers belly, the cat either wishes her well or ill, usually in some poetic rhyme. After that, some good or bad event befalls the woman or her child. Although the event itself is outside the characters control, the number of successes he rolls should reflect the power of the Blessing or Curse. Blessings can include an easy delivery, unusual good looks or great health. Curses include breech birth, minor disability or poor constitution. Once one event has occurred, the Gift is discharged.

Mother's Touch/Healing Tongue/Gangas Caress/Rat Mothers Touch (Level One) The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself, spirits or the undead with this Gift. A bear- or unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the wounded individual's Rage, or 6 for non-Garou). Each success heals one health level. The Theurge may heal even Battle Scars in this manner if the Theurge uses the Gift in the same scene in which the scar was obtained and she spends a second Gnosis point. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used on a person, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis.

Nature's Plenty (Level One)

Open Seal (Level One) With this Gift, the Garou can open nearly any sort of closed or locked physical device. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet rating).

Pack Tactics (Level One) While the Ahrouns role as the overall leader of Garou is questionable, there is no doubt at all who should take control of the pack during a battle. By taking the lead and coordinating pack actions, the Ahroun gifts all of her packmates with great competence in the heat of battle. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a Willpower point before initiating a Pack Tactics maneuver (Werewolf, page 212), and divides a pool of extra dice equal to her Leadership score among everyone performing the maneuver. The dice should be divided as evenly as possible, although the player may choose where to distribute extra dice (or in case of the Ahrouns Leadership score granting fewer dice than the number of packmates involved).

Patience of Ananasa (Level One) - The Tenere remains motionless for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. This stillness may make the werespider harder to notice.
System: The player rolls willpower (Difficulty 7) and the Tenere may remain perfectly motionlessfor one hour per sucessachieved.  Moving ends the Gift, which may not be used again for an amount of time equal to the time spent motionless.

Pathfinders Pride (Level One) Cats have a remarkably good sense of direction. With this Gift, a Bastet may improve that knack to find his way out of most kinds of mazes, deserts or woodlands. Worthy folk may learn this Gift from Bird-spirits, but no werecat willingly admits to it in public.
System: Invoking this Gift requires a Perception + Subterfuge roll. The difficulty depends on the areas complexity: a large flat desert or small forest would be 5 or 6, a vast expanse or complicated maze might be 7 or 8, and a primordial rain forest would be 8 or 9. Magical confusion spells, like the Garou Gift: Trackless Waste, can be undone with difficulties 9 or 10. Pathfinders Pride does not provide any kind of travel; the werecat merely  discovers the way out getting to the exit is her problem.



Perfect Recall (Level One) Galliards often share one trait even before the Change takes them. That trait is memory. Moon-Dancers often have good heads for detail; this Gift, however, accentuates that capacity. Any Weaver-spirit can teach this Gift, which is one reason it isnt more common.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou can then remember any one detail, no matter how small, from her entire life. A name she only heard once, a scent that she only smelled faintly whatever the memory, as long as she experienced it, she can call it to mind. Note that this Gift does not provide context for the memory, but using it can lower the difficulty on related rolls (remembering a conversation the character had with his father about cars might aid in fixing an engine, for example). The Storyteller has final say over whether or not the character has ever experienced a given detail.

Persuasion (Level One) This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. If successful, the Storyteller reduces the difficulties of all Social rolls by one for the remainder of the scene. In addition, any successful Social rolls may have significantly more impact than they would without the Gift. A werewolf could win arguments with hard line opponents, or cause a cold-hearted psychopath to relent (at least for a little while).

Poison Food (Level One) - Health Department officials would cringe at the very thought of this Gift. Common black rats and brown rats are capable of spreading food poisoning under the right circumstances. Add the ordinary rats capacity for breeding, and that means several hundred rats can drive a restaurant out of business if unchecked. Now picture a Plague Lord calling up his own assortment of Disease-spirits after learning this Gift from his ephemeral ally.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Enigmas. Anyone who eats the poisoned food takes a number of health levels of non-aggravated damage equal to the number of successes. This damage can be soaked with a Stamina roll, but the poison remains in the food for one scene. (Incidentally, taking multiple bites in the same scene does not inflict damage multiple times.)

Predator's Patience (Level One)

Prehensile Body (Level One) - In forms other than Balaram, the Nagah can grasp and manipulate objects with her tail (or coils) as easily as she can with her hands in human form.
System: Once the Nagah learns this Gift, its effects are permanent. Simple acts, like turning a doorknob or holding a small object, shouldnt require adie roll. At the Storytellers discretion, more complex acts, like reloading a gun, should require a Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 7). If a complex physical action requires a different die roll, like fixing a car with Dexterity + Repair, the Storyteller may elect to simply increase the difficulty of the roll (instead of calling for an additional Dexterity + Athletics roll).

Primal Anger (Level One) The metis learns to focus the anger within her heart and use it to increase her Rage. The anger takes a physical toll on the werewolf, and it is up to her to unleash it on her enemies. The spirits of ancient metis teach this Gift. Few members of other breeds have suffered enough shame and suffering to learn this Gift.
  System: A character with this Gift may sacrifice a single health level, once per scene, and gain two extra points of Rage in exchange (even if doing so takes her above her permanent Rage rating). The health level is treated as aggravated damage for purposes of recovery.

Raiding the Umbral Hoard (Level One)

Ravens Gleaning (level One) - Ravens Gleaning takes advantage of the legendary Corax predilection for bright, shiny objects. In essence, a value detector, the Gift allows a Corax to look at a shiny object and, at a glance, discover whether or not its worth picking up. Raven himself, or a Raven-spirit acting under orders from the big guy, teaches this Gift.
System: Ravens Gleaning costs a point of Gnosis, and requires a Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 5). A single success merely gives a yes/no answer as to whether the item is worth snatching. Additional successes can give the Corax an idea of value, composition, craftsmanship and so on.

Razor Claws/Diamond Claws/Slash of the Death Bear/Slicing Teeth/Gold Claws (Level One)  (Level One) By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift.  For a Ratkin who has this gift, it is used for their teeth attacks.
  System: The player spends one Rage point, and the Ahroun must take a full turn to sharpen her claws. For the remainder of the scene, her claw attacks do an additional die of damage.

Resist Pain/Ignore Wounds (Level One) Through force of will, the Philodox is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Willpower point; his character may ignore all wound penalties for the rest of the scene.



Resist Toxin (Level One) Many Bone Gnawers learn a preternatural resistance to poisons and toxins of all kinds, doubtless due to their diet of refuse and American beer. A trash-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Stamina + Survival. Success nullifies the effects of most conventional poisons, and adds three dice to the Garou's Stamina for purposes of resisting Wyrm-enhanced poisons. The effects last for the scene.

Restraint (Level One) - Rokea, and Brightwaters in particular, enter frenzy easily. This Gift, taught by a spiritservant of Sea, allows the Brightwater to ignore her slewmates and allies entirely, even when lost to Kunmind.
System: The Rokea must activate this Gift before entering frenzy. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 6). For each success, the player chooses one character. The Rokea, if she enters frenzy, will ignore each chosen character entirely.

Rhinos Favor (Level One) By calling on the spirit of the rhino, a Khan may grow a temporary horn on her skull. Although this protrusion is a bit unsightly, it allows the tiger to head-butt an opponent for considerable damage.
System: The Khan rolls Gnosis to grow the horn. This protrusion lasts for one scene, and allows her to gore opponents for Strength +2 (aggravated damage, difficulty 7). Tiger skulls arent built for ramming, however; botching such an attack inflicts normal Strength damage back on the Khan.

River's Gift (Level One) -

Salmon Leap (Level One) The old legends relate of Fianna warriors leaping over enemies and crossing rivers without getting their feet wet; this Gift is one way they did it. Taught by a salmon-spirit or ancestor-spirit, this Gift is functionally identical to the Lupus Gift: Hare's Leap.

Satyrs Wisdom (Level One) By calling upon the talents of his tribes fae allies, a Ceilican can play any musical instrument as if hed been reared with it in his hands. Although this talent is fleeting, it can make one hell of an impression.
System: With a Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 7), the cat gains a few temporary points in Expression, Performance or the optional Singing secondary Skill. For each success, he adds one dot to the chosen Trait. This lasts for as long as the Ceilican plays; afterward, the skill fades from his fingers until he either learns it for good or uses the Gift again.

Scent of Running Water (Level One) The Garou can mask her scent completely, making herself virtually impossible to track. A fox-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The difficulties of all rolls to track the Garou increase by two. This Gift becomes an innate ability to the Garou who learns it. She need not expend any points or make any rolls. However, the Ragabash may still leave a scent behind if she decides to do so voluntarily (which may be necessary to blend in with wolf packs).

Scent of Sweet Honey (Level One) - As the Bone Gnawer Gift.

Scent of Sweet Nectar (Level One) - As the Bone Gnawer Gift: Scent of Sweet Honey. It is taught by a Bee-spirit.

Scent of the True Form/Eyes of the Soul/Sight of the True Form (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to determine the true nature of a person. This information is conveyed as an olfactory sensation it is actually a scent of the target's natural form. Any spirit servant of Gaia can teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou can tell automatically when someone is a werewolf; anything else requires a Perception + Primal-Urge roll. It takes two successes to detect vampires, faeries or other shapeshifters as such, and it takes four to detect fomori or mages.



Scholars Friend (Level One) A simple yet helpful Gift, this secret allows a Bubasti to read a book, scroll or tablet in any written language. This talent doesnt teach the cat any new language, nor will it help him understand esoteric concepts or missing bits of text. Even so, the ability to read anything set in front of you is a subtle yet powerful gift.
System: The shadowcat spends a Gnosis point, rolls his Willpower and begins reading. The difficulty of the roll depends on the obscurity of the text:

Language Difficulty
Modern 5
Scholarly (Latin, Sanskrit) 6
Archaic or dead (Aramaic) 7
Common pictograms (classic Egyptian) 8
Obscure pictograms/code (Sigils of Mu) 9
Personal codes/lost cuneiform 10

Only one roll is allowed per reading session. The Gift lasts for one hour per success, and the cat must rest his eyes for several hours after finishing. A failed roll doesnt necessarily mean the werecat couldnt read the text; it may mean that he read it wrong. Storytellers are advised to keep the difficulty of the roll secret, and to base the information given on the success of the roll. One success lets the cat get the general idea, while four successes or more indicate complete understanding.

Scrounge (Level One) - Ratkin Engineers have a talent for finding all sorts of usable junk. Spend a few minutes searching around, and theres no telling what you might find. This Gift can either help find some mundane item thats hidden nearby, or scrounge up something bizarre that no one would have thought to look for. This Gift is taught by a Trash Gaffling.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Alertness. You can either name a specific item that would normally be in your current location, or name a general type of item thats rather hard to find. The difficulty of the roll depends on how well the item is hidden or how rare the item is. For instance, finding where the forks are kept in a restaurant after hours is difficulty 4; finding a fork in a subway station could be difficulty 6; finding a magnetized fork with silver plating by the side of the freeway might be a difficulty 9. The Storyteller, of course, has the right to rule out any specific itemasirnpossib1e to find. If there staurantin question really doesnt have any radioactive plutonium forks stashed in the kitchen, the Scrounge Gift wont help you find one.

Seduction (Level One) - A Nine-Tails with this Gift holds a powerful attraction for mortals, and can cause humans to fall in love with her not always intentionally. This Gift is taught by a Cloud- or Rain-spirit.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge; the target resists with a Willpower roll (both difficulty 6). Each success increases the depth of emotion; one is a mild crush, five or beyond a haunting obsession. The Storyteller is encouraged to surreptitiously roll this for pure mischief or subplot every now and then, particularly if the Fox uses  the Gift often.

Seizing the Edge/Executioners Edge (Level One) To the Shadow Lords, there is no possible way for a contest to be even. If neither competitor wins, they both lose. This Gift allows the Garou to swing the balance, ever so slightly, in her favor. A spirit servant of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point. For the remainder of the scene, whenever the Shadow Lord is involved in a direct confrontation with another being (specifically, if the player must make an opposed roll), any ties go to the Shadow Lord. For example, a Shadow Lord and her Get of Fenris rival are wrestling. Both players must roll to see if the Get of Fenris can break the hold that the Shadow Lord has caught him in. If the players roll the same number of successes, the Shadow Lord wins and the Get remains pinned. This Gift lasts for one scene.

Self-Mastery (Level One



Sense Angst (Level One) - You know anger and bitterness so well that you can smell it in others. Humans become fascinating: you can sense their current greatest pet peeve or annoyance. When youre near shapechangers, you can sense the extent of their Rage; if lucky, you can determine the last event that really pissed them off. You know how close a vampire is to going berserk (and what might set him off), or the pain of a wraith hovering nearby. If you use this on someone tainted by the Wyrm, you can sense part of what drove him to his madness. In all, if anyone is pissed off, you can figure out why.. and use it to your advantage.
System: Roll Perception + Occult, difficulty 6. If a human is actually calm, you can tell what would most upset him at that moment; gaining more than one successgives you more insights into what would cheese him off. Three successes on a Perception + Occult roll lets you tell the relative Rage of a werewolf (or other shapechanger), the Humanity of a vampire (or a brief impression of his Paths morality and how far along he is on it), the Angst level of a wraith, the Banality of a changeling, or the last thing that really pissed off a human or mage; although this description is never couched in actual game terms, it allows a Ratkin to make a rough guess whether a given target is a werebeast, undead, fae thing, human or something else. This Gift can only be used once per subject per scene.you can smuggle a weapon or a small package. Dont be surprised if a corned Twitcher pulls something amazing out of his.. . well, you know.

Sense Chiminage (Level One) Theurges have ways of knowing all manner of secret things other Garou would wish stayed hidden; with this Gift, they can learn where the balance of chiminage lies with any spiritually aware being with a glance. The Gift reveals if the target has paid all proper obligations to the spirits, if he has ignored a debt or engaged in blasphemy against his totem or other spiritual patrons. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: A Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 7) reveals the targets state of debt in the spirit worlds; with three or more successes, the Theurge may learn the name of the one spirit the target most recently egregiously wronged, if such a being exists.

Sense Hostility (Level One) - Eji using this can sense the presence of hostile beings within (roughly) lOOfeet. System: The player rolls Perception + Alertness (difficulty 6). This Gift must be used voluntarily; it isn't a "danger sense."

Sense Magic (Level One) The Uktena can discern magical energies, whether they emanate from Garou Gifts, vampiric wizardry or even human magic. A spirit servant of Uktena teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas. The difficulty is based on the strength and subtlety of the magic. The Uktena cannot tell the exact nature of the magic, although vague clues such as "Gaian" or "blood magic" might be granted with sufficient successes. The radius is 10 feet per success.

Sense Moon/Sense Sun  (Level One) - This Gift enables the user to detect a child of the Moon - usually a fellow shapechanger (save for Corax, Ananasi or Nuwisha). For sense sun it allows the user to discern the presence of Sun creatures such as Mokol6 and Corax. This Gift is taught by a Moon-spirit.
System: The player rolls Perception + Occult, difficulty 7. With three successes, he can tell what kindof moon creature is involved; five allows a rough estimate ofrank and abilities. This Gift is taught by a Sun-spirit.

Sense Pattern Breaker (Level One)

Sense Prey (Level One) Werewolves used this ancient Gift during hard winters to feed their packs. The Gift lets Garou locate enough prey to feed a pack. In the urban environment, this Gift guides the lupus to prey within the city, usually in parks, sewers, animal shelters and even zoos. The Gift will tell the werewolf the location of large numbers of prey within 50 miles in the wilds, and within the limits of a city and its suburbs. Humans do not register as prey animals, although some say that the Red Talons know a variant of this Gift that can find them. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.The Mokole knows the trick of locating prey animals in a given area. An Alligatorspirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The hunter's player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge. The difficulty is 7 in wilderness environments and 9 in urban environments. Success indicates the location of enough prey to feed a large pack. In the case of multiple sources, the Gift guides the werewolf to the nearest source (although not necessarily the easiest or safest). For the Mokole The player spends a Willpower point, and rolls Perception + Primal-Urge, difficulty 7. Each success leads the Mokol6 to enough prey for one meal: enough successes can feed an entire clutch.



Sense Primal Nature (Level One) As attuned as they are to the Jamaa, metis Bastet can easily sense whether one of those entities has a strong influence on a person, place or thing.
System: This Gift works like the Level One Common Gift: Sense Unmakers Hand, except that it detects a strong affinity for Rahjah, Nala or Cahlash (Weaver, Wyld or Wyrm). Examples include Banes (Cahlash), Technomagi (Rahjah) and some Garou (Nala, though some may tend toward the other two). However, the difficulty is one higher than that of Sense Unmakers Hand.

Sense Threat (Level One) - A race charged only with survival needs to know how to recognize danger, preferably early in life. The Rokea with this Gift can discern whether she is swimming into a dangerous situation, or to know if a being is a threat to her. This Gift, taught by an avatar of Sea, does not reveal a being's intentions, only whether or not said being is dangerous. (For example, a raging Brightwater might have no real desire to hurt the user, but is dangerous nonetheless.)
System: The Rokea focuses for a turn; the player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge. The difficulty varies lower (6) for immediate and palpable threats and higher (8) for subtle, more roundabout threats.

Sense Vibration (Level One)

Sense Weaver (Level One) - The wererat can sense  Weaver-spiritsofal1varieties.The spirit must be withinsensory range, and each type of Weaver-spirit has adistinctive sound or smell. This perception may vary from rat to rat. Shadow Seers canal so sense when an area has been calcified by the Weaver, and thus help their packs snap the Weavers threads.
System: The player rolls Perception + Occult; the difficulty depends on the strength and concentration of the spirits. A lone Weaver Gaffling, for instance, only requires one success. More successes may give some insight into the spirits (such as their relative strength), although this is always from a Ratkins perspective. 

Sense Wyrm/Sense Unmakers Hand/Sense Dissolver/Sense Designer (Level One) The werewolf can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although werewolves using the Gift sometimes say things like, "This place stinks of the Wyrm" (with a few more colorful adjectives). Garou should remember that the Wyrm's taint can cling to relatively blameless souls. Werewolves may sense an innocent person who happens to work in a Wyrm-controlled factory or who has eaten tainted food. This power requires active concentration. Any spirit of Gaia may teach this Gift. For the Mokole gift Sense Designer: this will allow them to sense the weaver.
  System: The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm's influence. Sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 8. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity Traits of 7 or higher.

Sentinel's Warning (Level One)

Shadow Throw (Level One) - While vocally expressing his anger, the Ratkin can form a shadowy field of power around a dagger or other sharp object balanced for throwing. Knife Skulkers, for instance, may choose to call out a victims crime (Murderer!) while forming this instrument of revenge. When the Ratkin hurls his dagger at a foe, the blade is propelled by the darkness around it and strikes with supernatural force. This Gift is taught by aNight-spirit, which willusually demand a tale of an unpunished criminals dark secrets.
System: The Ratkin spends a Rage point and targets a single victim within line-of-sight; the player rolls Perception + Athletics to attack (difficulty 6, with the usual Firearms modifiers). The blade strikes with more force than the wererat can muster, inflicting Strength + 3 aggravated damage. If the blade is already magical, it inflicts only +2 damage.



Shed (Level One) - By quickly shedding his outer skin, the Mokol6 can escape an enemys hold or slip through a tight area. A Lizard-spirit or Snake-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: By making a successful Dexterity + Primal- Urge roll (difficulty 7), the Mokol6 can either automatically escape any grappling attack, or lower the difficulty of escaping restraints or slipping through tight squeezes by 2.

Shroud/Qyrl's Blood (Level One) The Garou can create a field of inky blackness through which only she can see. A night-spirit teaches this Gift.Like Breach, while this Gift works on land, many Rokea don't think to try. Squidspirits may teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty varies: 3 for twilight, 6 indoors, 9 for bright sunlight). Each success blacks out a 10' by 10' by 10' area. The Garou can choose any area within his line of sight. The metis Gift: Eyes of the Cat can see through the conjured darkness.

Silence (Level One) The Garou can muffle any sound she makes, the better to creep up on an enemy or escape unnoticed. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Dexterity + Stealth. Each success adds one to others' difficulty to hear the Garou for one scene.

Silent Running (Level One) - Five thousand years of practice has taught the wererats a lot about hiding from unwanted attention. This Gift obscures a Ratkins path of travel to all methods of detection, supernatural or otherwise. Rat-spirits falsify evidence of where the Runner has been, laying false trails and obscuring existing ones. This not only makes use of the Tracking Ability difficult, but also counteracts methods like the Rite of the Questing Stone.
System: Spend one Gnosis, call out to your characters totem for aid, and roll Intelligence + Subterfuge. Each success raises the difficulty of a tracking roll by 1, to a maximum of 10; each additional successes beyond that subtracts a success from any tracking roll used to find the character.

Silent Sending (Level One) -While Rokea dislike keeping secrets, the Darkwaters recognize that the Dimwaters and Brightwaters simply dont need to know all the disturbing things that the mad ones see. This Gift allows the Rokea to use the Sending selectively, rather than simply broadcasting a message. Remora-spirits teach this Gift.
System: The player rolls Intelligence + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6) to activate the Gift. If successful, the player may choose who receives her characters Sendings for the remainder of the scene.

Silent Stalking (Level One) This common trick allows a Bastet to move without making any sound. Even squeaky or shifting surfaces, like wooden floors or piled twigs, can be passed over without noise.
System: The player rolls Dexterity + Stealth, difficulty 5. Failure renders the Gift unusable for the rest of the scene. Note that this Gift doesnt make the werecat himself invisible or silent in any way, nor will it prevent any damage (broken twigs, for instance) in his wake it stifles the sound of his footsteps, nothing more.

Smell of Man (Level One) Creatures of the wild have learned well that where man goes, death follows. With this Gift, the werewolf enhances the human scent around him greatly, causing wild animals to feel uneasy and nervous. However, the scent also causes domestic animals to recognize the werewolf as their master. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: All wild animals (not including supernatural creatures in animal form) lose one die from their dice pools when within 20 feet of the Garou (save when defending themselves or running away), and they are likely to flee. All domesticated animals recognize the werewolf as a friend and refuse to harm him. For example, an attack-trained dog ordered to take down the werewolf would run up to the character and wag its tail. If the domesticated animal is harmed, then it will revert to acting naturally. The Garou may use this Gift at will. She simply states when she is activating it or turning it off.



Smell Poison (Level One) - As a survival skill, Ratkin have learned to sniff out poisons. When a Ratkin discovers that someone is trying to poison a member of his deceit, he may decide to return the blessing upon the would-be poisoner. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit.
System: By spending a point of Gnosis, the wererat can sense any poisonous or toxic material nearby. A successful Perception + Medicine roll may give an insight into the nature of the poison involved; with five successes, it even reveals the identity of the would-be murderer. As another application, the Ratkin can seek out chemicals near by that can be used as poisons.

Snakes Skin (Level One) - The Nuwisha sheds a layer of skin and flesh (and instantly regenerates it), allowing her to slip free of bonds or even grappling opponents. A snake-spirit teaches th.15 Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6). Success allows the character to slip free of imost bonds, and any successes on the   roll are added to any roll made to escape a hold (see page 209 of Werewolf). Additional rolls might be required to escape more complex traps.

Sniffle (Level One) - Having trouble seeing an invisible enemy? To use this Gift, the Plague Lord places a pinch of dust on his palm and blows. He may direct the germladen cloud around the room, seeking the invisible. The first person it makes contact with must make a nasty Willpower roll to avoid sneezing, coughing, and wheezing from a temporary bout with a nasty cold.
System: Sacrifice a point of Gnosis to your Disease-spirit and procure a handful of powder. Roll Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty 6). You have a number of turns to find your opponent equal to your number of successes on this roll. Each turn, the cloud of germs travels up to five yards. If your opponent is in the area of the cloud, he must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) to avoid giving away his position with a loud outburst.

Skin of Jade (Level One) Willing himself solid, a Khan might turn his skin to the hardness of jade. Its said that the spirit of the rock itself taught this Gift to Yu Kwan, a warrior in the service of the alchemist Ko Hung.
System: By spending a Willpower point and rolling Gnosis (difficulty 7), the tiger gains an additional two dice to his soak rolls. This Gift lasts one scene.

Song of Kokopelli (Level One) - This gift allows the Nuwisha to ensure that everone within hearing range of the Some reamins calm and sedate.  This gift may cancel the frenzy of an opponent, but only for as long as the Nuwisha continues to sing.  This gift is taught by a Gaffling in service to Coyote.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Preformance, with a varying of difficulty depending on the situation.  Each individual may attempt to resist this effect with a Willpower roll, difficulty 6.  The difficulty to resist the song's effects is increaded by one for every success that player has in his initial roll.  The Nuwisha's "singing" may be vocal, or any musical insterment from popes to drums.  The Gift lasts as long as the Nuwisha's song.



Speed of Thought (Level One) The Garou doubles her running speed. A roadrunner- or cheetah-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The Gift lasts until the end of the scene.For a Mokole, they spend 2 Gnosis, to activate land speed.

Spirits Sight (Level One) Although werecats cannot normally travel through the Gauntlet, this Gift allows them to see through it for a short time. Plenty of good secrets can be discovered this way, but the Gifts effects tend to frustrate the hell out of the Bastet who cant get through, like a cat watching a bird on the other side of a window.
System: The player rolls Perception + Awareness (difficulty of the local Gauntlet) and spends one Gnosis point to look into the Penumbra. The Gift lasts one scene and ends if the Bastet is knocked unconscious.

Spirits of Laughter (Level One) - This Gift allows the Midnight Sun to invoke Laughter-spirits which make everything seem funny. A Mockingbird-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The MokolC spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis. The difficulty is 6 for friends, 7 for strangers, 9 for enemies. For each success, one remark that someone makes will cause everyone to laugh merrily.

Spirit Speech (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to communicate with encountered spirits. The Garou is thus able to address them whether they wish to be addressed or not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit from ignoring the Theurge or leaving. Any spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: Once learned, this Gift allows the Garou to understand the communication of spirits intuitively. Particularly alien spirits may be difficult or, in the case of many Banes, outright painful to understand.

Stash Cache (Level One) - Ratkin arent usually big on personal possessions. Many prefer to keep everything they need a knapsack, a briefcase, or their pockets. When they need to hide these meager items, some prefer to step sideways for just an instant, finding a little hidey-hole where they can stash their stuff. The hiding place might be a little Umbral tunnel, a hiding place guarded by a Rat-spirit, or just some space between the spirit world and physical world. Rat-spirits teach this Gift, but only if they can score a portion of the Ratkins stash from time to time; they may well exact a slight payment from your first stash cache.
System: Roll permanent Gnosis; the difficulty is the local Gauntlet. If you succeed, youve found a clever little place to stash an object smaller than a backpack or knapsack. The number of successes suggests the number of days you can probably keep it there safely. Wait too long, and your valuables will likely either be snagged by a Wyld-spirit, calcified by a Weaver-spirit, or spoiled by a Bane.

Sticky Paws (Level One) -

Sting of Sleep (Level One)

Stolen Moments (Level One) - The Ananasi can rob a victim of the most recent few minutes of memories, a handy ability for dealing with anyone who discovers something the werespider wishes to keep hidden, such as her existence or the location of her Sylie.
System: The Ananasi must touch the intended individual. The player spends one Gnosis point, and must succeed in a Gnosis roll (difficulty of the targets Willpower). Success steals the last 15 minutes of the targets memories.

Stonesight (Level One) - The Gurahl may look through a piece of stone or rock to see its potential or composition.
System: The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Each success reveals a piece of information about the stone.

Storm of Pests (Level One) By singing a plea to Tzinzie and his kind, a werejaguar can call up a cloud of mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, or some equally obnoxious bugs. These creatures dont so much damage as distract their prey, although they might, at the Storyteller option, carry diseases like malaria or yellow fever. By drawing the victims attention to the biting pests, the Balam may prepare either an ambush or an escape.
System: The jaguars player rolls Manipulation + Survival. In most rainforests or coastal areas, the difficulty is 5. In other places, the difficulty rises to 7, and goes to 9 in areas where bugs are scarce. For each success, an area roughly 10 feet square is filled with flying bugs, reducing all Dice Pools by 2 for one turn per success. After that, the insects disperse. The cat is not immune to bug bites, but usually knows what to expect and can act normally.



Strange Blood (Level One) - The Rokea can smell the blood of a target and identify them as a supernatural being. Rokea often use this Gift to identify other Rokea at a distance, which helps to prevent embarrassing mishaps (like eating a fellow wereshark) . A shark-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Perception + Primal- Urge (difficulty 7). Success identifies the target as either a Rokea, a mundane being (be it fish, human, or whatever) or a supernatural being. The Rokea doesn't automatically know what the being is that is, the Storyteller should not say "He's a vampire," rather, she should describe what the Rokea smells ("His blood smells thick and clotted, as though all clumped together instead of flowing"). The Rokea can learn to recognize different beings by their scents.

Submit (Level One) The second trick in a rulers arsenal is the ability to make his subjects obey whether they want to or not. By mastering their bodies, a Simba can force others to fall to their knees or roll over on their backs in submission. They can say whatever they like, but their reactions betray their cowardice!
System: Like the Philodox Gift: Roll Over, although Simba of Ranks One or Two will have to spend two Gnosis to use it. The Gift wont change a targets mind, but it will master his body if the player rolls at least three successes in a resisted Willpower roll (difficulty 7). This lasts one turn per success. Simba are immune to this Gift if it is used by one of their kind.

Survival (Level One) - The rat does not need food or water for a full day. Just as the kangaroo rat can sustain himself with seeds he finds in the desert, the Ratkin can improvise a method of forestalling starvation. This Gift is taught by a Kangaroo Rat-spirit.
System: Thls requires the use of one Gnosis and a successful Wits + Survival roll. The difficulty depends on the mere proximity of food, even inaccessible food (3 for the basement of a supermarket; 6 for an urban area or forest Wilderness; 9 for a vast desert).

Swallow Rage (Level One) -This Gift allows the Child of Gaia to overcome her innate savagery, although at a dangerous cost. By use of this Gift, the Child may stop a frenzy and reduce her Rage by directing it inward. The inward battle is visible for several minutes and can take the form of a shuddering concentration or even a masochistic beating. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: When the Garou falls into frenzy, the player may make a reflexive Rage roll, difficulty 7; this Rage roll, unlike others, cannot in itself induce frenzy. Even one success on this roll immediately brings the werewolf out of frenzy. However, each success does one health level of lethal damage to the Garou, and reduces her temporary Rage by a similar amount. The player must decide at the moment of entering frenzy whether to use this Gift or not; once the Garou has fully succumbed to frenzy, she cannot focus enough to use this Gift.

Sweet Hunters Smile (Level One) With a charming look, the werecat wins his target over; if that look shifts into a snarl or a stare, the victim feels uneasy and may back away, intimidated.
System: By rolling Manipulation + Primal-Urge, the Bastet adds a die to all subsequent Social rolls for the remainder of the scene. This only works on one target at a time. Difficulty is the subjects Willpower if shes hostile to the werecat, 6 in most situations, and 4 if shes already inclined to like or fear him. At Storytellers option, the player may add two dice if he scores four successes or more.

Swollen Tongue (Level One) -With a touch, the Nuwishacan stop a target from speaking. The targets tongue swells, preventing her from making any sounds beyond frantic grunts and moans. A spider-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The character must touch the target. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the victims Willpower). Normally, the target is prevented only from speaking, but if the player rolls three or more successes, the targets hand shakes uncontrollably and she cannot sign or write. Swollen Tongue lasts for one scene



Tailbiter's Mumble (Level One) - - The Mokole may bite her tail in her mouth and roll any distance desired as quickly as her human form runs. This Gift is taught by Hoopsnake.
System: The Mokol6 must be in Suchid or Archid, and spend a Willpower point; apart from that, the movement bonuses are automatic.

Tagalong (Level One) Commonly used by Bone Gnawers residing in a sept controlled by other tribes, this Gift ingratiates the Bone Gnawer to a pack's or caern's totem for a short time. While the Gift is in effect, the Gnawer is treated as a member of a pack with regards to using the totem's blessings and any pack tactics the pack knows. If used on a caern totem, the totem looks favorably upon the Bone Gnawer. The Gnawer may then perform the Rite of the Opened Caern, if he knows it, without fear of retribution. A lost-dog-spirit, a spirit servant of Rat, teaches this Gift.
  System: The Bone Gnawer must know the name of the totem in question. He must also prostrate himself before the caern's center or the pack's leader and wiggle forward on his stomach like a begging dog. The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. The difficulty varies based on the totem's opinion of the Bone Gnawer, which is left to the Storyteller's discretion. Success indicates that the character gains the previously mentioned benefits for one day, and that the totem will not look favorably on a Garou who mistreats the Bone Gnawer without cause. This Gift usually won't cause any bad feelings from the sept or pack in question as long as the Bone Gnawer minds his manners. However, using it too often certainly will.

Tale Spinning (Level One) - Using this amazing ability, the Ratkin can tell an elaborate story defying all reason and logic, and tell it so convincingly that the listener believes it is true. Telling the story absorbs an entire scene.
System: Bum one Gnosis and roll the Munchmausens Manipulation + Expression. The most educated or skeptical listener makes an Intelligence roll to resist; for each success, he can stop the Ratkin at any point and ask him one question that should derail the story entirely. (But sir, there is tw air on the moon! quoth he. To which I replied, Ah, but you are mistaken! The cheese has hoks, does it not?) Regardless, if the tale-teller has more successes than the listener, the Gift succeeds and the Moon Mouse makes it to the end of his story. Optionally, the listener may write down his number of successes on a piece of paper and pass it to the Storyteller; the Munchmausen doesnt find out the results until his story is over.

Talk (Level One) - This Gift permits the Mokol6 to speak any human language he knows while in Suchid or Archid form. This Gift is taught by a Bird-spirit.
System: No roll is necessary; the Mokol6 becomes automatically capable ofspeech in all forms. With a successful Mnesis roll, difficulty 8, the Mokol6 can also speak any of the other BCtes languages for the duration of a scene.

Tireless Running (Level One) - Young Silent Striders quickly learn the need for extraordinary speed and stamina - often the messages that even untested youths are asked to carry cannot wait for the message bearer to sleep or eat. A Garou with this Gift can run from moonrise to moonrise subsisting on nothing more than her spiritual energy, crossing almost four hundred miles, but as soon as she breaks her run she must eat and rest. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point. The character (who must be in Lupus form) may long run for twenty-four hours without the player making a Stamina roll. After twenty-four hours, and each twenty-four hour period thereafter, the player must spend one point of Gnosis and one point of Willpower to allow the character to continue running; otherwise, she must stop. Whenever the character stops running, for whatever reason, she suffers -2 dice to all pools until she has a chance to eat and rest, unless she has run a number of hours that is less than her Stamina.

Treeclimber (Level One) By extending and sharpening his claws, then invoking this Gift, a Bastet may travel up or down any vertical surface, from tree bark to concrete. Leopards excel at climbing, and most kuasha teach this secret first.
System: Climbing this way requires a Dexterity + Athletics roll. Really hard or slippery surfaces, like ice or steel, are difficulty 8, while easy ones like rock or bark are at difficulty 6. A character traveling this way moves at 10 feet a turn or so, and may have to make new rolls if the circumstances change (in an avalanche, for example).

Treesnakes Blessing (Level One) -



Trick Shot (Level One) This Gift, once an acquired taste, has undergone a recent surge in popularity. It allows the Garou to execute brilliant feats of sharpshooting, such as shooting a weapon from an opponent's hand or firing down the barrel of an enemy's gun. The Garou cannot use this Gift to harm an opponent directly, however, and he can use Trick Shot only with rifles or pistols. Air-spirits teach this Gift.
  System: The player adds the character's permanent Glory rating to his dice pool when performing a really outlandish shooting trick. Again, this Gift does not allow direct damage to targets ("I'll shoot him between the eyes!"), but it can be used to injure opponents indirectly. ("I'll shoot the rope that's holding the chandelier over his head!") The effects are permanent.

True Intentions (Level One) - Similar to the Philodox Gift: Truth of Gaia, this Gift allows the Dimwater to determine a target's goal during any given action. For example, if used on a human wading after young sharks in the shallows, the Gift shows the Rokea what the human plans to do with them. True Intentions does not work on spoken words, only on actions, and is taught by a spirit-servant of Sea.
System: The player rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Manipulation + Subterfuge). Multiple successes grant slightly greater understanding of the target's motivations behind his actions (e.g., whether he is being coerced).

Truth of Gaia/Sense the Truth/Truth of Olodumare (Level One) As judges of the Litany, Philodox have the ability to sense whether others have spoken truth or falsehood. A Gaffling of Falcon teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty of the subject's Manipulation + Subterfuge). This Gift reveals only whether the target speaks the truth or lies.

Turned Fur (Level One) As the Wendigo Gift: Camouflage, save that the cat must discard any clothing and gear before the Gift takes effect the lynx is the only thing that changes color.

Ultimatum (Level One) -By pitting his will against an opponents, the Gurahl may reduce his enemys actions to two options. (Fight me now or flee like a rabbit!)
System: The Gurahl must get the opponents attention. The two then engage in an opposed Willpower roll. Success means that the Gurahl may present the enemy with two options and the opponent may take no action not specified by the Gurahl. The Gurahl cannot make one or both demands clearly suicidal to his opponent.

Unseen Attack (Level One) - If the Brightwater can approach her target without being seen, she may attack without fear of retaliation. All her victim will feel is a stirring in the waters behind him... and then teeth. This Gift is taught by a shark-spirit.
System: The Rokea must approach her prey undetected this requires the player to succeed in a Wits + Stealth roll (difficulty varies by how perceptive the target is; Storyteller's discretion). She then attacks first, no matter how high her opponent's initiative. The opponent cannot attempt to dodge this attack. Once the Rokea has attacked with this Gift, she may not normally do so again in the same scene (unless she can somehow get out of sight and sneak up on the target again).

Ursa's Cleansing (Level One)

Ursas Light (Level One) - The Gurahl may draw down the light of the stars for illumination or a directional beacon.
System: The Gurahl reaches toward the sky while the player makes a Charisma + Occult roll. Success produces a soft light that illuminates a 100 square area or sends a direction beacon 100 yards. If Ursa Major or Minor is in the ky, the effect is doubled.

Virulent Curse of Hatred (Level One) -As the Level Two Warrior Gift: Curse of Hatred, but with a few distinct differences. The victims Traits are reduced by a simulation of the Plague Lords favorite disease. Players are encouraged to research their favorite afflictions; the game mechanics, however, always remain the same.
System: Spend one Rage and roll Manipulation + Expression; the difficulty is the victims Willpower. With at least one success, the victim loses two Willpower points and two Rage points. This can only be attempted once per scene. This is an Epidemic Gift, and can be spread to more than one victim with the Plague Lord Gifr: Epidemic Contagion.

Visage of Fenris (Level One) The Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Only one success is necessary to affect non-Garou and Garou of equal rank. To affect Garou of higher rank, the player must score a number of successes equal to twice the difference of rank between the Garou and the target. For example, for a Rank 1 Garou to affect a Rank 5 Garou would require eight successes (not very likely). Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble (-1 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls). Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve necessary to fight such a monster (losing one from their initiative ratings). This Gift lasts for one scene.



Voice of the Mimic (Level One) -This Gift allows the Cora to imitate any sound or voice she has heard. Voices and accents are all covered by the scope of the Gift, as are machine noises, crashes, gunfire and any other noise you can imagine. Voice of the Mimic is taught by a mynah-spirit.
System: The Gift requires a Perception + Expression (or Mimicry) roll, with the difficulty based on the complexity of the sound.

Voice of Woe (Level One)

Walk Like a Man (Level One) - A Gurahl in Ursine, Bjornen or Crinos form may use this Gift to leave human footprints instead of bear prints.
System: The player rolls Dexterity + Stealth. One success causes the Gift to last for one scene; additional successes extend the duration on a one for one basis.

Wanderers Boon/Breakfast of Stones (Level One) Travel is hard, especially given theSpartan ways of the Pumonca. This Gift allows a cougar to adapt to changing climates quickly, or to ignore the pangs of hunger or thirst for some time. Bird and Bear-spirits pass this Gift along.
System: By rolling Stamina + Survival and spending a Willpower point, the player allows her werecat to do one of the following things: ignore the worst effects of normal heat and cold for a week; go one day without water; or go three days without food. The difficulty for the roll is 6, although harsh conditions (blizzards, droughts, heat waves, etc.) can raise it by two or more. The Gift can be repeated, but the difficulty rises by one each time its performed in succession. Wanderers Boon (Level One) Travel is hard, especially given theSpartan ways of the Pumonca. This Gift allows a cougar to adapt to changing climates quickly, or to ignore the pangs of hunger or thirst for some time. Bird and Bear-spirits pass this Gift along.
System: By rolling Stamina + Survival and spending a Willpower point, the player allows her werecat to do one of the following things: ignore the worst effects of normal heat and cold for a week; go one day without water; or go three days without food. The difficulty for the roll is 6, although harsh conditions (blizzards, droughts, heat waves, etc.) can raise it by two or more. The Gift can be repeated, but the difficulty rises by one each time its performed in succession.

Water-Conning (Level One) -The Child may purify water by dipping her hand or bowing her forehead to the surface. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift as a sign of his favor.
System: The Garou touches the surface and rolls Perception + Primal-Urge. Water that is poisoned by animal dung or parasites has a 5 difficulty. The difficulty is 7 for chemical waste and 9 for Wyrm-taint. Each success purifies enough water for one person for one day.

Weaver Sense (Level One)



Web Haven (Level One) - The Damhan creates a haven for the night, usually within their normal dwelling as an added level of security. This webbing anchors in the material world as well as in the Umbra, and works primarily as an early warning alarm against potential attacks and as a warning that potential meals are nearby. This web must be spun, but it does not appear as a regular web unless the Ananasi wants it to. It remains invisible to mundane senses, blending into the background.
System: The werespider must spend one blood point to create the web (unless in Crawlerling form) and make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 7. The web covers roughly 100 feet per success. The anchor points for this web can be anywhere at all, even in thin air. Anything touching this webbing sends vibrations to the Ananasi, warning them of approach. This web offers no physical defenses against attack.

Web of Smoke (Level One) - This Gift creates a simple trap made from webbing. Once the webbing is disturbed, it dissolves into a thick, noxious black smoke, which obscures the vision and smells worse than a hundred  or so rotted eggs. While not effective as a weapon, it has stopped many creatures from getting too far into an Ananasi's lair.
System: The werespider spends one blood point. The web is not sticky, and can appear as simple as a mass of cobweb, or as an intricate, thick-stranded web obviously designed to keep out or capture intruders. Once anything touches this web with enough force to break any of the strands, the web explodes into a thick dark cloud of smoke, momentarily blinding anything in the immediate vicinity and causing a foul odor. Anyone caught in the cloud must roll Stamina, difficulty 8, or immediately go into a convulsive fit of vomiting for one turn per point of the spinner's permanent Gnosis.

Wind Beneath My Wings (Level One) -This Gift, originated by a Pteranodon Mokole, helps Mokole travel more easily by marchingorflying in formations. The strength of the whole group can serve to help each member. This Gift is taught by Goose.
System: The Mokok assembles her fellow travelers in a line (for marching) or V formation (for flying) and rolls Stamina + Gnosis, difficulty 7. The number of successes is the number of travelers who can share the Stamina of the strongest member of the group (who will usually take the lead). If the formation is broken, the extra Stamina disappears. A botch reduces a group member to 1 Stamina.

Wolf at the Door (Level One) Some humans can't just be splattered all over the nearest tree. Some of them have to be taught a lesson and left alive, for whatever reason. However, the Red Talons know how to make the message stick. This Gift induces a terrible dread of and respect for the forest, and makes a human target afraid to tamper with it in any way. Any predator spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou must make eye contact with the target, but he can be in any form when she does so. The player then rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The effects last for one day per success. During this time, the human must roll Willpower to leave his home, and he may not go near anything resembling a forest without spending a Willpower point. If the human does leave home, he is shaky and fearful until he returns, and his player loses two dice from all Mental and Social dice pools. This Gift functions on Kinfolk, mages, ghouls and other "supernatural" humans, but the difficulty increases by two to a maximum of 10.

Word Beyond (Level One) - When traveling through the Umbra, Corax often feel the need to leave information for their fellow birds. After all, its common courtesy to inform a relative that the old safe road now leads right into a nest of Pattern Spiders, right? Unfortunately, theres a dearth of writing materials in the Umbra, which means only that the Corax had to find an alternate method of leaving their missives. Thats where this Gift - which allows a Corax to create arecognizable sigil out ofwhatevers handy - comes in. A spirit in service to Coyote teaches this Gift (when he feels like it).
System: In the Umbra, the Corax (by rolling Wits + Expression, difficulty 6) can create a marker out of available materials for any other Corax who come by. The number of successes indicates the complexity of the message that can be encrypted into the marker, which can be decrypted by another Corax rolling Perception + Occult (difficulty 7).

Wyld Sense (Level One) -

Wyrm Sense (Level One) -The ahi becomes attuned to the presence of the Wyrm in all its forms. Banes, fomori, certain vampires (those  with a Humanity Trait below 7), Black Spiral werewolves, and ( other creatures corrupted by the Wyrm become glaringly obvious, by the spiritual stench the Nagah can taste in the air around her. From the physical world, she can sense Wyrm spirits in the.: surrounding Penumbra.
System: As Weaver Sence  but attuned to the Wyrm. With three or more successes, it may (at the Storytellers discretion) reveal more subtle traces of corruption and decay, such as a tumor in a human body.

Wyrmling Kinship (Level One) - The user of this Gift can convince all Wyrm-affiliated creatures in a given area to consider her an ally, or at least to ignore her.
System: The character rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge, difficulty 8, to make the Wyrmlings more inclined to conversation, rather than violence. Each success reduces the difficulty of all Social rolls with the Wyrm's minions by 1. The Wyrmlings may attempt to resist this effect by rolling Willpower against a difficulty of 4 + the Ananasi's successes.

Xochipilli's Touch (Level One) - The Nuwisha using Xochipillis Touch brings luck to herself or to a target. Usually the luck is short-term, but whether that luck is good or bad is entirely in the hands of the Nuwisha. If the luck is good, a person might discover that her cancer was misdiagnosed and is actually only a thumbprint on the xray, or she might win the lottery. If the luck is bad, a tire might explode during a high-speed chase, or the person might get audited by the IRS. The Nuwisha has no control over how the luck will manifest, only whether the luck will be good or bad. This Gift is normally instantaneous, but can take several hours to manifest, at the Nuwishas discretion. This Gift is taught by an Epiphling of Luck or a Gaffling in service to Xochipilli.
System: The player rolls Wits + Enigmas, difficulty 7. The Storyteller has complete control over how Xochipillis Luck manifests itself, but the player may increase the luck to levels that seem almost miraculous by spending a Gnosis point.





(Two Level Two)

Ancestral Wings (Level Two) According to their folklore, the Balam were once two tribes. One of the original families, the Olioiuqui, had wings. By digging into this ancestral past, a werejaguar can invoke their gift and fly for short distances.
System: The player rolls Intelligence + Primal-Urge against difficulty 8 and spends a Gnosis point. If successful, brightlycolored wings burst from the Balams shoulders and carry him aloft. While winged, the cat can fly at 15 yards per turn in any form, and may carry up to 200 pounds of additional weight. This Gift lasts for one scene (or one half-hour), after which the wings atrophy and harmlessly drop off.

Arachnophobia (Level Two) - The Kumoti may inflict an irrational fear of spiders on her victim; natural arachnophobes are especially susceptible.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty of the targets Willpower). The effect lasts for one day per success, though victims may spend a point of Willpower to negate the fear for one turn per point. Characters already afraid of spiders become catatonic until removed from the site of a spider.

Awe (Level Two) - As the Silver Fang Gift. ((So far found there is no gift with this name))

Axis Mundi (Level Two) - By attuning himself to the land, the Mokol6 can learn precisely where Sun is in relation to Earth. A Sun-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point; the Gift automatically grants knowledge of the exact time, season, the Mokol6s placement on the Earth, and the direction that he is facing.

Banish Burning (Level Two) This Gift became necessary during the Madness, when sorcerers and witch-hunters both tossed cats on the pyre to please demons and God. With it, the Ceilican may protect herself or a companion from normal fire. While the Moon Mother and Mistress of Catkind originated this Gift, Burning Cat teaches it as well.
System: Before the Bastet meets the flames, the player must roll Gnosis (difficulty 7) and spend one Willpower point to protect the Bastet. If she succeeds, no nonmagical fire will hurt the Bastet for the Gifts duration. Magical fires reduce their effects by one Health Level for every success. Banish Burning lasts one scene, and does nothing to protect the cat from smoke inhalation, oxygen deprivation or falling debris.

Bask (Level Two)

Beastmind (Level Two) The Garou can reduce the mental faculties of his victim to that of an animal for a short time. An avatar of Griffin leaches this Gift.
  System: The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The effects last for one turn per success, during which the target listens to only his most base instincts and behaves like a wild animal.

Beneath Notice (Level Two) - Through the use of this Gift, the Ananasi is able to blend any one object or small group of objects into the surrounding area, coating them in a weblike substance that takes on the color and texture of the things around it. Any character not actively searching the area overlooks the item as a natural part of the surroundings.
System: The character must expend one Gnosis point, and make a successful Manipulation + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 6). The number of successes equals the number of successes that an active searcher must exceed to notice the item.

Blinding Moonbeam Gaze (Level Two) By calling upon Mother Seline, the werecat shoots bright beams of moonlight from her eyes. These dont inflict real damage, but can blind or distract an opponent, and provide illumination as well. Superstitious people often run away when confronted with a giant moon-eyed cat.
System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7). The light blasts forth on the next turn, and lasts for one turn per success. The moonlight offers the illumination of a high-powered flashlight, and can blind an opponent during his next turn if hes surprised and hit in the eyes with the light (Dexterity + Brawl, difficulty 8).

Blinding Spit (Level Two) -If the Anana Sihit Sher victims face with her venomous spittle, she blinds her target temporarily. This effec 1 does no real Physical damage but causes the eyes to stink: during the blindness.
System: The P ht r spends one blood Point and rolls Dexterity + Melee (ditficulty 8). Success blinds the victim for a number of turns equal to the successes rolled.

Blissful Ignorance/Secret Serpent/Become Log (Level Two) The Garou can become completely invisible to all senses, spirits or monitoring devices by remaining still. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift. The Mokole must be on a forest floor, in a stream or lake, or in another environment familiar to his varna. This Gift is taught by an Alligator-spirit.
  System: The Garou's player rolls Dexterity + Stealth (difficulty 7). Each success subtracts one success from the Perception + Alertness rolls of those looking for the character actively. If no one is doing so, then just one success indicates complete concealment.

Blood of Illusion (Level Two) - Much like the Gift: Blood of Pain, this Gift converts a werespider's blood into an unusual toxin. In this case, the Ananasi's ichor induces hallucinations in anyone that ingests it.
System: Afflicted characters must make a Willpower roll (difficulty of the Ananasi's Gnosis) or be trapped in the hallucinations. Although the exact nature of the hallucination is up to the Storyteller, there's a chance that the Hatar can influence the vision with a quick whispered suggestion. The illusion is entirely real to the affected target, but cannot cause damage of its own, though characters can be deluded into harming themselves (for example, if they're compelled to leap in front of an onrushing vehicle to save an "endangered friend"). The hallucination lasts for a number of turns equal to the Ananasi's Gnosis.

Blood Omen (Level Two) -The Fox can divine the future by ritual sacrifice. Most commonly, the Fox will read the entrails of the victim, but there are also traditions of signs in burnt-offering smoke and scapulimancy. Legend has it that the Doshi stole this secret from the Black Spiral Dancers (who practice it with great enthusiasm using wolf, human, and Garou captives). The Sorcerers insist they never use hengeyokai (or wolves, or anyone's possible Kinfolk) for divination. As for humans, well in times of crisis Kitsune ask more questions of Gaia and fewer of each other.... Black Spiral Dancers find their answers through the power they serve; Doshi are extremely careful to dedicate the ceremony to Celestines, Incama and totems opposed to the Wyrm, influential in their area, and not offended by a little bloodshed.
System: The player rolls Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 9 difficulty 7 with humans or shen, shame on you), and spends one Gnosis. The more successes, the more detailed and accurate the Information provided the entity asked is willing and able to reveal the future. (Local spirits have local answers.)

Bolt (Level Two) - The Ej i can call on great forces to devastate his opponent. A lethal bolt of lightning, fire, ice, wind (or more exotic elementdepending on the teacher's nature) strikes the enemy. Elemental spirits teach this Gift.
System: The player sperl^jpage Rage point and rolls Dexterity + Occult (difficulty;!?). The target*"takes aggravated damage epgt|,to the number of successes.

Breath of Ananasa (Level Two)

Breaking the Tomorrow Wall (Level Two) - This is a foretelling Gift, taught by a Crane-spirit. It enables the MokolC to remember the future, however inaccurately.
System: The MokolC bums a bird feather; the player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Enigmas, difficulty 6. The MokolC can then peer beyond tomorrow and learn one vague insight per success rolled.

Burrow (Level Two) Those who learn this Gift gain the ability to burrow through the earth. They make a real tunnel, and others can follow them through it. The digger creates a burrow just large enough for her to go through. Others may follow, but they are limited by the size of the hole. The werewolf must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift as she needs her claws for digging (although even metis without claws can use this Gift). The tunnel is not structurally sound, and it will collapse over time. Mole kindly teaches this Gift to all metis who seek him.
  System: The player rolls Strength + Athletics against a difficulty depending on the substance to be excavated (4 for loose mud, 9 for solid rock). Some alloyed metals (such as titanium steel) and other reinforced structures will not yield to the werewolf no matter how hard she digs. The character can burrow one yard per turn for each success. After the initial roll, the character does not need to roll again to continue at the same speed.

Cajole (Level Two)

Call Spirits (Level Two) By speaking the ancient language of The-World-That-Was, a Bastet may communicate with nearby spirits as if they normally speak her language. This Gift weaves between the Gauntlet and the material world, and carries words both ways.
System: The player rolls Gnosis against the local Gauntlet. If shes standing inside the Penumbra already, no roll is necessary. Once she learns this Gift, the werecat understands spirit-speech for the rest of her life, although some truly alien spirits might be beyond normal comprehension.

Call of the Wyrm/Centipedes Beckoning (Level Two) This dangerous Gift actually attracts creatures of the Wyrm. Galliards typically use the Call to bait an ambush or to flush prey from hiding. Any spirit servant of Gaia can teach this Gift.
  System: The Garou's player makes a resisted roll of Manipulation + Performance against the Wyrm creature's Willpower (both rolls are difficulty 7). If the Wyrm creature loses the contest, it must come to the source of the Call.

Call to Duty (Level Two) Any spirit the Philodox knows by name is a potential servitor. With this Gift, the werewolf can summon and command any spirit she knows by name. Only one command is possible at a time, and the spirit departs after fulfilling the one request. An Incarna avatar teaches this Gift.
  System: Obviously, the Philodox must learn the spirit's name, which usually requires personal acquaintance or use of the Gift: Name the Spirit. The player rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty of the spirit's Willpower). If the player spends two Gnosis points, the werewolf can summon all Gaian spirits within one mile to protect or assist her, even if she does not know their names.

Calm/Clear the Mind (Level Two) This Gift imparts the secret of quelling the anger in others. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Each success removes one of the target's Rage points, which may be regained normally. If used on a creature that has the capacity to frenzy but does not possess Rage (vampires, some fomori), the Gift cancels the frenzy if the player scores more successes that the target's Willpower.



Carrion's Call (Level Two) - As much as their other functions obscure the fact, the Corax still feed on - and are intimately linked to - death and the dead. Furthermore, the Corax have a nigh-sacred duty relating to the corpses of the slain that demands that Ravens children be able to find the freshly slaughtered. This Gift tells a Corax when a fresh corpse is nearby, and inexorably leads  the wereraven to the site where the body rests. This has its ups and downs - clever fomor are more than happy to murder innocents to attract the attention of Corax with this Gift. After all, once Carrions Call has been issued, the Corax has no choice but to eventually, somehow, respond. Carrions Call is taught by a Vulture-spirit.
System: A Corax can hear Carrions Call by rolling Perception + Empathy (difficulty 6) and spending a point of Gnosis. The Gifts range is up to a mile, and in case of extreme success, even further. While a Corax does not need to respond to Carrions Call immediately, he has no more than 24 hours in which to do so or else Raven himself will punish the Corax for dereliction of duty. This punishment takes the form of stripping the Corax of one permanent Honor Renown, as the transgressor has clearly ignored honors demands by refusing to heed the call.

Clap of Thunder (Level Two) The Garou slams her hands together and creates a mighty thunderclap that stuns those who hear it. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point. All characters within 10 feet, friend or foe, must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or be stunned and unable to act for one turn. On a botch, the effect lasts for one scene. The Garou must be in Homid, Glabro or Crinos form to use this Gift.

Climate Control (Level Two)

Cloak of Darkest Night (Level Two)

Command Spirit (Level Two) The Theurge can give simple commands to encountered spirits and expect a measure of compliance. This Gift does not grant the ability to summon spirits. It enables the user only to coerce them to obey. Any Incarna avatar can teach this Gift.
  System: The player must spend a Willpower point and roll Charisma + Leadership (difficulty of the spirit's Gnosis). Each successive command requires the expenditure of another Willpower point. Note that the Garou cannot command spirits to leave areas to which they have been bound. Doing so requires the Level Three Theurge Gift: Exorcism.

Command Snakes (Level Two)

Compel Truth (Level Two) -The Gurahl compels an individual to speak ths truth.
System: The player tolls Wits + Empathy (difficulty of the subjects Willpower) md spends apoint of Gnosis. Each success means that the target cannot lie for one minute.

Crawling Chaos (Level Two) - The Ratkin can skitter across  vertical surfaces with preternatural Ability.
The roll to climb a surface is Dexterity + Athletics, the difficulty depends on the surface, from 5 rough wood or stone to 9 for glass or ice.  The difficulty increses by one if the Ratkin is defying gravity. 

Crushing Deapths (Level Two) - This Gift allows the Rokea to inflict the pressure of the deeps on a target. The wereshark must lock eyes with this target, after which the target cannot move and can only stand still and fight to breathe. The wereshark, meanwhile, usually slowly closes the distance between herself and the target. This Gift is taught by a deep-sea fish spirit.
System: The Rokea must make eye contact with her victim. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). The player must make this roll each turn, and can take no other action except moving slowly (usually towards her victim). The target, on the other hand, can do nothing at all. The only way to escape the effects of this Gift is to frenzy, if the target is capable of doing so.

Curse of Aeolus/Hunters Mists/Breath of Yu-Chiang/ Indras Cloak (Level Two/Level One Bastet) The Fury calls up a thick, eerie fog that obscures vision and unnerves her opponents. The Fury can see through the fog, but all others have trouble navigating by sight. A spirit in service to Aeolus, the fog totem, teaches this Gift.
  System: The player makes a Gnosis roll. The difficulty varies according to the surrounding terrain and humidity: 4 near the sea, 6 under normal circumstances, 9 in a desert. The Black Fury can see normally, but others caught in this fog halve their Perception scores (with regards to sight only). The fog is quite unnerving, and everyone except the Fury and her packmates loses a die from all Willpower dice pools.



Curse of Hatred (Level Two) The metis may verbalize the hatred in her heart, disheartening opponents with the intensity other emotion. A spirit of hate teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty of the opponent's Willpower). If she succeeds, her opponent loses two Willpower points and two Rage points. This Gift may be used on an opponent only once per scene.

Cutting Wind (Level Two) The Garou conjures up a bitterly cold blast of wind and directs it at will. The wind can knock opponents off their feet, as well as chill them to the bone. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo itself teaches this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Willpower point. Directing the gust requires a Dexterity + Occult roll. Anyone hit by the wind loses two dice from all dice pools that turn, and one the next turn. The wind can also knock foes off ledges, into traffic or into pits. The wind's medium range is 20 yards, and it is modified as per the rules on firearms. The wind lasts for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled.

Cybersenses (Level Two) By studying both his natural senses and the sensory capabilities of machines, the Garou may exchange the former for the latter. He may choose to exchange normal hearing for radar, or ordinary sight for infrared or UV sight. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
  System: The player spends one Gnosis point per sense affected, and he rolls Perception + Science thereafter to activate the Garou's new senses. This Gift lasts for one scene.

Dance of Dionysis (Level Two) - The target of this Gift becomes uncoordinated and extremely dizzy. His vision blurs, his ears ring, and bystanders may think he is drunk. Speech is unaffected and reasoning is possible, but all physical difficulties are increased by three. This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.
System: The Nuwisha must touch her target, while the player spends one Gnosis and one Willpower point. This Gift lasts for one turn


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