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создание персонажа Раткин (увы, на английском)

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Ratkin: Were-Rats
Character Generation
• Ratkin have four Aspects, equivalent to Garou Aupices
Warrior Ahroun
Shadow Seer Theurge
Tunnel Runner Ragabash
Knife Skulker Philodox
• Ratkin may not buy the Backgrounds: Pure Breed or Past Life.
Other Notes
• All Ratkin are immune to disease, a legacy of the Birthing Plague that enables them to change form.
• Ratkin automatically possess the Gift: Axis Mundi, usable underground.
• Instead of using reflective surfaces, Ratkin enter the Umbra by stepping into shadows. By passing an Easy Simple Test, Ratkin may move through their own set of Umbral tunnels, avoiding all other Penumbral traffic.



Shape Changing
Ratkin have only two alternate forms: Crinos and Rodens (Rat). Common Traits exist in both non-Homid forms. Traits in italics are Negative Traits.
Common: Wiry, Quick, Rugged; Vigilant (Bestial x2, Obnoxious)
Crinos: Ferocious, Tough
Rodens: (Small)
• Ratkin have Heightened Senses in all forms, even Homid.
• Ratkin gain the Hispo bite bonuses in both Crinos and Rodens.
The Basic Gift "Axis Mundi" is known automatically by all Ratkin. Lupus and Silent Striders may purchase this Gift at standard cost for in-breed/tribe while other Changing Breed may learn it for normal out-of-tribe/auspice/breed cost.
• Attunement: as Bone Gnawer (Intermediate) Gift
• Cloak of Shadows: as Ragabash "Blissful Ignorance", except that the Ratkin is hidden in shadows. By spending a Gnosis Trait, the Ratkin may enter into an Extended Static Mental Challenge. Each success allows the Ratkin to cloak one additional individual (or object of equivalent size).
• Smell Poison: By passing a Static Mental Test, the Ratkin can detect the presence of any poison or disease in the immediate area.
• Shadow Throw: The Ratkin may wrap a dagger or arrow in magickal shadow, enabling it to inflict aggravated wounds when it hits a target. It costs one Rage Trait per item enhanced in this manner and the weapon must be used by the end of the next turn or the power fades.
• Dark Sight: By passing a Static Mental Test, the Ratkin can see in complete darkness or ignore any non-magical obscurement (fog, smoke, etc).
• Fly Feet: This Gift allows the Ratkin to walk on vertical surfaces by passing a Static Physical Test. The difficulty of the test is dependent upon the specific surface, through ceilings are always a Hard Test.
• Axis Mundi: This Gift allows the user to know their exact location and direction of travel. In addition, by passing a Static Mental Test, the user can find their way out of any normal maze. Ratkin may only use this underground, while Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are limited to city environments. All other Tribes, except Silent Striders, can only use this Gift in the wilderness.
• Back Bite: similar to the Galliard Gift "Bridge Walker", except that the Ratkin spends a Rage Trait rather than a Gnosis Trait. Use of this Gift does allow for a surprise attack.
• Call Kinfolk: similar to the Lupus Gift "Beast Life", except that only rats (initially 5) are called. The Ratkin enters into an Extended Static Social Test, with each success doubling the number of rats called (10, 20, 40, etc).
• Gnaw: as Lupus Gift
• Mind of the Tunnels: as the Metis Gift "Mental Speech", except that the Static Mental Test is only required to contact targets outside the normal range. This Gift may only be used to reach other Ratkin, though Narrators may allow other characters who share Rat as a Totem to be reached if the sender passes another Static Mental Test.
• Squeeze: By spending a Gnosis Trait, the Ratkin may bypass any door, wall or other obstacle by squeezing through the Umbra. For each success on an Extended Static Physical Test, the Ratkin may bring one other person along.



• Perfect Poison: as Lupus Gift "Venom", except that the victim suffers one Health Level of damage per minute and the wounds are aggravated. In addition, the Ratkin may lick a blade to coat the weapon in this toxin, to the same effect. A weapon thus treated retains the toxin for up to an hour.
• Plague Bite: as Lupus Gift "Venom", except that the disease inflicted causes aggravated wounds.
In addition to some of the common Rites used by Garou, Ratkin have access to a few rituals unique to them.
• Birthing Plague (Accord) : This Rite allows a prospective Ratkin Kinfolk to attempt their First Change by summoning the Rat Totem to bite the subject. It is entirely up to the Storyteller whether this Rite will be successful, or if the victim will die of the plague.
• Purified Body (Accord) : By spending a Gnosis Trait, the Ratkin may cleanse a target of all toxins. A variant of this Rite is thought to exist which instead cures all normal diseases (though the Birthing Plague is unaffacted).
• Bolt-Hole (Mystical) : as Glass Walker (Advanced) Gift "Long Running", except that the amount of reduction is determined by an Extended Static Mental Test. The Ratkin (and other others who travel with her) pass through secret Umbral tunnels and thus avoid all other Umbral traffic.
• Pain Dagger (Mystical) : This enables the Ratkin to enchant a specially prepared bladed weapon (sword, dagger, etc). Once enchanted the weapon oozes minute amounts of poison at all times, inflicting aggravated wounds. This Rite costs two Gnosis Trait to perform: one to enchant the blade and another to attune it to a particular Ratkin, who is thereafter not affected by the poison on that weapon



The Ratkin have always been the skulkers-in-shadows, the outcast, the unwanted. Wherever they live, they impede human civilization. Their original job was to keep a watch on the humans and make sure they didn't grow too far great. They ate surplus grain to keep the humans from growing out of control. They used to play with urban Faeries and befriend the Bone Gnawers and the vampires who would have them, but they all knew
their noble purpose and never shied from it. Protectors of man. Shepherds of man.
Until the wolves decided they were Gaia's gift to human• kind, that they would enforce their law and their will with tooth and claw instead of subtlety and natural selection.
The Ratkin were herded together and slain en masse. Only a few of the children of the Rat were left alive, and those went into hiding, burrowing deep into the wainscoting of the city. They learned to live where no-one else would live: in the empty, forgotten buildings of the city, the ruins, the hollow walls.
The race of Ratkin have grown steadily more and more bestial over the years, since it is much easier for them to mate with one of their rodent cousins than it is to seduce a human. They are among the ugliest of Gaia's children. They seethe with Rage, with anger against those who have vanquished them, with anger against those who dwell in the sunlight realm.
They remain outside society, seeking only to protect themselves and stay alive. They found that the Bone Gnawers still did not bear them ill will, and soon forged a lasting alliance with them. The Bone Gnawers held them in religious respect, believing them avatars from Rat himself. The Ratkin still believe the Garou cheated them of their birthright as protectors of humanity. Still, they feel they are the lords of the shadow city, the
warriors of those who dwell in the sewers. From time to time their rage boils up and they attack Garou, leeches, and humans alike.

The Ratkin have one tightly-knit den. Every Ratkin knows every other Ratkin. There are so few left that it is easy to know most of the others, and tales are told of the elder wanderers who are rarely seen. They have family reunions every once in a while, usually held in the largest human city they can find: Tokyo, New York, Singapore. The eldest rule, but all Ratkin are essentially bound only by their family ties. Regardless of their actual relations, they tend to adopt new familial titles like Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, Brother, deciding in some
complex and mysterious way where they all fit in the Ratkin "family tree."
The Ratkin often hire themselves out as assassins. They are not hard-bought: their needs for survival are many. They will accept money or barter for an assignment to slay a Garou, a vampire, or a mage. The only time they will not attempt the assassination is if Rat himself warns them away.
Ratkin are hardened, and have grown to hate most of humanity, Garou, the leeches and mages. Wererats have turned their back on Gaia, since they feel She has tumed Her back on them, and seek only to survive the upcoming Apocalypse. Their curiosity as a race is the only thing that prevents them from leaving Gaia to
whatever fate she may suffer -- that, and the fact that deep in their collective psyche lies the hope that Gaia (or the Garou) will one day come to them and plead for aid. It is said that a lost tribe of Ratkin left Gaia many years ago for another realm, where they now live as lords and ladies. This realm, called Paradise, is believed mythical by most Ratkin.
Only those few rats, metis, or homid Ratkin who survive the birthing plague can be wererats. See the Rite of the Birthing Plague below for more details.

The Umbra
Ratkin move through the Umbra by stepping through Shadows, just as Garou step sideways. They have a network of rat-tunnels through the Umbra that are so small as to be undetectable by Garou, tunnels that stretch from city to city and span across the entire world. Otherwise, they don't spend much time in the Umbra.

All Ratkin have Rat as their totem, though some have been recruited by Grandfather Thunder. See
description in the Werewolf pack Totems section. Some Ratkin have as their totem a City Father, depending on the city on which they live.

The Ratkin speak in a language of clicks, squeaks, and barely audible whispers. Their language is always spoken quietly, and few outsiders perceive it as anything other than random noise. Some Ratkin have learned to speak the Bone Gnawer's version of the Garou tongue.

The Ratkin live in the ruined parts of the city. They usually stay in rat form, since rats usually have an easy time hiding from humanity. They fearlessly protect their domains, and anyone who threatens them will feel the bite of their pain-daggers.
Character Creation
Beginning Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: 3 points, no Pure Breed, Past Life, or Allies; no Resources over 2




Homid: a Ratkin born of a human parent.
Beginning Gnosis: 1

Metis: a Ratkin born of Ratkin parents.
Beginning Gnosis: 5
Ratkin can mate freely with whomever they choose. It is well known that a metis Ratkin has less of a chance to survive the Birthing Plague, and so there are fewer of this breed than others. Their natural form is Crinos, like other metis. Rodens: a Ratkin born of a rat parent.
Beginning Gnosis: 3
Rodens Ratkin can instantly shape-change into rats and speak in squeaky voices when in human shape.
The Ratkin have three basic forms: Homid, a Crinos half form, and a Rodens shape.
Homid: their human body. Basic stats as in Werewolf. Many of them have pinched features. They are all very short in this form.

Crinos: the Ratkin Crinos form is a lithe, extremely quick amalgam of rat and man. The Crinos' eyes are blood-red, and glow slightly in the dark.
Str. +1, Sta. +1, Dex. +4, Cha. -2, App. O, Per. +1; Diff. 6.
The bite of the Crinos form causes aggravated wounds (Str. +i ), but the claws cause normal damage. The Ratkin's pink tail becomes totally prehensile in this form, and may even wield weapons at +2 to the attack difficulty, the strength of the tail being roughly half the Strength attribute. Some Ratkin have been trained to untie knots with their tails. Rodens: the form favored by most Ratkin, it is that of a normal-looking wharf rat.
Str. -1, Sta. +2, Dex. +2, Cha. -3, Per. +3; Diff. 6.
Both the claws and the teeth of the Rodens form cause aggravated damage (Strength as damage).

Ratkin choose a specific career within the Ratkin community based on their talents and abilities, and
hallucinations they experience during their Rite of the Birthing Plague. They often have an apprenticeship with one of their Aspect to help them learn their Way. The Ratkin's Aspect defines what rites he knows and what his starting Rage is.

Warrior: Ratkin Warriors are the defenders of their kind, well-versed in combat. They usually they learn guerrilla tactics at the hands of their masters and learn to utilize the environment of the underground world to aid them in hunt and battle. They originated the Rite of the Pain-Dagger. A Ratkin is not considered an adult
Warrior until she makes her own such dagger.
Beginning Rage: 5



Tunnel Runner: Ratkin Runners are the messengers, scouts, and spies of the Ratkin. They are the originators of the Rite of the Bolthole, and know the secret means from traveling from city to city. Curiously enough, some Runners "adopt" a Bone Gnawer or Nosferatu out of a strange combination of admiration, respect, and
curiosity, and will aid their adopted child in many activities.
Beginning Rage: 1

Shadow Seer: Ratkin Seers are the shamans of the people. They interact with the spirits and other animal dwellers in the city, and often are friends with electricity spirits or Glass Elementals. They know the Rite of Summoning (see the Werewolf rulebook) and the Rite of Binding, and some know the Rite of the Fetish. All Seers know Rite of the Purified Body (see below).
Beginning Rage: 2

Knife Skulker: Ratkin Skulkers are the ritualists, the servants of Rat, among the wererats. However, they see themselves more as public servants. They watch everything in secret, using the Runners for information, and make judgments on the Ratkin and their dealings with the rest of the world. From time to time, the Skulkers serve as assassins, using their abilities to sneak past guards and dispatch enemies of the Ratkin. They know
the Rite of the Questing Stone and many of the punishment rites. They also conduct the Rite of the Birthing Plague for untried Ratkin.
Beginning Rage: 3

There was, at one time, a Galliard•like aspect among the Ratkin, the bards and singers of their kind. They were the first to die in the great war that the Garou waged on the Kin to the Rat because they were the go-betweens, the representatives of the Ratkin to the Garou. Their tradition is completely dead, their rites lost, and Ratkin culture has fallen into the keeping of the Tunnel Runners, who try to perpetuate the ancient traditions of the people.

Racial Abilities
All Ratkin have absolute sense of direction underground and an excellent spatial sense. They are able to tell how far and how deep they have traveled, and often know their way around a sewer maze or a tunnel network without ever having traveled there before. They have very good night vision, even in human form. They have
incredible hearing, and gain a minus one to all Perception difficulties.

Ratkin possess the same healing factor as werewolves and are immune to all forms of disease (something in
the Birthing Plague causes them to build up immunities against everything). In truth, they never get over the Birthing Plague, it simply remains dormant inside them and serves as a hyperimmune system. If, through some magical means, the Ratkin are cured of this plague, they will cease being wererats and revert to their normal breed species. Metis Ratkin will die.




Cloak of Shadows (Level One) -- By spending a Gnosis point and rolling a Manipulation + Stealth versus any viewer's Perception + Alertness, the Ratkin can cloak himself, and anything he touches, in shadow. The success of the cloaking depends on the number of successes generated by the roll, as below:
Successes..........Area Cloaked
1......................Just the Ratkin
2 ....................One other human-sized person or an object roughly the same size.
3.................Three other human-sized people or a small car.
4................Eight or mote humans or a step van
5................12 or more humans or a tractor-trailer truck.

Darksight (Level One) -- By spending a Willpower point, the Ratkin can see in the dark as if it were light. This Gift gathers ambient light and uses the dim light of the Umbra to aid sight.

Shadow Throw (Level One) -- By spending a point of Rage, the Ratkin can cause a dagger to be surrounded with a shadowy field of force. He can then target a single person with a Perception + Athletics attack roll and throw the dagger. It will be propelled by the shadowy force, and if it hits its target, will do aggravated damage.

Smell Poison (Level One) -- By spending a point of Gnosis, the wererat can sense any kind of poisonous or toxic material in the area. Rolling on Perception + Medicine may give clues to the nature of the poison involved.

Attunement (Level Two) -- By standing in a particular area, the character can commune
with the spirits of the area, thus getting an overview of what exists or has happened in the area -- rough population, secret tunnels, places of note and so on. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit.
System: The Ratkin spends one Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Streetwise (difficulty
6). The amount of information gained depends on the number of successes; on a botch, the spirits lie. This Gift may only be used in urban areas, as the Ratkin have become desensitized to the wilderness.

Fly-Feet (Level Two) --This allows a Ratkin to climb vertical surfaces as if she were an insect. Roll Dexterity + Athletics. The difficulty depends on the surface. Wood and rough stone would be five, glass and smooth marble would be nine. Upside down movement adds plus one or two to the difficulty. The ability lasts for one scene. Movement rate is halved unless five or more successes are rolled.

Backbite (Level Three) -- The wererat can disappear and instantly reappear behind an opponent. The Ratkin then has an open shot at an opponent's back. This trick involves instantly traversing the Umbra. The Ratkin must spend two points of Rage to use this Gift.

Squeeze (Level Three) -- By spending a Gnosis point and rolling Dexterity + Enigmas, a Ratkin may pass through a wall, door, or other obstacle by squeezing through the Umbra. Three or more successes allows the Ratkin to pull another person along with him.

Call Kinfolk (Level Four) -- Using this Gift, the wererat can summon a horde of rats out of the Umbra to his area who will attack according to the wishes of the Ratkin. This costs one Gnosis point. A Manipulation + Animal Ken roll shows the number of rats who respond to the call.
Successes.......Number of Rats
2 ..........................20
When the rats attack as a swarm, they can take up to five wound levels per success on the summons; they have an attack dice pool equal to the number of summons successes +2 and can dodge at the same rating. The damage ranges from two to four dice.

Gnaw (Level Four) -- The Ratkin may strengthen her jaws to the point that, given time,
she can chew through just about anything. In addition, her jaws do more damage in
combat. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit.
System: The Ratkin spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + 4 against a variable
difficulty (3 for wood, 6 for steel cables, 9 for a titanium door). The length of time it
takes to gnaw through something is up to the Storyteller. When employing this power in
combat, the Ratkin's bite does an extra die of damage.

Mind of the Tunnels (Level Four)-- By spending a Willpower point and rolling Intelligence + Empathy,
difficulty seven, a Ratkin can open a rapport with any other Ratkin he knows. Since most Ratkin know each other, this allows access to many other wererats. Rapport is complete: emotional, mental, and physical information can be shared. It is possible for one Ratkin to borrow another Ratkin's senses -- even at a great distance.
With every success beyond the first, another Ratkin may be brought into the rapport. The wererat who initiates the contact serves as the central point for all information flowing through the network and can control what each wererat receives from the others. The information shared by each Ratkin is up to the initiating Ratkin -- no information can be
gained by force.

Plague Bite (Level Five) -- By spending a Gnosis point, the wererat causes his incisors to transmit a foul plague that instantly attacks the victim's central nervous system. The victim lose ones aggravated health level an hour and cannot stop shaking -- he is plus three to all attack difficulties during this time. Ooze pours from his mucous membranes, and he drools continuously.
A successful Bite attack must be made in order for this Gift to work. Unless the victim is immediately taken to the hospital, it is likely he will die. The plague can be treated by modem science. If ordinary rats eat the flesh of a corpse who died of this plague, they will become contagious. Ratkin (and their Ratkin folk) are automatically immune to this Plague.
The Garou Gift: Resist Toxin will heal this plague. Otherwise, the Garou takes aggravated health level damage until she is Incapacitated, but she will not die. Her supernatural healing ability will eventually destroy the disease. Needless to say, Ratkin are often killed on sight by Garou on the grounds the Ratkin are "disease-ridden vermin."

Perfect Poison (Level Five) -- By spending three Gnosis points, the Ratkin's spittle becomes odorless, colorless, fastacting, and nearly undetectable poison. Victims lose two aggravated wound levels per round when infected, and may only resist with a Stamina + 2 (or Primal-Urge for shapeshifters) roll --for each success the victim gets, he resists a wound level of damage.
If a Garou victim can continue to resist damage for 10 rounds, the poison is effectively jettisoned from his body. Spending Rage will give an automatic success to the resistance roll per point spent, but the Garou must make a frenzy roll. The Garou Gift Resist Toxin is proof against this Gift, but Mother's Touch is not. Sometimes a Ratkin will lick a blade with this Gift, coating it with the poison, which lasts for three hours while exposed to air.




Rite of the Birthing Plague (Level One) -- This rite involves summoning an Avatar of Rat to bite a
prospective Ratkin (someone born of the union of a Ratkin with a human or a rat). If the victim survives the plague, a ravaging disease which changes the body forever, she becomes a wererat. If not, the victim dies. Lately, few Ratkin folk have survived the changing disease. Ratkin have hallucinations during the course of the Plague in which Rat and other spirits appear and give them revelations of their life to come.

Rite of the Pain-Dagger (Level One) -- This rite involves preparing a specially constructed dagger analogous to the Garou Klaive. The rite requires two points of Gnosis be spent: one to prepare the dagger and the other to bond the dagger to the Ratkin performing the rite. After being treated in this way, the dagger continually oozes minute amounts of a poison, which causes aggravated wounds. Damage dice for the Pain Dagger is
Strength + 3. The poison is not harmful to the Ratkin who created the dagger. The dagger draws in a point of Gnosis each time it is unsheathed.

Rite of the Bolthole (Level Two) -- This rite opens one of the many hundreds of tiny rat-tunnels that
honeycomb the Gauntlet, and enables a group of Ratkin to travel through. The Rite costs a point of Gnosis, and a Perception + Rituals roll will determine whether or not the proper destination is reached.
Botch.........Lost in the Gauntlet, must find your way out.
1.........25% accurate
(roll d10, if 1-2 you hit your target)
2.........50% accurate
(roll d10, if 1-5 you hit your target)
3.........75% accurate
(roll d10, if 1-7 you hit your target)
4.........100% accurate
The bolthole closes after the practitioner and any who holds hands with him enters it.

Rite of the Purified Body (Level Two) -- This rite enables Ratkin to cleanse another's body of all poisons. It spends a point of Gnosis in the process. This rite does not cure the Birthing Plague.


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